Aug 21, 2018

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Today's artist is a Guatemalan singer-songwriter. Arjona is one of the most successful Latin American artists of all time, with more than 80 million albums sold. He is often called El Animal Nocturno (The Nocturnal Animal), thanks to his breakthrough success with his fourth studio album which bears the same name. His music ranges from ballads to Latin pop, rock, pop rock, Cuban music, and more recently a cappella performances and a mixture of Tejano music and Norteño music, and other Afro-American and Latin sounds. Arjona is noted for his lyrical style, and often addresses topics such as love, sexuality, violence, racism and immigration. His work earned him numerous awards and accolades, including one Grammy Award, one Latin Grammy Award, the "Latin Heritage" Award as well as awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers;.   .... N'Joy

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Guatemalan singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona is one of the more respected Latin artists, mostly for his social conscience and his integrity in writing and performing songs. Born in Antigua, he was interested in music from an early age but later decided to become a rural schoolteacher. Arjona was a talented basketball player who played for Leones de Marte and TRIAS He toured Central America as a member of the Guatemala national basketball team. Until recently, he held the record for the most points scored (78) in a single game by a Guatemalan, he continued to play guitar and write songs in his spare time. After realizing that music was vocation, he moved to Mexico City; once there, he began looking for a record contract and played at many student festivals.

Arjona finally found a contract through PolyGram, but the label attempted to market him as a Latin lover type on his debut album, Dejame Decir Que Te Amo (Let Me Say I Love You). Predictably, the album failed, and Arjona spent the next five years teaching and occasionally writing songs recorded by other artists. He moved to Buenos Aires, where he met Puerto Rican Leslie Torres and had two children with her: Adria and Ricardo. They separated in 2005. Meanwhile Ricardo began playing again, and soon returned to the recording sphere with material more suited to his experiences as a protest singer, namely "Jesus Verbo No Sustantivo," a controversial song about his experiences at a Catholic school as a child. It gained him a contract with Sony, which released many of his most popular albums, including 1992's Animal Nocturno. His next two albums, 1994's Historias and 1996's Si el Norte Fuera el Sur, were not only popular but critics' favorites as well.

Galería Caribe, which appeared in 2000, became Arjona's first number one album on the Top Latin Albums chart, and 2002's Santo Pecado won him a Latin Grammy Award. Adentro, released in late 2005, was a landmark in Arjona's catalog; it marked the first of several contributions by Puerto Rican producer and songwriter Tommy Torres, and won Arjona another Latin Grammy. 5to Piso followed in 2008, bolstered by the help of Torres plus a massive hit single in "Como Duele." Poquita Ropa arrived two years later, in 2010, with Arjona adopting more of a stripped-down approach. Released in 2011, Independiente featured a poppier sound and style that made the album a success, and the lead single "El Amor" a big hit. In typical fashion, Arjona switched gears again for 2014's Viaje, a singer/songwriter album through and through, driven by life on the road and depression brought on by the death of his mother. Arjona's next release was an acoustic collection of his favorite ballad numbers, 2016's Apague la Luz y Escuche, which rose to number one on the Latin Pop Albums chart. Arjona's next set of original material, Circo Soledad, arrived in April 2017.

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Celebrated singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona looks both forward and backward on Quién Dijo Ayer, a double-disc greatest-hits collection featuring 13 of his best-known songs on one disc and new recordings of those same songs on the other disc, plus three new songs. The hits compiled here are mostly from the 1990s, when Arjona emerged as one of Latin pop's most impressive songwriting talents: "Te Conozco" (1991); "Mujeres," "Jesús Verbo No Sustantivo" (1993); "Historia de Taxi," "Señora de las Cuatro Décadas," "Realmente No Estoy Tan Solo" (1994); "Se Nos Muere el Amor," "Tu Reputación" (1996); "Dime Que No," "Tarde (Sin Daños a Terceros)" (1998); "Si el Norte Fuera el Sur" (1999); "Cuándo" (2000); and "A Ti" (2002). After the turn of the century, Arjona began to release progressively less new material; in fact, after Santo Pecado (2002) he has released only one album of new material, Adentro (2005), to date. Like Lados B (2003) and Solo (2004), Quién Dijo Ayer is therefore likely to frustrate some longtime fans who would prefer an album of new material rather than yet another set of recycled material from years past. Thankfully, there are the three new songs, two of which ("Quién," "Quiero") are great, so much so they fit right in alongside all the hits. As for the newly recorded versions of Arjona's greatest hits, they're generally faithful to the original versions. The most evident exceptions are "Si el Norte Fuera el Sur" (performed in a ska style with Panteón Rococó) and "Historia de Taxi" (performed in a salsa style with Marc Anthony). There are a few other duets, but the arrangements are similar to the original versions. While only a couple of the new versions depart stylistically from the originals, the contemporary productions breathe new life into these songs, which should be well known by longtime fans. For the economically minded, Quién Dijo Ayer was also made available in a single-disc Special Edition comprised of only the new recordings rather than a double-disc collection half comprised of previously released (and previously compiled) material. In either edition, the quality of the newly recorded music is stellar, if perhaps overly familiar to some.

