Dec 6, 2006

Stage 04, Switserland

Here's my 4th stop of my trip around europe . Switserland has a strong economy in finance and banking, and a long and strong tradition of political and military neutrality. This background allows Switzerland to host various international co-operations and organizations. Famous swiss, Wilhelm Tell (@ Wiki), 60% of the swiss believe this tale of the man who shot the apple from his sons head, and later the man who made him do it dead. Thereby triggering the swiss revolt against the habsburgs control and ultimately their independance. Fact is there are more like stories this one however stuck in popular culture-specially during and after the french revolution, even Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln claimed he was inspired by Tell. Then there's the swiss garde protecting popes for 500 years now, thanks to their fierce reputation gained in these independance battles.

More famous swiss include C.G.Jung, Rorschach, founder of the red Cross H.Dunant and numerous (nobel) scientists, artists like Le Corbusier(architect), Paul Klee and perhaps better known here Giger (alien), talk about aliens, Erich von Däniken must rank among the widest known swiss alive, ever since he started writing about ancient astronauts. As for musicians...the list is short, somehow it doesnt seem to fit the 'good ol'boys ' machoculture that has dominated switserland for so long. Women were granted the right to vote in the first cantons in 1959, at the federal level in 1971, and in the last canton, Appenzell Innerrhoden, in 1990. I don't know if there's a correlation but fact is, the swiss have the highest intake of choclate per capita in the world. Talk about sex, my first presentation has gained a reputation in the wonderrfull world of Fetish-Elektro-Music

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Carlos Peron - Impersonator II 110mb

Together with Boris Blank he formed "Tranceonic Studio" in 1977 In 1978 they released 12" "I.T. Splash & Glue Head". As a consequence of the positive feedback they formed a band - YELLO, when bon vivant Dieter Meier joined they became a trio. Following the release of YELLO's third album, "You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess"(1983), he left in 1984 in order to pursue a number of adventurous solo projects. The same year he composed and recorded the soundtrack for the movie "Die Schwarze Spinne" (The Black Spider). Between 1985 and 1992 he was commissioned to create two new works: "Die Schöpfung der Welt" (The Creation of the World) and "The Gold Project".

"Impersonator 2" Vols. 1-3 were released during this period and showcased Peron's style at its most experimental.

In 1992 he developed the music for the fetish performance "Terminatrix" This huge success motivated him to create a fetish mix called "La Salle Blanche". His label Strange Ways Records brought this erotic soundtrack immediately to the market. It sold in the thousands worldwide and became a cult item. (anyone post it yet ?) From then on Carlos Peron was hailed as the "pope of fetish music".

Originally released in 1988, ''Impersonator II'' was one of the most successful releases by Peron ever and included 3 singles, of which ''A Dirty Song'' was a massive EBM hit. Before it became an official release, ''Impersonator II'' was in limbo, stuck in the archives of Per¢ns old record label ( the album was recorded about the same time as the ''Gold For Iron'' album ) - with the label unsure and incomprehensive of the hard EBM approach of the record. Finally the album was release through Play It Again Sam records in 1988 and turned out to be a massive success.

Carlos Peron - Impersonator II   (flac 361mb

01 - A Dirty Song (Ft Jaymz Bee) 5:07
02 - The Hate Song (Ft Jaymz Bee) 5:14
03 - 10.000 Zippers (Ft Jaymz Bee) 5:51
04 - Commando IV ( Ft Anthony Moore, Video Mix ) 3:23
05 - Here We Go Folks (STP Version) (6:35)
06 - Galadiner With Boris The Vampyr (Ft Bela Lugosi ) 6:29
07 - Popt In Riga (Vodka Mix) (5:28)
08 - Happy New Year ( Ft Dieter Meier) 3:33
09 - Massacre In Frankfurt (Suite) 18:15
10 - An Now A Word... 0:06

Peron @ Home
Lots to see and buy at his site, (music at 10c per minute)
Peron @ Amazon
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The Young Gods - Only Heaven * (' 95, 337mb)

This record is an excellent introduction to the crushing futuristic, TYG escape boundaries and styles with a mixture of industrial, psychedelic rock and ambient textures.There are a couple of pseudo-industrial guitar based songs ('Strangel', 'Speed of Night', 'Kissing the Sun') which are very energetic, but never as raw as for example Skinny Puppy or Ministry. They usually have ambient passages which make an interesting contrast with the guitars. 'Kissing the Sun' is very catchy actually, a very good song. Other songs are more electronic ('Donnez Les esprits', 'The dreamhouse', 'Lontaine') and are probably some of the best, since the electronics are innovative enough to delight us but not so cold as to kill the emotion transmitted by the melody. In fact, The Young Gods aer very good at melodies, and their songs sound to me very emotional. The most emotional of all is 'Child in a Tree', an acoustic guitar ballad full of melancholy.

