Jan 29, 2008

Around The World (16)

Hello, Around The World comes from London today, where dub sound system Zion Train was formed in 1990 , since they've released albums and singles and toured around europe causing considerable global warming as their gigs tend to rise tempertures to sauna levels, yes i had my baths in them. Anyway this one is their original first album, Passage To Indica, it needed some remastering, something had not going right there.Initially as the vinylversion had basicly 2 mixed thru sides with 8 tracks, the cd master version got 3 singles and dubversion added which obviously had a diffferent original mastering output. Meanwhile the album has been rereleased , presumably corrected this time. Well book your passage...

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Zion Train - Passage To Indica ( 93 * 99mb)

Formed in North London in 1990, Zion Train was founded by Perch (live dub mixing/production), in 1990 and he was later joined by Cod (melodica/production), Tench (production), Molara (voice), Hake (trumpet), and Forkbeard (trombone). Zion Train's members initially came together as a dub sound system; their first single, the limited-edition roots 7" "Power One" (issued on their own Zion Records imprint), immediately sold out, while its follow-up "Power Two" was a major favorite at shaka dances throughout 1992. It led to the release of their debut LP, the mellow dub outing Passage to Indica. Between 2001 and 2005 Dubdadda added extra live vocals and Bigga replaced Forkbeard on trombone in 2001. The live line-up has always been very flexible, varying from Perch and a vocalist for sound-system gigs, to the full lineup for larger events. From 2006 Molara concentrated on her solo projects and Zion Train live features a variety of renowned vocalists including Dubdadda and Earl 16 alongside Marlene Johnoson, and YT.

Zion Train have been one of the planet's most prolific groups, along with a mammoth recorded output and innumerable production credits, remixes and song writing collaborations they have produced magazines, CD-ROMs, Internet sites and built sound systems. Their early releases were on their own Universal Egg label, until in 1995 they signed to China Records. They caused a furore with the publicity campaign for their 'Homegrown fantasy' album. Zion Train are one of the finest live dub acts in the world and promote the practice of dynamic onstage dub mixing which they perform alongside acoustic instruments and singers. Back on their own Universal Egg label since 1999, they have continued to release quality dub, electronica and world dance music. Their work from the past decade and a half still sounds fresh to today's discerning ears. 2005 saw the reissue of the bands seminal and long unavailable first and second albums; 'A Passage To Indica' and 'Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub' remastered and redesigned. 2006 saw the re-release of the third album 'Siren', which was thought by many to herald the birth of the dub-dance vibe that swept the globe in the 1990s. A new album entitled 'Live As One' was released in September 2007.

01 - Shining Light Steppers (4:19)
02 - Plunging into Darkness (4:21)
03 - Earthrush (3:28)
04 - Watching Deep Water (5:32 )
05 - Customs Check (6:18 )
06 - Daybreak (4:51)
07 - Arrival (7:02)
08 - Burning Indica (4:53)
09 - Power One / Dub Power (7:46)
10 - Power Two / Dub to Power (9:09 )
11 - Revival / Sending out a Positive Message (8:45)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here

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