Jan 5, 2008

Rhotation, (13) Into BPM

Hello, Rhotation 13 starts with some guerilla music, a popular British progressive house label that released some great dance music in the early nineties, after which it folded. Not surprising mind you, the dj-music scene was just getting it's act together and running a company is much different then spinning disks or running rhythms thru loops. Well their first big landmark release was the Spooky album Gargantuan..present here, A compilation album , Dub House Disco, featuring their best known artists, which in itself was a problem as the rave music scene thrived on anonimity..and this medium-the internet was still in its gestations fase. The second compilation album from 93 is from a company that still excists, likely because they concentrated on just releasing quality compilation albums, hardly surprising then that you'll find several Guerilla artists on this one, early trance..or progressive house

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Spooky - Gargantuan  (93 flac 368mb)

Not to be confused with the New York DJ/producer of the same name, London-based duo Spooky consists of Duncan Forbes and Charlie May, who began recording for William Orbit's Guerilla label in the early '90s after Orbit discovered the pair in a record shop. Best known for providing one of the first big blasts in the London progressive house movement, Spooky's debut, Gargantuan, is an enduring classic of the style, fusing thick analog production with deep, melodic house phrasing and sturdy rhythms, it was the resurgence of British house in 93, together with Leftfield.

The group's reincarnation after Guerilla dissolved as an experimental techno/electro act in the Warp/GPR tradition surprised fans and detractors alike, but Spooky have been as successful with more recent releases such as "Schmoo" and their 1996 follow-up to Gargantuan, the fervently experimental Found Sound, suggesting there's more to the group than mere novelty and timing. Found Sound, for it's part, is a deliriously percussive update of '80s electro with an almost austere musique concrete foundation, indicative of Forbes and May's professed admiration for minimalist composer such as Steve Reich and Arvo Part, as well as non-Western percussion-based musical traditions such as gamelan and the Indian raga. In fact, most of the drum and melody sounds on the album were either constructed from scratch or sampled from real-world objects such as sheet metal, flowerpots, even the group's studio's heating unit.

In 1999, Charlie May collaborated with Sasha on his Xpander EP, and in 2002 he co-produced some tracks on Sasha's Airdrawndagger album. The same year saw the release of Belong, the first Spooky single on Deviant Records. A white label single, Andromeda, was released in 2003. A single entitled Strange Addiction was given a limited release in 2005 on Spooky's new self-owned label, spooky.uk.com. "Strange Addiction" featured in a trailer for the critically acclaimed The Great Global Warming Swindle.This was followed in September 2006 with the release of No Return as a download and promotional CD. Spooky later announced that they had bought back the rights to their entire back catalogue from the 5 record companies that previously owned their music, all having gone out of business.

01 - Don't Panic (7:01)
02 - Schmoo (5:37)
03 - Aqualung (5:42)
04 - Little Bullet (Part One) (6:56)
05 - Little Bullet (Part Two) (6:27)
06 - Land Of Oz (7:36)
07 - Something's Got To Give (6:51)
08 - Orange Coloured Liquid (5:11)
09 - Schmoodub (7:29)
10 - Let Go (7:26)

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VA - Dub House Disco The Third   (94, 79;13 ^ 497mb)

Guerilla Records was a popular British record label that was set up by William Orbit and Dick O'Dell in 1990 and featured progressive house from artists such as Bass-O-Matic, React2Rhythm, Spooky, Moody Boyz, Felix Da Housecat, and Billie Ray Martin. Their generic, distinctive blue camouflage sleeve was designed by graphic designer Steve Cook, known for his design and art direction of the British comic 2000 AD.