And not to forget 'Moon evolutions', a more than 15 minute suit where they remind me of U2 and Pink Floyd with an industrial feeling, very interesting indeed, a song divided into 3 parts with a long ambient beatless passage in the middle, combining dub, hiphop, avantgarde and metal into a hairraising masterpiece..

01 - Outside
02 - Strangel
03 - Speed Of Night
04 - Donnez Les Esprits
05 - Moon Revolutions
06 - Kissing The Sun
07 - The Dreamhouse
08 - Lointaine
09 - Gardez Les Esprits
10 - Child In The Tree
***** Bonustrack
11 - Kissing The Sun (orange mix)

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Young Gods - Heaven Deconstruction (' 96, 357mb)

The Young Gods have won a small but impassioned group of admirers for their emotionally angular, hypercerebral, and poetically experimental rock permutations. For this effort, however, founder F. Treichler ventures far into a synthetic landscape without any of the comforting signposts (rousing vocals, squalling guitars) that could help to orient people into the terrain occupied by this Swiss group. Apart from a recognizable remix of Strangel, now given a new electro skin and almost danceable, structure is largely absent or hiding on this album. The emphasis here is on mood, specifically a kind that is sleepily celestial to the point of losing sight of the ground entirely . The dream state is occasionally lightened-see the chanting children on the brief 'nano pata.' But on the whole, what really shows the mark of TYG on this effort is the fixation on the irreal, fantastic, suddenly violent, unlikely poetic that Treichler and company so memorably evoke in their albums. An interesting one-off that in many ways surpasses the other studio efforts.

Young Gods - Heaven Deconstruction  (flac  357mb)

01. December
02. Acid Strangel
03. Improper
04. Drun
05. Aoaçu
06. Riversky
07. F
08. Borfa
09. Scories
10. Nano Data
11. Landing
12. Messages
13. Lova
14. Residus II
15. Under
16. Numière
17. Windklang

excellent website
TYG @ Home
TYG @ Wiki
TYG @ Amazon

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Zurich-based Golden Boy is at the forefront of the European synth-electro renaissance. Stefan Altenburger is his given name, but he reserves that for his visual arts endeavors, which have earned him considerable acclaim in his native Switzerland. Altenburger first ventured into the realm of electronic music under the pseudonym Klettermax, releasing an album of sleek techno for Source Records in '98. Sometime after that Altenburger wandered into a Berlin party where French-born, Geneva-based electro chanteuse Miss Kittin was working the decks. When Miss Kittin mixed one of his Klettermax tunes together with a New Order classic, his heart skipped a beat and he knew he had to collaborate with the neo-disco diva.

Golden Boy constructed the frameworks for the tracks on the duo's debut, Or, which generally consist of nonstop thumping house beats and layers of glossy synthesizers. This elegant dance music provides the perfect musical bed for Miss Kittin's detached, silky, often rather silly Vocoded musings. Or first appeared on the German label Ladomat, before Los Angeles-based Emperor Norton gave it a U.S. release with several additional tracks. Its hour-plus of playful, quirky Eurodisco transports you into the alternately glamorous and goofy world of Northern European nightlife. As Miss Kittin breathily intones at the album's outset: "Relax, and enjoy with us this wonderful journey into the Swiss way of life."

Golden Boy with Miss Kitten - Or  (flac 309mb)

01 - Autopilot (5:55)
02 - It's Good For You To Meet People Like Us (6:41)
03 - Campari Soda (4:48)
04 - Nix (6:01)
05 - Rippin Kittin (4:47)
06 - Kuckucksuhr (6:14)
07 - 1234 (4:43)
08 - Kopfstand (10:00)

Golden Boy with Miss Kitten - Or  (ogg 125mb)

Golden Boy @ Amazon

Next friday, just across the swiss-french border we'll meet Miss Kitten again.

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* All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


Rho said...

Hello i found another Peron download at , or download direct from RS

Peron - ost Die schwarze spinne

let me know if you have any of his fetish music stuff


Anonymous said...

stay away with your ogg-shit.

Lee said...

Would love to hear the Young Gods Remix LP - never knew it exsisted as I fell away from them after about the 3rd LP