Jan 8, 2012

Sundaze 1202

Hello, after taking a week off thanks to the scheduling, getting started again is always a bit difficult, therefore setting off easy with a pair of 'chilling' samplers. N joy !

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Released by the Aleph Zero label, Natural Born Chillers offers deeply intriguing psychedelic ambient electronic music from a carefully handpicked, and at times lesser-known, set of artists in this genre. In the past, Aleph Zero has hosted acclaimed artists including Bluetech and Shulman. The album opens with "Alaya" by Ishq, an extreme downtempo track of hypnotizing atmospheric moments without any percussion. The album then steps up the pace with "Shakti" by Anahata and "A New Philosophy" by Zen Mechanics. The fourth track, "Disconnect" by Jirah, is an album highlight. Tim McCall (Jirah) created a track similar to the sound he is best known for: energetic and atmospheric music that strolls along the divide between downtempo and brisk styles. The complete album offers rich sound palettes, despite being an electronic ambient album with a plethora of sampling techniques, Natural Born Chillers does not shy away from using traditional sounds, especially from the East. With the remix of "On Air," MIDIval PunditZ demonstrate their early influences and production capabilities that are easily groundbreaking, if at times missing from their latter albums. The album closes with the beautifully ambient "Under Water, Pt. 1" by Eastern Spirit. Compiled by DJ Shahar and Shulman, Natural Born Chillers showcases artists who have taken ambient music a step ahead toward richer, deeper, and cutting-edge sounds.

VA – Natural Born Chillers 1 (flac 489mb)

01 Ishq – Alaya 11:13
02 Anahata – Shakti 7:10
03 Zen Mechanics – A New Philosophy 11:19
04 Jirah – Disconnect 8:28
05 Agalactia – Monochrome Rainbow Pixie 9:10
06 Cosmic Fools – Be Yourself 6:31
07 J.Viewz – Estha 5:09
08 Son Kite – On Air (MIDIval PunditZ Remix) 6:11
09 Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan – Ya Bouy (Shulman Remix) 7:00
10 Eastern Spirit – Under Water (Part One) 6:29

VA – Natural Born Chillers 1 (ogg 195mb)

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The second chapter of the Natural Born Chillers series took a long time to construct...
DJ Shahar and Shulman carefully picked the best tracks in order to bring you again a musical genre-breaking story that journeys through different musical landscapes and geographical territories. Expect hypnotic rhythms, dubby moves, psychedelic adventures and refreshing sounds with ventures into different corners of our globe and into other dimensions. Once again we invite you to come and give your mind the chance to chill out, relax, and project itself to other realms and mental soundscapes with deep powerful emotions and cutting edge sounds.

VA – Natural Born Chillers 2 (flac 490mb)

01 Hibernation – Hibernation 6:58
02 Bluetech – Prayers For Rain (Ott Remix) 8:57
03 3 Wise Monkeys – It's Gonna Rain 6:03
04 Majan – Explore It 7:59
05 Tau Kita – Flying In The Rain 12:00
06 Interlaced – Insologic 6:06
07 Agalactia with MIDIval PunditZ – Aatmatyaag 7:14
08 MIDIval PunditZ – Vande Maataram (Electro Indian Mix) 7:05
09 Outersect – Kali Ma 6:15
10 Pi – Numb 6:21
11 Eitan Reiter – Coffee 4:58
VA – Natural Born Chillers 2 (ogg 195mb)

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