Jan 22, 2008

Around the World (15)

Hello, Around The World returns to reggae UK style though Ghetto Priest parents are from Jamaica , Vulture Culture is a typical ON- U release with Adrian Sherwood producing the dub groove sound constructions. Available in two vibes...

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Ghetto Priest - Vulture Culture (03 Now in Flac 402mb)

Throughout the history of On-U Sound its hallmark has always been one of originality and distinctiveness. Since its inception there have been several philosophies that Adrian Sherwood has always held close to his heart. Whilst gathering a core of multi-talented singers and players around him in his continuous musical experimentation, he has always striven to help establish these artists in their own right and to nurture new talents that join his fold. Known for some time now as a member of the On-U Sound family and collective and a former football hooligan turned Rastafarian preacher, Ghetto Priest (Wilbourn ' Squidly" Cole) is one such talent. Before making the move into grown-up crime and getting arrested. In prison he turned to Rastafarianism, began writing lyrics, and after his release became part of Sherwood's African Head Charge collective and started MC-ing on the producer's live DJ sets.

As a talented singer Asian Dub Foundation invited him to take on the vocals for the opening track of their "Enemy Of The Enemy" album in 2003, and for even a bigger role on Tank (05). More or lesser known artists like the Underwolves, Sinéad O'Connor, Groove Armada, James Hardway (aka David Harrow) and Little Axe have also flavoured their releases with his guest vocals.

Calling "Vulture Culture" (ON-U LP 1003) a Ghetto Priest album is slightly misleading, as it features 8 singers and 16 players. The album takes on board reggae, ragga and dub elements with a production style that is uniquely Sherwood’s. Sly & Robbie, Jazwad, Style Scott (Dub Syndicate), Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald are amongst the players providing the rock solid rhythms. Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie and Crucial Tony were also brought back on-ship to provide a turbulent bass vibration and textured guitar patterns. Ghetto Priest takes centre stage on most of the album but there is plenty of scope for other voices to add to the mix.

There is a dizzying apocalyptic air to many of the tracks, testaments to inner city neuroses. Dub funk grooves are in abundance amongst a blend of righteous incitements and damning indictments of Babylonian establishment. It's a powerful and compelling sound in which Skip McDonald really comes into his own, adding disorienting, searing and abrasive guitar edges to the sound constructions. In short a welcome reminder that the UK roots-reggae scene has not been entirely washed away by the tide of dancehall slackness and bling-obsession.

01 - Dungeon (Voc. Prince Far I) (3:53)
02 - Masters Of Deception (Voc.Omar Perry) (5:32)
03 - Dry Bone (Voc.Simon Bogle) (3:56)
04 - Strange Cargo (5:10)
05 - Earthquake In The Heart Of Rome (4:48)
06 - System Of The Lost Cause Man (Voc.Simon Bogle) (5:03)
07 - Minds (5:03)
08 - Show Them (5:15)
09 - Boom Fire (4:42)
10 - Visionary (4:40)
11 - Come Now (5:28)
12 - Rise Up (5:54)

Ghetto Priest - Vulture Culture (03 ^ 133mb)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this. Having been a long time listener of On-U Sound releases from circa 80s-90s, I admittedly haven't yet listened to the more recent releases. What's the difference between the two different vibes/download options?

Rho said...

Hello Anon, different vibes ? i thought that was clear (* = ogg-7 (224k) and ^ =ogg-9(320k))and i would think the difference in filesize would make it clear which one has the highest sound quality. I thought using the metaphor, a higher vibe, would fit reggae/dub music don't you ?

best of Luck,


Karen said...

Hello Rho,

I was researching some info on Wilburn "Squidly" Cole and came across your post about the Ghetto Priest. There may be some confusion on the names. I looked up the Ghetto Priest and see he also has the nickname Squid, but Wilburn "Squidly' Cole is a another Reggae Musician from Jamaica. I could not find the actual name of the Ghetto Priest anywhere? Please free to contact me at rbort07@gmail.com for additional info.


Rho said...

Hello Karen, you may well be right, i couldnt find any background on Ghetto Priest, only the Squiddly nick at discogs and i ran with it, i noticed Wilburn on drums but that doesnt mean he wouldnt sing aswell, certainly when Wilburn "Squidly" Cole doesnt appear much at Discogs either.

Best of Luck


Karen said...

Hi Rho - Just wanted to get back to you. I contacted the GP a few weeks ago via his myspace page to inquire about his given name. No luck on that, but he did say the only artiste name he has ever used is 'Ghetto Priest aka Squid'.

Regarding the other reggae artiste Wilburn "Squidly Cole", here are some links for more info on his bio. 100studiojamaica.blogspot.com (attached to my profile) and he is now on the drumnetwork http://thedrumnetwork.ning.com/profile/wilburnsquidlycole

Squidly also has his own recording studio and the myspace is myspace.com/100studio. I know discogs is light. I have been working with Squidly and hope to make updates soon. If you do have any questions, please feel free to email me - rbort07@gmail.com Thanks.

Ted said...

Please re-up as flac, thanks.

Rho said...

Hello Ted you've requested a lot of old reggae files some of these were vinyl rips from a time when disk space came at a premium so these were coded in ogg, these files aren't availble because of a malfunctioning External hard disk still i see what i can do. Ghotto Priest i have on cd so no problem re-ripping in flac..N'Joy

Ted said...

Thanks for your efforts Rho. It's very much appreciated.

Mark said...

Hi Rho, could you please re-up Ghetto Priest - Vulture Culture in FLAC one more time? That would be real great! Thanks in advance :)

Mark said...

Many thanks Rho!