Apr 17, 2011

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Hello, it was about time I gave some serious attention to todays band, Coil. From the 'ashes' of Throbbing Gristle Genesis P and Peter formed Psychic TV which would branch out to form Coil.....

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Coil was formed in 1982 following Balance and Christopherson's departure from Psychic TV. Balance and Christopherson began working with John Gosling on the project Zos Kia, which resulted in four live performances and the 1984 cassette tape Transparent. Following Gosling's departure Balance and Christopherson teamed up with Boyd Rice, and under the alias Sickness of Snakes released the split album Nightmare Culture with the experimental group Current 93. While working on their first official release, 1984's 12" How to Destroy Angels, the group settled on the name Coil. According to the sleeve notes, the single track LP is "ritual music for the accumulation of male sexual energy" and was produced under a variety of technological, spiritual, and meteorological conditions which the band felt to be magickally significant.

Since its initial release How to Destroy Angels has been remixed by Nurse with Wound's Steven Stapleton and released on a full length CD. Following the underground hit How to Destroy Angels, Coil left L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords for Some Bizzare and produced Scatology, released in 1984 as their first full length studio album. The album was largely based on the sound of industrial music as well as the Post-punk movement. The single Panic/Tainted Love became the first AIDS benefit music release. The "Tainted Love" music video, directed by Peter Christopherson, is on permanent display at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Horse Rotorvator followed in 1986 as the next full length release. The album is characterized by slower tempos, and represented a new direction for the group, aswellas a darker theme than previous releases. After the release left Some Bizarre Records, due to the record company's debt of GB£10,000 to the group.Gold Is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders followed as a full length release, marking the beginning of the label Threshold House. Love's Secret Domain ( LSD) followed in 1991, it represents a progression in their style and became a template for what would be representative of newer waves of post-industrial music, blended with their own style of acid house.

Coil separated their works into many side projects, publishing music under different names and a variety of styles. The pre-Coil aliases, Zos Kia and Sickness of Snakes, formed the foundation of a style that would evolve to characterize their initial wave of releases. Coil's wave of side projects represent a sort of primordial soup from which the group evolved a different style of sound. While Nasa Arab—credited to the group's project "The Eskaton"—was Coil's farewell to the acid house genre, the following projects, ELpH, Black Light District, and Time Machines, were all based heavily on experimentation with drone, an ingredient which would define Coil's following work. These releases also kicked off the start of Coil's new label Eskaton.

After the wave of experimental side projects, Coil's sound was completely redefined. Before releasing new material, the group released the compilations Unnatural History II, Windowpane & The Snow and Unnatural History III. In March 1998, Coil began to release a series of four singles which were timed to coincide with the equinox and solstices of that year. The singles are characterized by slow, drone-like instrumental rhythms, and electronic or orchestral instrumentation.

Astral Disaster was created with the assistance from new band member Thighpaulsandra and released in January 1999 via Sun Dial member Gary Ramon's label Prescription.[15] Although the album was initially limited to just 99 copies, it would later be re-released in substantially different form. Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 1 followed in September 1999 and a few months later Coil performed their first concert in 16 years. Queens Of The Circulating Library followed in April 2000, with production credit given to Thighpaulsandra.

Coil's live incarnation has a distinct legacy of its own. The first live shows took place in 1983, but after only four performances, sixteen years would pass before they would play live again. Coil's performances were surrealistic visually and audibly. Balance, Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra and Ossian Brown were known to dress in fluffy suits; an idea inspired by Sun Ra. The suits would later be used as album covers for the release Live One; Live Two and Live Three .
Many Coil performances were released, including the widely available releases of Live Four, Live Three, Live Two, Live One and ...And The Ambulance Died In His Arms, as well as several very limited editions such as Selvaggina, Go Back Into The Woods and Megalithomania!.

Coil incorporated many exotic and rare instruments into their recordings and performances. The group expressed particular interest in modular synthesizers, including the Moog synthesizer.they are among the few artists who have been granted permission to use the one-of-a-kind experimental ANS photoelectronic synthesizer. Other instruments the group incorporated into their music included the theremin and electronic shakuhachi.

John Balance died on 13 November 2004 after having fallen from a second floor landing in his home. Peter Christopherson announced Balance's death on the Threshold House website and provided details surrounding the tragedy. Balance's memorial service was held near Bristol on November 23 and was attended by approximately 100 people. Following Jhonn Balance's death Peter Christopherson announced via their official record label website Threshold House that Coil as an entity had ceased to exist. The already-planned live album ...And The Ambulance Died In His Arms was released in April 2005, the name having been chosen by Balance before his death.

