Oct 28, 2007

Sundaze (03)

Hello, as announced yesterday more work from Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton. Global Communication was a futuristic concept 13 years ago and these days a common everyday matter. This blog has had visitors from well over a hundred different countries and that's something that aint that special these days, yet this extend of global communications had hardly been concieved back then. The only thing to compare it with is the invention of the printing process some 500 years ago.It enabled the distribution of books/knowledge , the same thing is happening now on an until recently unimaginable scale. Back then it resulted in the roman-catholic church and their wordly representatives loosing their grip on the people. As such, this history is repeating again and as everything happens much more quickly these days this time it doesnt take centuries but decades maybe even less. The outcome is in the balance as the tools of the powers that be are much more destructive and most of them lack grounding in any morals, save those that consider themselves gods representative on earth, these are of cause the most dangerous, blinded as they are by satan(to use their lingo). Alas, we will have to expose them to themselves for what they really are, if we fail... Well this world will quickly forget about us...whats 10,000 years in the life time of a planet..a blip.

Free from the incestuous trends of the large city, Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton shape their art in their own Evolution studio, two hours south of London in Somerset. As a production team, Pritchard and Middleton have simple goals: 1) ignore convention; 2) be creative without compromise. And they are succeeding, as Global Communication, their best-known moniker, they released the critically acclaimed 76:14, their long-anticipated follow-up to Pentamerous Metamorphosis, an astounding remix CD of Chapterhouse's Blood Music album of 1993. As Reload, Pritchard and Middleton released the refreshingly original A Collection of Short Stories, a dark and eclectic album of imagery that is accompanied by pieces of short prose written exclusively for the music.

I just played these two albums back to back, 2,5 hours of aural bliss...i wish you all a good Sundaze .........and btw all  those dead mediafire links will be history tomorrow...yes !

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Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories (93 Flac 362mb)

Welcome to "A Collection Of Short Stories" a contemporary anthology of duo-sensory fiction.

In this volume each musical composition represents a story, in the same sense that eachis based on a set of characters, situations and experiencesfrom fact and fiction, which provoke and evoke an emotional response. far from being music, eachpiece is a portrait and a legacy.The textual stories are a selection of right justified thoughts and feelings of an individual, correlating with only some of the music. the gaps are created by the more personal works waiting to be enjambed by the listener. thhere is choice here, but whether you choose to acknowledge the "soundtracks" without films or 'Fables without morals' as the real 'Collection', the real short stories are the montages of moods and emotions in your own mind.
And that is the greatest fiction of all. ...Dominic Fripp

Reload, originally, was a Mark Pritchard solo project. Later, Tom Middleton joined Pritchard on some of his Reload releases, eventually, as Tom became more heavily involved on the Reload "A Collection of Short Stories" album, Reload came to mean both Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton. Reload, in its current incarnation, is again, Mark Pritchard alone.

01 - Teq (6:19)
02 - Peschi (7:00)
03 - Ahn (6:19)
04 - Rota Link (3:27)
05 - 1642 Try 621 (12:22)
06 - Ev-I-Loy (4:26)
07 - Akzinor (0:58)
08 - Mosh (5:40)
09 - Ehn (9:12)
10 - Psychophylaxis (0:30)
11 - Le Soleil Et La Mer (8:05)
12 - The Enlightenment (5:22)
13 - Event Horizon (5:58)

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Global Communcation - 76:14 (94 * 432mb)

76:14 was voted by the Guardian as the best ambient album of the nineties, and it has clearly influence a lot of musicians since its release. In the summer of 1994 Dedicated finally released Global Communication's album: rhythmic, warm, and spacious. We all stopped to listen. The anticipated 76:14 came complete with album graphics and song titles that reflect Pritchard and Middleton's intent of making music that transcends language, border, and preconception: a simple icon of an ear graces the plain white cover, album and individual tracks entitled only by their length.

Beneath the visual ambiguities of 76:14 is an expanding plain, a playground for thoughts and emotions to unfold in a number of colors. The liner notes inside 76:14 explain it all: "Use your imagination: Numbers are chosen to identify separate tracks because names tend to bias the listener by pre-defining images, places and feelings. This gives the listener the freedom of imagination to derive whatever he/she wishes from the music." Although intended to be an open canvas for the listener, ghosts of the artists travel in the shadows of 76:14, and one can't help but wonder how much of them remained behind in the mix?
76:14 is a beautiful, drifting piece of musical ambience, it's emotional, genuinely warm, moving, quiet, floating and reflective, perfect for a Sundaze.

01 - 4 02
02 - 14 31
03 - 9 25
04 - 9 39
05 - 7 39
06 - 0 54
07 - 8 07
08 - 5 23
09 - 4 14
10 - 12 18

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


Anonymous said...

Could you explain how to download from badongo, please? Perhaps I am doing something wrong or links do not work. Any chance to check it out or reupload this one onto sharebee or zshare?


btw Your blog is fabulous!
Keep rocking mate!

Rho said...

Hi, yes badongo makes it eaasy don't they, btw it should be available at megaupload and if that dont do as it happens i have

Global Communcation 76:14 http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=719a385
Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=e2da59c

best of luck


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice blog
Can you reupload the file?

Global communication 76 14

Anonymous said...

http://hotfile.com/dl/70066131/f67df95/ hq

Rho said...

Thanks Anon I entered your link.

AdamK said...

Hi Rho. Many thanks for all your educational posts. Did you ever post a flac of Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories? If you did, a re-up would be wonderful. Mislaid my copy years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for re-uploading the brilliant Global Communication- 76:14
It is an Ambient Classic.

Kindest regards

R P Murphy

Anonymous said...

Hey Rho - Huge Reload global communication fan here...any chance for a re-up of Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories?

Anonymous said...

Would you please reup ›Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories‹?

Thanks in advance!!

apf said...

Thanks for the Reload and Global re-ups!

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Hi Rho, is it possible to re-up the copy of 76:14? Many thank yous

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time for a re-up?? merci