Aug 17, 2018

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Hello, the queen of soul has died, the world remembers her today and here at Rho-xs  we honor her with a token of her skills. Note you can follow her career here at Rho-xs between Rhodeo Grooves 1730-1735. Aretha has left us a wonderful legacy, it's comforting to think her voice will soar, and rejoice generations to come, as these days recordings are forever.......meanwhile may she rest in peace or more likely kept busy in the heavenly choir....

She was the first female performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and these days resides at the #1 greatest female singer spot ., and here's the one that gave her the lift off, it is the moment Aretha the Lady transformed into The Queen Of Soul ..

Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul (flac  188mb)  ...N'Joy

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Acid Jazz Records is a record label based in East London. It takes its name from the acid-jazz subgenre of jazz music for which it is most famously known for producing. Gilles Peterson and Eddie Piller formed the record label in 1987.The label's first signing was singer-songwriter Rob Gallagher's band, Galliano, whichreleased the label's first single "Frederick Lies Still" in 1987, which features a sample of "Freddie's Dead" by Curtis Mayfield. The label was known in its early days for putting on club nights at Camden's Dingwalls featuring artists such as The Night Trains and A Man Called Adam.

In 1989 after Peterson left in order to create his own label Talkin' Loud, Acid Jazz signed a second wave of artists including the Brand New Heavies, who released their self-titled debut album in 1990, Corduroy, Mother Earth, and Jamiroquai, who released their debut single "When You Gonna Learn" on the label in 1992. Throughout the 1990s the label also put out a number of compilation albums, most notably the Totally Wired series which covered the range of influences and sounds within the acid-jazz genre, as well as what was being released on the label at that time.

In 1993, Piller, the label's owner purchased a night-club which he named the Blue Note. Initially used as a way of promoting the record label's music, the club soon built up a large reputation and was open seven nights a week hosting various different club nights including that of musician Goldie's Metaheadz label. After the closing of the Blue Note in the late 1990s the label somewhat shifted its focus from producing just acid-jazz and its similar genres of music to that of soul and mod. The mid-noughties saw the signing of Andy Lewis and the release of his top 40 Northern Soul inspired single "Are You Trying To Be Lonely?" featuring Paul Weller on vocals. The label also released the "Rare Mod" series, a collection of rare 7" vinyl EPs from the 60's, presented in a picture sleeves, as well as accompanying compilation albums

In the last decade the label has celebrated its 25th anniversary and re-issued a number of its best-selling records such as The Brand New Heavies and The People Tree, as well as putting out a special 6CD boxset including an artwork book and DVD. This period has also seen the label sign more contemporary soul artists such as New Street Adventure and Men of North Country, as well as the folk-rock of British actor Matt Berry.

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Acid Jazz Records are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Having played a major part in shaping the musical landscape of the nineties and onwards, Acid Jazz will commemorate their quarter of a century with a bang! The iconic British label was set up in 1987 by Eddie Piller and fellow DJ Gilles Peterson and became much more than a label - introducing a new genre of music and culture to a whole generation. Having founded The Blue Note club in Hoxton, they changed the face of 90s clubbing and launched the Hoxton-Shoreditch triangle as the cultural hub it is today. The new soul and jazz sound was spearheaded by their artists including, Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies, Galliano, Mother Earth and the James Taylor Quartet.

Acid Jazz, immediately hit a chord in the UK by appealing to a cross section of serious fans from old school Jazzers, obsessive Jazz-Funkers, passionate Soulboys, sharp-dressed Mods, nodding Hip-Hoppers and even laid back Dreads. Before long the tentacles of the Acid Jazz movement were spreading throughout the world and what began as a bedroom label between two mates soon became a mecca for various tribes who had become disenfranchised from other scenes. From international breakthrough successes like the Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and the Totally Wired series, Acid Jazz cemented it'۪s image as one of the most iconic and unique UK record labels of the last 3 decades.

Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland have compiled over 5 hours of music across several genres which scans the key periods in Acid Jazz history.

 Acid Jazz - Put It All Together And What Do You Get   (flac  515mb)

101 Jose Feliciano - Golden Lady (Original Album Version) 4:20
102 The Isley Brothers - Love The One You’re With (Original Album Version) 3:39
103 Gil Scott-Heron - Lady Day & John Coltrane (Original Album Version) 3:34
104 Tyrone Davis - Is It Something You Got (Original 7” Single Version) 2:34
105 Alice Clark - Don’t You Care (Original Album Version) 2:48
106 Spanky Wilson -You (Original 7” Version) 2:10
107 Erma Franklin - Light My Fire (Original Album Version) 2:39
108 Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Right On (Original Album Version) 4:39
109 The Quik Bert’s Apple Crumble (Original 7” Version) 2:11
110 Jimmy Smith - Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe Part 2 (Original Album Version) 4:58
111 Mark Murphy - Milestones (Original Album Version) 2:27
112 The Googie Rene Combo -Smokey Joe’s La La (Original 7” Version) 2:53
113 Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones = Black Whip (Original Album Version) 6:46
114 Charles Earland - Murriley (Original Album Version) 6:28
115 Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions (Original Album Version) 6:05
116 Dinosaur L - Go Bang # 5 (Original Francois K 12” Mix) 7:33
117 Chicago - I’m A Man (Original Album Version) 7:38
118 Small Faces - I Can’t Dance With You (Original 7” Version) 3:11
119 Sydney Joe Qualls - I Don’t Do This (To Every Girl I Meet) (Original Album Version) 3:12

