Oct 21, 2007

Sundaze (2)

I came across this comment at the Inside Out Worlds post, "odditonic said... Thank you for illegally distributing my music and making it impossible for me to make a living. Your posts are THOUGHTLESS" At the next post my mediafire account was scrapped , it seems this selfcentered git was responsible for it, mind you there isnt any of his music, just the style and format i guess .I found his website, http://www.higher-music.com/ , he should have thanked me for creating interest in his niche, talk about thoughtless.

To the matter at hand, two different styles of ambient here, the post rock of Rothko and the electronic Dubscapes of FSOL and both are very worthwhile.check them out .

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FSOL - Lifeforms EP 94 ^flac 234mb)

The Future Sound of London ( FSOL) has manymonikers but perhaps the best known is Amorphous Androgynous, following the breakthrough ambient dub track "Papua New Guinea", which was their first official release. Virgin Records looking for electronic bands and quickly signed them. With their newfound contract they immediately began to experiment, resulting in the Tales of Ephidrina album, released in 93 under the Amorphous Androgynous alias. Thus preceding FSOL 's first album release Lifeforms (94) a double album, which 2 months later was followed up with this albumlength EP, bit of a dubversion of the album, livened up by the Siren Elizabeth Fraser.

01 - Path 1 (4:43)
02 - Path 2 (6:49)
03 - Path 3 (5:24)
04 - Path 4 (9:03)
05 - Path 5 (6:02)
06 - Path 6 (2:48)
07 - Path 7 (4:02)

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Rothko - Forty Years To Find A Voice (00 ^ flac 174mb )

Rothko is a London-based instrumental ambient group. The group mainly uses bass guitars and keyboards to create their soundscapes. They derived their name from the painter Mark Rothko. They have been described as post-rock for their habit of using rock instruments to create non-rock music.Formed in 1997, the original line-up consisted of Mark Beazley, Crawford Blair, and John Meade all playing bass guitar in a variety of different ways. Rothko released 3 albums on Lo Recordings and a host of singles and EPs on other labels before Beazley disbanded the group in 2001. So this album was the last in the original line up.

Since, his first release was a collaboration with Japanese ambient master Susumu Yokota, titled ‘Waters Edge’, a 12" only EP, also on Lo Recordings. In the winter of 2001, a deal with Too Pure Records was signed and, with the help of the group Delicate AWOL, the album ‘A Continual Search For Origins’ based on Marks' travels around Switzerland, was recorded, and released.

In the summer of 2003, Mark started his own label, Trace Recordings. The first release on Trace was the critically acclaimed album ‘Wish For A World Without Hurt’ which was released in September 2003. The album was a collaboration with Washington DC based sound and visual artist, JS (Jim) Adams, otherwise known as BLK w/BEAR. 2005 sees Mark team up with Caroline Ross, of Delicate Awol, on the new album, Rothko and Caroline Ross - ‘A Place Between’ That year also saw the release of Mark's second collaboration with Susumu Yokota, the album 'Distant Sounds Of Summer' . Beazley also provided music for the Discovery Channel documentary "The Flight That Fought Back", about United Airlines Flight 93. In September 2006 the band finished their new album 'Eleven Stages Of Intervention'

01 - Open (4:45)
02 - Breatharian (3:14)
03 - Solder (3:15)
04 - Sky Blue Glow (1:29)
05 - Us To Become Sound (7:26)
06 - Shock Of Self (3:17)
07 - Dream Of Mountain Air (3:54)
08 - Herbivore (4:45)
09 - A Whole Life Of Memory (2:48)
10 - A Search For No Answer (2:44)
11 - Pencil Sketch (2:43)
12 - Flown (2:10)

Rothko @ Base

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


Ewar said...
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Ewar said...

Wow. I think 40yTFIV may just be the album to best Vini Reilly after all these years.. I'm glad you posted it, I'd never heard of Rothko though i love Susumo Yokata and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - so all these connections... now, if i can just find where to pay for a real copy...

Malcolm said...

the orangespace service is working great. thanks for the recent posts, this is becoming a favourite blog for me.

Rho said...

Hello Ewar, Malcolm

Glad you like Rothko Ewar, they are indeed not widely distributed, but thanks to Amazon, you can order most if not all of their albums there.
Malcolm, Great to see you like what you hear here. Orange space seems to work well in Europe not so in Thailand alas, stiill i do need more info on the others as in, performance and location.

Best of luck,


Malcolm said...

Love the FSOL upload. thanks.

Gianni Zhivago said...

please re-up FSOL - Lifeforms EP in flac

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up Forty Years To Find A Voice in flac? Thanks so much in advance!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-upping the FSOL.

Coolio Bofrost said...

Is there any chance of reupping links? Thanks.