Apr 16, 2011

RhoDeo 1115 Beats

Hello, time for some Sundaze beats as todays act surely could be catagorized, their assertive trippy style took the world by haze..it took some time to reach Europe and the US all the way from the Great Southern Land but then it really hit home, and meanwhile the guys have become a force of psychedelic nature. I'm not sure if they've made an appearance yet at the Burning Man Festival, but they should....



.Simon Posford and Raja Ram are Shpongle, an ambient techno/trance project formed in 1996 after the pair viewed a solar eclipse in India. The two went into the studio and attempted to duplicate the experience in sonic form, and the result was a 20-minute track, "...And the Day Turned to Night,"Their sound has sampled eastern ethnic instruments and western contemporary synthesizer-based psychedelic music. Posford is responsible for the synth and studio work while Raja Ram contributes with flute arrangements.

"A multi-verse not very far away where queues and noise don't exist neither pain nor fear, scary faces or bad smells...just peace and pieces, and perfect weather Sucking the big toe of humanity, your armchair turns into an aural spacecraft, catapulting you through the veils of reality and consciousness into a psychedelic adult theme park: Sonar Ballistickle, Soma sucking cyber sorcerers floating weightlessly on the threshold of bliss, creating psycho-geometric, atomic telepathic shimmering incandescent dream dilations. This hybrid exotic seretonin drenched electro-plasmic dripping brain forest moves with endless hallucinogenic changing patterns while, unnoticed a million angels dance on a pinhead. Fun-Shui, Phrenological escapology; the divine moment of truth...the inevitability of the unexpected - the vortex of the cortex. Knowing what we don't know, while sampling the cosmos; from the darkness to the light; from the unreal to the real....from death to immortality...

...Lets Get Shpongled!"

Their debut album, Are You Shpongled?, was released 1998 on Twisted Records. Are You Shpongled? and recieved a warm reception aswell as a strong word to mouth marketing. and gained influence in the then-small psychedelic downtempo genre. Since they released, Tales of the Inexpressible, released in 2001. Simon Posford and Raja Ram hone and expand the style introduced on their debut album, Are You Shpongled?. Raja Ram plays Spanish and East Asian instruments along with the flute, and Simon Posford plays classical guitar as well as synthesizing and sampling. The song whose name is most often stated as "Room 23" appears on the back cover of the album with the name "Room 23, where the character 3 that partially looks like the digit "3" is actually the Om, the sacred eternal sound in Hinduism. 2003 saw the release of Remixed a project on which 8 diverse acts gave some of their previous music a workover.

Nothing Lasts ... But Nothing is Lost is a 2005 album by Shpongle. It is the project's third and was announced as their last studio album, though the duo has since released a fourth. Like the previous two albums, it features many live musicians and vocalists in combination with computer-generated sounds and spoken-word samples. Stylistically the album can be described as a fusion of world music, intelligent dance music, and psychedelic trance. It is dedicated to the memory of author and psychedelic researcher Terence McKenna, whose voice and ideas are used throughout the album. The tracks flow together continuously without any break. Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland is the fourth studio album by Shpongle released on November 2, 2009. Songs from the album began to trickle to the public in live form, being played at many of Shpongle's 2009 concerts.The album was ranked at #7 on Sputnik's Best Of 2009 list. In a recent interview with Simon Posford, it was revealed that Shpongle would be working towards a fifth album due for release in 2012.

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The music is all-out, and provides ultimate proof of how great minds sharing talent have true potential to convey the unthinkable. It's tribal, it's purely electronic, then again at places it's not, it's ambient despite lacking tipical characteristics of the genre, but then it's uptempo with musical traits dissimilar from the standard psy trance sound of the era. Starting with the amazing Shpongle Falls, the album slowly draws you into a dream state, peaking at the tribal DMT and ending with the beautiful And The Day Turned to Night which brings you down to earth so well that it makes my hairs stand on end just to think about it. It's Shpongle, and 13 years ago, it was a release in a galaxy of its own, sounding like nothing else, and best of all is that it still does. A musical landmark no matter what do you expect from music.

Shpongle - Are You Shpongled (98 461mb)

01 Shpongle Falls 8:33
02 Monster Hit 8:57
03 Vapour Rumour 10:26
04 Shpongle Spores 7:16
05 Behind Closed Eyelids 12:29
06 Divine Moments of Truth 10:20
07 ...and the Day Turned to Night 19:57

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Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible (01 455mb)

01 Electroplasm
02 Shpongolese Spoken Here
03 Nothing Is Something Worth Doing
04 Ineffable Mysteries
05 I Am You
06 Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit
07 No Turn Un-stoned
08 Walking Backwards Through The Cosmic Mirror

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After two fantastic Shpongle albums, they have decided to let some other artists play with their tracks. An album with eight Shpongle tracks, remixed by eight different groups. The duo has had some great artists to remix their tracks. Very interesting to hear remixes by groups like that who usually makes very different music from Shpongle. I think I had expected some trance versions in this album, but I really enjoyed the way they have gotten electro, dub, drum ‘n’ bass and down tempo trance into one album.

Shpongle - Remixed ( 02  549mb)

01 Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Alliance Remix) 6:34
02 ...And The Day Turned To Fright (Eat Static Remix) 9:16
03 Star Shpongled Banner (Brothomstates Remix) 4:57
04 A New Way To Say 'Hooray!' (Prometheus Remix) 7:51
05 My Head Feels Like A Frisbee (Delusions Of Grandeur Remix) 7:01
06 Dorset Perception (Total Eclipse Remix) 7:26
07 Around The World In A Tea Daze (Ott Remix) 8:25
08 Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness (Esionjim Remix) 6:54
+ DMT ep
09 Divine Moments Of Truth (Shpongle Trance Remix) 8:19
10 Divine Moments Of Truth (Instrumental Remix) 7:45
11 Divine Moments Of Truth (Original Russian Bootleg Mix) 10;10

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elsewhere on this blog (Sunshine Outback, page deleted) but here in Flac again

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost ( 05 * 444mb)

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Anonymous said...

Please, please, please make these available again!

Anonymous said...

I came looking for the expanded edition of Dalek I Love You's second album and find myself with Shpongle. I have downloaded "Are You....", but "Tales Of the Inexpressible" is no longer working. Please, I would very much appreciate a reup of "Tales Of The Inexpressible". And if by chance you do have the Dalek I album I would indeed be a happy man! Many thanks.


Gianni Zhivago said...
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floodwatch said...

Would be eternally grateful for a re-up of these three - thanks!