  Acid Jazz - Put It All Together And What Do You Get (ogg   193mb)


 Acid Jazz 2 Something Happening At The Dance   (flac  514mb)

201 Ballistic Brothers - Blacker (Original Album Version) 6:09
202 Diana Brown & Barry Sharpe - The Masterplan (Original 12” Version) 7:05
203 S.O.H.O. - Hot Music (Original 12” Jazz Version) 5:06
204 Young MC - Know How (Original 12” Mix) 4:01
205 Sugar Bear - Don’t Scandalize Mine (Original 12” Version) 4:13
206 Nuyorican Soul - The Nervous Track (Original 12” Ballsy Mix) 6:28
207 A Man Called Adam - Earthly Powers (Original 7” Mix) 4:55
208 Jestofunk - I’m Gonna Love You (Original MC Turbo 12” Sax Mix) 4:20
209 The Apostles - Super Strut (Original Album Version) 4:20
210 StoneBridge - Jazzy John’s Freestyle (Original 12” Dub Mix) 3:38
211 Arthur Miles - Helping Hand (Original 12” Mix) 4:39
212 Dread Flimstone - From The Ghetto (Original 7” Version) 4:35
213 Espiritu - Bonita Manana (Original 12” Mix) 4:06
214 A Tribe Called Quest - If The Papes Come (Original 12” Mix) 4:14
215 The Brand New Heavies - BNH (Original Album Version) 5:52
216 Galliano - Frederick Lies Still (Original 7” Version) 4:59

 Acid Jazz 2 Something Happening At The Dance   (ogg  184mb)


Acid Jazz 3 How'd We Get Us Here (flac  500mb)

301 Gang Starr - Jazz Thing (Original 12” Mix) 4:48
302 Young Disciples - Get Yourself Together (Original 12” Mix) 5:23
303 The Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True (Original 12” Mix) 4:50
304 The James Taylor Quartet - Love Will Keep Us Together (Original Ian Green 7” Mix) 3:41
305 Snowboy - The New Avengers (Original 12” Mix) 4:32
306 A Forest Mighty Black - Fresh In My Mind (Original 12” Mix) 4:38
307 Pharcyde - Oh Shit (Original Album Version) 4:29
308 Chapter & The Verse - Black Whip (Original 12” Mix) 3:59
309 King Bee - Back By Dope Demand (Original 12” Mix) 3:35
310 The James Taylor Quartet - Theme From Starsky & Hutch (Original 12” Mix) 5:52
311 Incognito - Always There (Radio Edit) 3:34
312 Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die (Original Album Version) 6:03
313 Mother Earth - Apple Green (Original Album Version) 4:24
314 The Night Trains - Love Sick (Original 12” Mix) 4:26
315 Humble Souls - Beads Things & Flowers (Original 12” Mix) 1 4:05
316 One Creed - The Ladder (Original Album Version) 5:03
317 Primal Scream - Funky Jam (Original 12” Mix) 5:25

Acid Jazz 3 How'd We Get Us Here (ogg  183mb)


Acid Jazz 4 Smokers Delight (flac  410mb)

401 Paul Weller - Cosmos SX 2000 (Original 12” Dub Mix) 7:19
402 Mother Earth - Non Corporealness (Original Album Version) 6:04
403 Mr Scruff* V Manasseh - Rassellas (Original Album Version) 5:55
404 The Roots Radics Meet The Scientist - Movements In Dub (Roots) (Original Album Version) 5:08
405 Dread Flimstone - Render Your Heart (Original 12” Mix) 5:02
406 Max Romeo - Chase The Devil (Original 7” Version) 3:27
407 Delroy Wilson - You Never Get Away (Original 12” Dub Mix) 7:22
408 Emperors New Clothes - Leaders & Believers (Original UNKLE Album Mix) 5:14
409 Snowboy - Astralisation (Original 12” Mix) 6:10
410 Jeff & The Fresh Prince Feat. Grover Washington Jr - The Groove ( Jazzy's Groove Instrumental) 5:33
411 Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High (Original 12” Mix) 2:56
412 Jhelisa - Galactica Rush (Original 12” Instrumental Mix) 6:01
413 Sandals - Nothing (Original 12” Dub Version) 8:02

Acid Jazz 4 Smokers Delight (ogg  161mb)

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Anonymous said...

Volume 3 FLAC gone already? Or maybe just an error? If it got booted, that sure was quick!

Rho said...

Hello Anon, yes Deposit is a strange host, it often drops the uploads, even after it has appeared in my files, as it did here, hence i rarely use it. Meanwhile i've re-upped Acid Jazz 3 to multi up. N-Joy

Anonymous said...

Interesting. From my (downloading) side, I have to say it's always been one of the easiest, fastest and trouble free ones out there. But somehow, finding out that uploading to it is a pain makes some sort of cosmic sense. :p

Many thanks for the re-up!

bobbysu said...

R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

flyra said...

I think that disc 3 in mp3 is the same as disc 2! I cannot repeat the downloading process since Filefactory is a pain in the ass to download (painfully slow and completely unstable) and the worst host - if you haven't paid for subscription! Please check!

Francois Villaret said...

Correct, the ogg version of Acid Jazz 3 is actually part 2 repeated. Could you please correct, Rho?

Rho said...

Ok Francois i made a mistake, a rare occasion,maybe Aretha's death confused me, anyway not sure why you just don't download the flac version and recode it, well i did and entered the new ogg acid jazz 3 link...n-joy

Francois Villaret said...

Thanks RHo, perfect! Why didn't I think about formating from flac?!