Apr 6, 2011

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Hello, looks like yesterdays mentioning of The Ark fired up some discussion, organised religion hmm..i'd say it's the devicive work of satan and as long as humanity doesn't grasp this simple concept, we'll keep on killing the other for it-and thereby ourselves. God doesn't keep favourites or have preferences, it is everyother in ways we are too blind to see.
Ok today its time for a bunch of geriatric punkers (by now) , still touring and soon releasing their 17th studioalbum. The ones here stem from their early days..

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Rattus Norvegicus is the first album by The Stranglers, released in 1977. The band's name was printed as "The Stranglers IV" on the sleeve, the album was originally to be entitled "Dead on Arrival" but was changed at the last minute. It became one of the best-selling albums of the punk era in Britain. Rattus Norvegicus was produced in one week by Martin Rushent, and was basically a snapshot of the band's live set at the time.

Their early albums were initially received with mixed reaction because of their apparent sexist and racist innuendo and so these early albums (Rattus Norvegicus, No More Heroes, Black and White) built a strong fan-following. The Raven, their 1979 album, was a transition towards a more melodic, less aggressive sound. The songs are multi-layered and musically complicated, and deal with such subjects as a Viking's lonely voyage, heroin addiction, genetic engineering, and contemporary political events in Iran and Australia. The following album, The Gospel According to The Meninblack was a concept album exploring religion and the supposed connection between religious phenomena and extra-terrestrial visitors. It was widely considered an artistic and commercial failure in 1980. The Stranglers recovered their commercial and critical status, after a slow start, with La Folie (1981) which was another concept album, this time exploring the subject of love and included their biggest hit "Golden Brown"

In 1983 the Stranglers released their first album on Epic Records Feline, the album gained much critical success but fell way short of La Folie in terms of sales. 1984 saw the release of Aural Sculpture with the UK Top 20 hit "Skin Deep" Their 1986 album, Dreamtime, concerned itself with environmental issues, and contained "Always the Sun" it was the only Stranglers album to chart in the U.S.. 1990 saw the release of "10" The Stranglers final album with Hugh Cornwell, It was recorded with the intention of building on their "cult" status in America. An unsupportive Epic and failing t o get a tour in America was a major blow, and Cornwell finally decided to leave.

The Gap was filled by John Ellis ( ex Vibrators), and singer Paul Roberts (ex Sniff 'n' the Tears) thru the nineties most releases were asembled from their backcatalogue . The Stranglers had a critical and popular renaissance in 2004 (together with their first top 40 hit for 14 years - "Big Thing Coming") with the acclaimed Norfolk Coast album and a subsequent sell-out tour. The follow-up album, Suite XVI, was released in September 2006 (the title is a pun on "Sweet 16" and also a reference to the fact that it is the band's sixteenth studio album).

In 2007 it was reported that drummer Black was suffering from atrial fibrillation, an ailment which subsequently forced him to miss a number of shows, particularly where extended travel was required. On such occasions Ian Barnard, Black's drum technician, deputised. In mid 2008, The Stranglers played various major festivals around Europe. Barnard again filled in for Black at several gigs while Black continued his recuperation. However, Black was back with the band for their UK tour later in the year.

2010 for the Stranglers continued their recent resurgence, starting with an extensive UK tour, including a sold-out return to the Hammersmith Apollo in March, their first visit there since 1987. They were supported on the 16 date UK tour by up and coming Punk Rock four piece, Max Raptor from The Midlands.[33] .

A new double CD compilation album, Decades Apart, containing a selection of tracks from the full career of the band, including at least one from each of their 16 Studio albums and two new tracks, "Retro Rockets" and "I Don't See the World Like You Do" was released in February. Across the summer the band are playing a number of festivals, including Weyfest and Glastonbury and T in the Park in the UK and Oxegen 2010 in Ireland, and concerts in Japan, Greece, Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The band also released a new live album and DVD, recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo in March 2010 in May 2010, and are recording further tracks for their next studio album, likely to be released early in 2011.

