Jan 8, 2008

Around The World, (13)

Hello, Around The World, finds itself on the Balkan today where those mysterious voices lend themselves to the soundtrack of a futuristic movie where the haves have fled to the Bunker Palace Hotel , where there is comfort and they can be safe, a bunker built long ago for just this kind of contingency. But a rebel spy sneaks in, and although her nature is very quickly suspected, she is left to observe the raving of the decadent power class, who keeps wondering what happened to their leader, who has failed to show up.

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Les Voix Bulgares De L'Ensemble Radio Sofia - Balkan (89 ^ 212mb)

Les Voix Bulgares is the vocal manifestation of an ancient, savage , proud and rustic tradition; an expression modelled by the women of a people oppressed for centuries, crying the loss of their men in a neverending revolt, whilst firmly voicing their resistance to the invader. Sharp piercing voices from wide open spaces, bodily and closely woven like the singers themselves who as they chant grip eachother by the waist or simply hold hands.

In 1951, the father of Bulgarian concert folk music, Philip Koutev, established the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic. His goals was to join the rich heritage of his country's solo folk songs with harmonies and arrangements that highlighted their beautiful timbres and irregular rhythms. One year later, the Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir was founded. Then as now, its members are singers from the rural regions of Bulgaria, each an informal apprentice in the folk songs of her home.

Though the choir became widely known when the trend-setting English alternative record label 4AD released a pair of anthology albums in 1986 and 1988 with the now famous title Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, their recordings date as far back as 1957. The first pressing of the Voix Bulgares album was the result of fifteen years of work by Swiss ethnomusicologist and producer Marcel Cellier and was originally released in 1975 on his small Discs Cellier label. Ivo Watts-Russell (founder of 4AD) was introduced to the choir from a third or fourth generation audio cassette lent to him by Peter Murphy, singer from the band Bauhaus. He became thoroughly entranced by the music, and tracked down and licensed the recordings from Cellier. The group has since performed extensively around the world to wide acclaim and were honored with a Grammy Award in 1989 for their second album.

In 1992, the choir formally divided into two: one for radio, one for television. Bulgarian television signed a contract with the one half, which is the Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir; the other half, Les Voix Bulgares De Radio Sofia , organized itself as a collective, and now performs as "Angelite - The Bulgarian Voices."

01 - Cri Mi Zvezdi (0:40)
02 - Klara (5:50)
03 - Sofia (2:15)
04 - Holm (5:55)
05 - Dora (3:55)
06 - Ikne (3:17)
07 - Bela Sam Bela Unate (3:35)
08 - Solal (1:09)
09 - Balkan Hotel (2:50)
10 - Zabranena Pesen (2:50)
11 - Klara (O Maiko Moia) (4:05)
12 - Nikolai (0:34)
13 - Gospodi Pomiluj (5:10)
14 - Ot Dole Ide Devoitche (1:12)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here


neville said...

Great CD!Haven't heard this in ages-thank you!

cypher said...

I was looking for this CD since I watched the movie Bunker Palace Hotel and got fascinated by its music.

This turned to be the only place i found it. Note that all the mirrors except megaupload, are down.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rho Could you please Upload this again please? Thanks in advance