Mar 25, 2018

Sundaze 1812

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Today one of the many projects of Daniel Myer, there are not many who have so many different projects with such variety and yet a surprisingly high quality. Architect is one of the projects which explores electronic landscapes. Architect succeeded in combining electronic sounds with ambient and experimental sounds. Fans of Haujobb's ambient-side should have no problem finding their way here, as well as fanatics of the so-called clicks'n'-cut genre.   .... N'joy

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Haujobb are part of the newest wave of electronic dance acts to come storming out of Europe. Along with such other notables as :wumpscut: and VNV Nation, Haujobb are bringing, if possible, an even newer surge of adrenaline to a genre that already seems expanding to burst.

Haujobb formed as a trio in 1993 in Germany, with B. Junemann being the third member to the current duo of Dejan Samardzic and Daniel Myer. Their first release was on cassette only, the now hopelessly out of print Drift Wheeler. This embryonic issue brought them to the attention of Off Beat records, who released their first CD, Homes and Gardens, later that same year. Haujobb's first German tour occurred in 1994, along with the American release of Homes and Gardens and their first single, Eye Over You.

In 1995, Haujobb attained its current configuration with the departure of B. Junemann. The duo went on to release their second CD, Freeze Frame Reality, and began doing remixes for other bands, including Front Line Assembly and Download. The Frames CD was released, which featured both new material and a number of remixes done by such luminaries as cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy/Download, Adi Newton of Clock DVA, and Mentallo and the Fixer. In the midst of all this activity, a second tour of Germany was successfully launched.

During 1996 the band took part in The Remix Wars Part 1 - :wumpscut: vs. Haujobb, in which each band remixed several tracks from each other's repertoire. It also saw their first full European tour, as well as their debut on America's Metropolis Records, with the highly successful Cleaned Visions single and their drum and bass influenced full length CD, Solutions for a Small Planet. In 1997 came the release of their double EP, Matrix, with one disc of new and remixed electronica material and one disc of samples, while 1998 saw the release of two side projects, Newt and Cleen; as well as the release of the single Less. The second Cleen product, Second Path, with the Haujobb electronica CD, Ninety-nine, both hit the street in early 1999. The remixes from that album, Ninety-nine Remixes, was released in late 1999.

The long awaited return of the architects of sound, Haujobb has finally occurred. Polarity marks the end of a two year hiatus for Haujobb, who take this release to the edge of electronic extremes and beyond. Quite possibly their best album ever, Polarity is packed with electro break beats, ambient structures, and tweaked intricacies that deliver a wide spectrum of sound to fill the quietest void or largest chasm. Embark on a kaleidoscopic journey as Haujobb lead you between extremes of Polarity.

After releasing the highly anticipated Polarity album in 2001, Haujobb returned eight months later with yet another new single, "Penetration". The single gave great incite into what to expect from the new album, Vertical Theory. As Daniel Myer, mastermind behind Haujobb, described the album "a little trance, a little EBM, a little industrial, a little ambient, and a little bit dance, but with that Haujobb 'feel'."

Almost two years after the release of the album Vertical Theory, Haujobb returned with an album of remixed and reinvented tracks. Highly sought after for their legendary remixes, Haujobb now has the favor returned to them by their friends including well known acts such as Glis, Seabound, and This Morn’ Omina. In addition, Vertical Mixes contained two new tracks and mixes from Haujobb themselves.

Haujobb stated that they were ending their musical career with a final concert at Amphi Festival (Cologne) 19/07/2008, although a recent blog post (dated May 22 2009) suggests that this is no longer the case and that the band is simply taking a break from music. In February 2009, Metropolis Records released the out of print Freeze Frame Reality as a digital only release. Frames-The Remix Album was digitally released the following May.

In 2011 Haujobb released a new album with the title "New World March" which according to the band uses more hardware, guitars, drums, and sound recordings compared to software based Vertical Theory of 2003. In 2013 Haujobb created their own production label, Basic Unit Productions, and began releasing other artists such as Div|ider, Blush Response, and Black Nail Cabaret. Basic Unit Productions also released two compilations under the title, "Frost". In September 2015, Haujobb released the minimal-wave influenced, "Blendwerk" on Basic Unit Productions in Germany and on Negative Gain Productions in the United States.

Today, both Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic continue to record music under the name Haujobb – the duo also briefly recorded as Dots+Dashes. Myer has several other projects of his own, including Architect, Clear Vision (initially a collaboration with Thorsten Meier) as well as a number of other short-lived electronic projects. Myer, along with Claire Voyant's Victoria Lloyd, form HMB, whilst Newt is a collaboration with Andreas Meyer of Forma Tadre. The most recent of Myer's side-projects is Destroid, also featuring Rinaldo Ribi Bite and Sebastian Ullmann.