01 - Spooky - Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) (8:10)
02 - D.O.P. - Here I Go (5:24).
03 - Matter - Underground (Sub Level One Mix) (6:40)
04 - Lemon Sol - Aquamarine (Deep Blue Mix) (7:29)
05 - Supereal - Blue Beyond Belief (Steel Blues Mix) (5:09)
06 - Billie Ray Martin & Spooky - Persuasion (Original Version) (7:34)
07 - Abfahrt - Come Into My Life (Hart Fab Mix) (7:46)
08 - Code Md - Higher (In Dub) (7:05)
09 - Chameleon Project, The - Columbia (6:11)
10 - Tenth Chapter - Prologue (Initial Dub Mix) (6:53)
11 - Shape Navigator - Solar (6:44)
12 - Billie Ray Martin & Spooky - Persuasion (Slight Return) (Chameleon Vocal Only Mix) (3:44)

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VA - Trance 2 (93, 74;50 ^ 178mb)

Progressive House, Techno, Breakbeat, Trance in short a dance rave 12" compilation of what hit the decks anno 92/93, compiled by The Rumour Mongers -could not identify them, Rumour Records btw still exists. Rumour Records if you want to have a look and order some..

VA - Trance 2  ( flac 446mb)

01 - Leftfield - Song Of Life (4:08)
02 - Sublime - The Theme (Sublime Dub) (7:04)
03 - Supereal - One Nation (Ultra Terrestial Mix) (7:16)
04 - Sono Lakota - Ice And Acid (The Aloof Remix) (8:36)
05 - Paradise Organisation - Prayer Tower (Full Circle Mix) (7:18)
06 - Deep Piece - Bup Bup Birri Birri (Gypsy Mix) (6:09)
07 - Jaco - Show Some Love (Rhythm Invention Remix) (6:22)
08 - D.O.P. - Oh Yeah (The Chameleon Mix) (6:55)
09 - Eagles Prey - Tonto's Drum (Darren Emerson's Remix) (5:30)
10 - Dee Patten - Who's The Badman (4:04)
11 - Groove Corporation & Bim Sherman Need More Love In The Ghetto (Non-Reflective Supertrance Mix) (5:33)
12 - Mind Control - Life For Ever (The Perpetual Trance) (5:39)

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Helios C said...

mmh.. I also own that Spooky-cd but never thought it could be somewhat important or whatever. Maybe I should do a listen again.

I don't want to bother you, but there are some music things that I'm searching for a while now without success (maybe sth for the Eight-X show):

1) The Reds - I wasn't even there
must be a 12" or whatever from 85, I only have a bad radio taping of that track. Sounds like dancefloor indie similar to
2) Kissing The Pink -Big Man Restless
as 12" 7 minute version. There may be certain versions on compilations, but not available on a KTP cd..
3) The Group - Technology
the dub mix was excellent
4) Haircut One Hundred-Prime Time Late Night Shopping Version
the lp version is much much shorter..
5) It's Immaterial- We'll turn things upside down when the revolution comes
6) Fiction Factory-not the only one
7) The Dance-Dance For Your Dinner
12" "Do Dada" made it on "New York Noise"
8) David Gamson-No Turn On Red
must be Scritti Politti member. apeared on this compilation:
I have this on tape, but can't remember from what I taped that

best regards, Helios C

Rho said...

Hello Helios,

The Sex Sweat And Blood sampler is in my possesion, And i got In Lust album and 12" but not the Dinner one. No Fiction Factory either, i will get to It's Immaterial and Kissing The Pink later (have the 12") as for haircut 100 and The Group (unknown to me) no luck. Everything i have of the Reds i posted on http://rho-xs.blogspot.com/2007/05/wavetrain-1st-wagon.html.

So now you know, you might try the P5 blogspot-in my links list.

Best of Luck,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for Spooky! Do you have their Stereo EP?

Anonymous said...

ogg vorbis? Come on no one uses that crap.

carlo243 said...

Hi Could You Please Re Up ?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Big (re-)Up for this one fella x
Dub House Disco still one of my all time favs.
But can't get the s-be links working for Spooky or Trance 2.2
Any chance of a fix?
Love what you do, hooj thanks :-))

Anonymous said...

Just dl'd trance 2 & 2.2 comes with it, so just a little Spooky fix please. Ta muchly

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho,

Any chance of uploading these when you can? Much appreciated :)