The final studio album, The Ape of Naples, saw release on 2 December 2005. In August 2006 the rare CD-R releases The Remote Viewer and Black Antlers were "sympathetically remastered" and expanded into two disc versions, which included new and recently remixed material. A comprehensive 16-DVD boxset, titled Colour Sound Oblivion was released in July 2010. A "Patron Edition" was pre-orderable in November 2009 and was sold out in three hours. Christopherson had also discussed the possibility of releasing Coil's entire back catalogue on a single Blu-ray disc. Unexpectedly, and six years after his Coil partner, Christopherson died in his sleep on November 24, 2010 at the age of 55.

Coil's distribution and marketing techniques sometimes included releasing a limited number of albums making them collectors' items among devotees. Including things such as "art objects", blood stains and sigil-like autographs in the packaging of their albums, Coil claimed that this made their work more personal for true fans, turning their records into something akin to occult artifacts. This practice was markedly increased in the later half of Coil's career. However, Balance expressed interest in having regular Coil albums in every shop that wanted them. In 2003, Coil began re-releasing many rare works, mostly remixed.

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Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 was one of two albums attributed purely to a style called "moon music", which signified their change from a "solar" to a "moon" group..The initial CD pressing was limited to 2,000 copies. Approximately 1,000 of those copies that were ordered directly from Coil include a certificate of provenance, numbered and signed by Peter and John.

Coil - Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 1 ( flac 302mb)

1 Are You Shivering? 9:35
2 Red Birds Will Fly Out Of The East And Destroy Paris In A Night 12:39
3 Red Queen 10:58
4 Broccoli 9:17
5 Strange Birds 7:32
6 The Dreamer Is Still Asleep 9:56

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The Remote Viewer was first released as a CD-R in an edition of 500 , the first disc is the exact same material as on the original release. Remote Viewing 1' opens as a cacophony of sounds, frequencies and noises. Over repetition a pattern slowly forms. A couple of minutes into the layered construction, a base line appears, producing a backbone for the soaring, brief melodies and sounds. It is almost as molding with clay. A figure is beaten, stripped and shaved from the mixture of noises. The inclusion of percussion and a moaning bagpipe-like melody run a climax. At each of its silences, the void is filled with emptiness. The entire structure is mesmerizing and heavily meaningful. Never appearing to be random, it always seems to follow an invisible path to a very clear objective. When the sounds calm down into a swaying around the bass notes, the purpose appears to be almost fulfilled, yet always turbulent and never in complete quietude. . The second disc features two pieces created in 2006 using material from the original Remote Viewer sessions. These new pieces, predictably titled “Remote Viewing 4” and “Remote Viewing 5,” follow the structures that are on the original disc, however there’s more emphasis on glitches and the beat on “Remote Viewing 4,” giving a more aggressive edge to the music. “Remote Viewing 5” removes most of the drone and goes the warped melody route.

Coil - The Remote Viewer ( flac 430mb)

1-1 Remote Viewing 1 ~ 19:31
1-2 Remote Viewing 2 ~ 07:59
1-3 Remote Viewing 3 ~ 21:13
2-4 Remote Viewing 4 ~ 09:53
2-5 Remote Viewing 5 ~ 09:26

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Here's what Peter Christopherson writes on the recent Steamin' Soundworks tribute to Jhonn Balance: "Jhonn Balance was my partner for 20 years, both in Coil and in bed. During that time, he delighted in scaring me by diving out into what appears, from the narrow viewpoint of our species, to be a Huge Dark Abyss."

The Ape Of Naples is an exceptional collection assembled from Balance's final recordings and earlier, uncompleted material originally recorded at Trent Reznor's New Orleans studio. Given the circumstances of its construction, the album is a remarkably unified work, its every meditative gesture alloyed with a looming, unmistakable sense of impending loss and/or transition. Full credit must be given to Christopherson for his skillful and devoted stewardship to the creation of this album.

Coil - The Ape Of Naples ( flac 330mb)

01 Fire Of The Mind 5:14
02 The Last Amethyst Deceiver 10:11
03 Tattooed Man 6:33
04 Triple Sun 3:46
05 It's In My Blood 4:51
06 I Don't Get It 5:35
07 Heaven's Blade 4:21
08 Cold Cell 4:08
09 Teenage Lightning 2005 7:11
10 Amber Rain 5:12
11 Going Up 8:30

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Coil - Love's Secret Domain (90 flac 348mb)

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