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No More Heroes is the second album by The Stranglers, produced by Martin Rushent, and released in the fall of 1977. It features a photo of a wreath placed on a coffin with the tails of several rats The album became one of the band's highest charting releases, peaking at no.2 on the UK album chart, and stayed in the chart for 18 weeks. The album consists of various recordings left over from the session for their Rattus Norvegicus album, along with new material. In his book The Stranglers: Song by Song, Hugh Cornwell noted the fact that the first three tracks on the record are all sung by different lead vocalists, a trait it shares with Revolver by The Beatles. Two singles were released from the album: "No More Heroes", and a double A-side of "Something Better Change" . A non-album single was released later that year, "5 Minutes"

Stranglers - No More Heroes ( 298mb)

01 I Feel Like A Wog 3:17
02 Bitching 4:26
03 Dead Ringer 2:46
04 Dagenham Dave 3:18
05 Bring On The Nubiles 2:16
06 Something Better Change 3:36
07 No More Heroes 3:28
08 Peasant In The Big Shitty 3:26
09 Burning Up Time 2:24
10 English Towns 2:12
11 School Mam 7:05
12 5 Minutes 3:17

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Black and White is The Stranglers third studio album and was recorded within 18 months of their debut Rattus Norvegicus. Produced by Martin Rushent and engineered by Alan Winstanley, the album is divided into the Black side and White side, each nominally characterised by the style and mood of the songs which they contain. The album peaked at no.2 on the album chart in 1978, spending 18 weeks on the chart.

The band recorded a version of "Sweden" sung in Swedish and released this in Sweden. The song title "Death and Night And Blood" is taken from a line from Yukio Mishima's novel Confessions of a Mask.

When released in 1978, on the United Artists label, the first 75,000 LPs came with a free white vinyl 7" - Walk On By / Mean To Me / Tits. "Walk on By" was their cover of the Bacharach and David song. "Mean to Me" was a Stranglers vocal version of the song the band had previously recorded with a female singer (Celia Golin), released under the moniker "Celia and the Mutations". The US version of the Album, on the A&M label, was pressed on Black & White Marbled Vinyl, but came without the EP.

Stranglers - Black and White ( 306mb)

01 Tank 2:57
02 Nice N' Sleazy 3:12
03 Outside Tokyo 2:08
04 Hey! (Rise Of The Robots) 2:15
05 Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front) 2:50
06 Toiler On The Sea 5:25
07 Curfew 3:15
08 Threatened 3:34
09 In The Shadows 4:35
10 Do You Wanna 2:28
11 Death And Night And Blood (Yukio) 2:49
12 Enough Time 4:18
13 Mean To Me 1:55
14 Walk On By 6:22

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The Raven is an album by The Stranglers, released in 1979. The album was originally released with a limited edition 3-D cover. Another limited edition was inadvertently created when the band was forced to remove an image of Joh Bjelke-Petersen from the inner sleeve artwork. Petersen was the subject of the album's sixth track, "Nuclear Device". "The Raven" sold well, reaching No.4 in the UK Album Chart, although it is believed it could have made No.1 but for an error in the chart. The Police hit No.1 despite their album not yet being released, leading to controversy that the Police album was mis-credited with sales of "The Raven". Despite its high peak chart position in the UK, "The Raven" only spent 8 weeks on the chart.

It is often said that this album is steeped in Nordic imagery. This is true of the first two songs, much of the artwork (the band is shown standing on the prow of a viking longship) and the raven itself is, of course, a feature of Norse mythology. However the album deals with a variety of issues including: Japanese ritual suicide ("Ice"); heroin use ("Don't Bring Harry"); the Iranian Revolution ("Shah-Shah-a-go-go") and Genetic engineering ("Genetix"). "Duchess", was the first, and most successful, single from the album despite the video - which showed the band as choir boys - being banned by the BBC because they considered it blasphemous. "Meninblack", ended up becoming the starting point for their next album, The Gospel According to The Men in Black.

Stranglers - The Raven (273mb)

01 Longships 1:10
02 The Raven 5:13
03 Dead Loss Angeles 2:24
04 Ice 3:26
05 Baroque Bordello 3:50
06 Nuclear Device 3:32
07 Shah Shah A Go Go 4:50
08 Don't Bring Harry 4:09
09 Duchess 2:30
10 Meninblack 4:48
11 Genetix 5:16

12 Bear Cage 2:50

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once, elsewhere on this blog (Rhotation 06-Aetix -deleted page)

The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus (258mb)

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