Ricardo Arjona - Quien Dijo Ayer 1   (flac  479mb)
01 Se Nos Muere El Amor (New Version) 5:21
02 Quién (Album Version) 4:16
03 Dime Que No (New Version) 4:23
04 Quiero (Album Version) 4:52
05 Si el Norte Fuera el Sur (New Version) 4:31
06 Te Conozco (New Version) 4:29
07 Espantapájaros (Album Version) 4:00
08 Historia de Taxi (New Version) 6:01
09 Tarde (Sin Daños A Terceros) (New Version) 4:15
10 Mujeres (New Version) 4:38
11 A Ti (New Version) 4:47
12 Tu Reputación (New Version) 4:19
13 Señora de las Cuatro Decadas (New Version) 4:23
14 Jesús Verbo No Sustantivo (New Version) 6:54
15 Cuándo (New Version) 4:44
16 Realmente No Estoy Tan Solo (New Version) 4:16

Ricardo Arjona - Quien Dijo Ayer 1   (ogg  169mb)


The second disc contains the same songs as the first disc but in their original versions, remastered.

Ricardo Arjona - Quien Dijo Ayer 2   (flac  479mb)
01 Se Nos Muere El Amor 4:06
02 Dime Que No 4:24
03 Si El Norte Fuera El Sur 4:54
04 Te Conozco 4:08
05 Historia de Taxi 6:42
06 Tarde (Sin Daños a Terceros) 4:16
07 Mujeres 3:27
08 A Ti 4:48
09 Tu Reputación 4:47
10 Señora De Las Cuatro Décadas 5:04
11 Jesús, Verbo No Sustantivo 6:47
12 Cuándo (pop version) 4:19
13. Realmente No Estoy Tan Solo 3:51

Ricardo Arjona - Quien Dijo Ayer 2   (ogg  136mb)

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Arjona released his thirteenth studio album, Independiente, on 4 October 2011. It became his fourth number-one on the Top Latin Albums chart the week ending 22 October 2011; and within a week went Gold in Chile, United States and Mexico; and Platinum in Venezuela and Argentina. Independiente was his first release as an independent artist, appearing on his Metamorfosis label, a company he created to refocus his career. The album was distributed by Warner.

After his stripped-down effort Poquita Ropa, Ricardo Arjona’s 2011 release Independiente is a return to form for the Guatemalan singer, at least when it comes to instrumentation. Instead of going the “unplugged” route, highlight “Te Quiero” builds into a full-band rave-up during its choruses, while the moving “Se Fue” features a lush string section. That may sound akin to Animal Nocturno (1993) or Historias (1994), but as suggested by this album’s title, there’s also an artistic freedom here that wasn’t so prominent in the early days, one now allowed by Arjona’s move to his own independent label. Songs that don’t have much radio potential but are quite fulfilling nonetheless, are allowed to develop at their own pace with a handful of cuts passing the five-minute mark. Returning fans will revel in this combination of freedom and growth, and appreciate the return of producer Tommy Torres, the man who has been behind the boards for quite a few of Arjona’s most popular releases.

   Ricardo Arjona - Independiente ( flac  391mb)

01 Lo Que Está Bien Está Mal
02 Hay Amores
03 A La Medida
04 El Amor
05 Lo Mejor De Lo Peor
06 Mi Novia Se Me Está Poniendo Vieja
07 Te Juro
08 Fuiste Tú
09 Te quiero
10 Si tu no existieras
11 Reconciliación
12 Se fue
13 Caudillo
14 Mi novia se me está poniendo vieja (Acústica)

   Ricardo Arjona - Independiente (ogg  168mb)

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After his successful "Viaje Tour", which had more than two million spectators, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter returns with the album and the "Circo soldad" tour, which will begin in the middle of this year. This series of concerts will tour Latin America, Canada and the United States;  and after 8 years he will return to Europe in emblematic places such as London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Circo Soledad was released on April 21.  It includes 14 unpublished songs and it is the artist's reunion with the sounds with which he was born as a singer-songwriter.  He recorded it in London, New York, Miami, Nashville, Guatemala, Los Angeles and Colombia.  The national singer-songwriter declared that "Circo Soledad" is the best album of his career, since it is a journey through sounds, lyrics and stories.

The colors of which this production wears an intense care.  In the case of rock, he worked with British producers and mix engineer Michael Brauer, who has worked with The Rolling Stones, Coldplay and John Mayer. It also includes ballads with power that led him to record in places like the United Kingdom, New York, Nashville and Latin American countries such as Guatemala and Colombia.

 "I never recorded anywhere pretending that this place was the protagonist," Arjona explained.  "If this production took me to many countries, producers, studios and some of the most important musicians in the world it was because of the pure need to give color to each song that I felt was the best and the most comfortable".  "Circo Soledad", besides being the name of the album, is also a song that sums it up.  It is in this song where the author makes an analogy of the characters of the circus and those of the world of politics, television and life.

 Ricardo Arjona - Circo Soledad   (flac  355mb)

01 Intro
02 Ella
03 El Que Olvida
04 Señorita
05 Remiendo Al Corazón
06 Porque Puedo
07 Hasta Que La Muerte Los Separe
08 Vivir
09 Sixto Pérez
10 El Cielo A Mi Favor
11 Dime Tú
12 Correr
13 No Preguntes Cómo Estoy
14 Circo Soledad

Ricardo Arjona - Circo Soledad (ogg  129mb)

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As usual the moment an artist switches labels, the previous rights holder releases a compilation album to milk the
fans for some more money, hence Sony that had lost out to Warner, decided to go over the top and release a triple disc. The album contains 45 songs taken of the albums of Arjona, from 1985 until 2010, comprising all the hits of his career, packed in three discs, the album includes some of those hits recorded live, and new versions with artists like Puerto Rican pop singer Marc Anthony and salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa. Now, as this is the only post on Ricardo i decided that this triple disc was well worth to share @320kps.

Ricardo Arjona - Lo Esencial De Ricardo Arjona   (mp3  478mb)

01 Quién Diría
02 Historia De Taxi
03 Dime Que No
04 Se Nos Muere El Amor"
05 Si Usted La Viera
06 Así de Ilogico
07 Hoy es Buen Día Para Empezar
08 Ayudame Freud
09 Me Enseñaste
10 Pensar En Ti
11 Animal Nocturno
12 La Noche Te Trae Sorpresas
13 Buenas Noches Don David
14 Porque Hablamos" (feat. Ednita Nazario)
15 La Sucursal Del Cielo" (en vivo)
Disc 2
01 Señora De Las Cuatro Décadas
02 Primera Vez
03 Tu Reputación
04 Me Están Jodiendo La Vida
05 Desnuda
06 Como Olvidarte
07 Casa de Locos
08 Te Enamoraste de Ti
09 Ella y El
10 Libre
11 Jesús verbo No Sustantivo
12 Del Otro Lado del Sol
13 Si El Norte Fuera El Sur
14 Aquí Estoy" (en vivo)
15 Historia" (en vivo)
Disc 3
01 Realmente No Estoy Tan Solo
02 Cuando
03 Olvidarte
04 Te Conozco
05 Tiempo En Una Botella
06 Tarde (Sin Daños a Terceros)" (en vivo)
07 Mujeres
08 Receta
09 México
10 Solo
11 Noticiero
12 Lo Poco Que Queda de Mi
13 Historia de Taxi" (duet with Marc Anthony)
14 Desde La Calle 33" (en vivo)
15 Buenas Noches Don David" (duet with Gilberto Santa Rosa)

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