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As haujobb.'s third major album release, Solutions for a Small Planet marks a departure from their previous definitive style. The intricate electronic soundscapes and detailed attention to samples and voices are all still present, but a new progressive techno feel permeates this release. This is definitely Haujobb's transority album, and it marks a turning point in the band's musical style from a harsher and somewhat copied industrial noise to a more distinct IDM sound. It's a concept album about computer technology and its effect on humanity set about 20-50 years in the future. Some elements of this album seem reminiscent of the remixing they have done between this album and the second for electro-industrial bands such as Front Line Assembly, Download and Wumpscut. Within this new style, haujobb. have again shown that their complex intensity functions for both their danceable upbeat tracks (such as "Rising Sun" and "Deviation") and the slower attention-to-sounds tracks in the vein of "Nature's Interface." Throughout all these changes, however, haujobb. have retained both their intricacy and clinical approach to sound that they defined for themselves..

Haujobb - Solutions for a Small Planet (flac 453mb)

01 Clockwise 3:44
02 Anti/Matter 4:28
03 Rising Sun 4:13
04 Depths 4:52
05 Sub Unit One 3:59
06 Journey Ahead 4:56
07 Distance 6:04
08 Deviation 4:38
09 Nature's Interface 5:09
10 Sub Unit Two 3:46
11 Cleaned Vision 2:09
12 The Cage Complex 6:20
13 Net Culture 4:36
14 Transfer 5:48
15 Sub Unit Three 6:16

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Haujobb's delicate and complicated flavor of electro has been loaned to many other artists in the remix scene, and Matrix is the release that returns the favor. Matrix compiles the highlights of Solutions for a Small Planet in new and different forms, as other electro and industrial artists bring a range of flavors to the material. The outcomes vary in style. Many of the mixes are rearrangements created by haujobb, as much reinterpretations of album versions as new musical ideas. The kinds and rates of change are not static. In some tracks all that remains are a few original musical elements, as the structure of the track is torn down and redigitized, such as the forced fit of quiet breakbeat in "Advanced Deviation." At the other end of the scale, "The Farthest Distance" seems closer to the source, perhaps an alternate contender for the album cut that somehow didn't quite make it. The bookend tracks, which are not remixed, provide good insights into the more quiet haujobb moments of subtle sounds layered against delicate noise. For haujobb fans, this material is all good.

Other contributing remixers include individual members of other acts such as Covenant, Forma Tadre, Steril, and Czech. Each of these acts brings their own distinct vision to the neon haujobb aural cityscape. In each case, enough of the original remains to show the musical legacy, but moves into a new territory, some of them (notably the crunchy noise-beauty of "Sub Unit One" by Czech's Gregcore) eclipsing the impact of the original in an entirely unique way. The rest are interesting explorations, well worth a listen.

Matrix unquestionably owes its existence to the wide musical range of Solutions for a Small Planet, augmented in turn by a new host of ideas and voices from other acts. The flavor of this period of haujobb's music holds true enough for this to serve as a reasonable introduction to the artists as well, a rare accomplishment for a remix release. All this makes Matrix a release that stands equal to its lofty progenitor, rather than beneath it. The bonus treat for musicians: a second sample CD containing the synth voices used in the production, some to appear on later releases by artists such as Beefcake.

Haujobb - Matrix (flac 449mb)

The Rmx Matrix
01 Cross Fade 6:39
02 The Farthest Distance 6:45
03 Transformation 7:30
04 Clear Vision 5:03
05 Advanced Deviation 7:17
06 Antiversion 6:49
07 Depths 5:16
08 Hyperflow 6:10
09 Amplified Distance 6:28
10 Horizon 4:59
11 Sub Unit One 4:28
12 Monologue 8:00

Haujobb - Matrix Bonus (flac 204mb)

The Sound Matrix
01 Kicks 3:38
02 Snares 16:33
03 Loops & Perc 22:23
04 Chords & Sequences + FX 30:42

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

With Ninetynine, Haujobb begins to open up its sound to the influence of more experimental electronica, helped no doubt by frontman Daniel Meyer's dabblings with a variety of other groups and remix projects. The sound of the record is minimalistic, sometimes featuring female vocalists, and more ethereal than past Haujobb releases, continuing the progression hinted at by Matrix.

Haujobb - Ninetynine  (flac 371mb)

01 Grounds 5:47
02 Overflow 3:24
03 Doubleyou 5:45
04 Cutedge 5:33
05 Ninetynine 6:24
06 Less 5:25
07 Pulsar 5:42
08 Creator 6:53
09 X-Flow 5:33
11 Less (Photik Sonar Rmx) 7:21
12 Less (S'apexed) 5:37
13 Less (Saucer Rmx) 5:00

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Haujobb's Ninetynine Remixes features nine reconfigurations of tracks from the group's Ninetynine album, casting them in a more ambient and minimalistic light. Tracks like Haujobb's own remix of "Pulsar" and "Overflow (Red Sparrow Mix)" emphasize the percussive aspects of their music as well as their flair for creating cold, spare, yet somehow moving synth melodies. "Overpulse (Combination by Photic Sonar)" fuses together "Pulsar" and "Overflow" with darkly beautiful results. "Overflow (Infam Remix)" and "Overflow (For a Space Remix)" reveal different aspects of the original's ethereal-dance vibe and Vanessa Briggs' vocals, while "Cutedge (60:60 Architect Remix) and "Ninetynine (S'Apexed)" take Haujobb's stark but atmospheric style to new heights.

Haujobb - Ninetynine Remixes  (flac 274mb)

01 Doubleyou (Tribute Rmx) 4:52
02 Pulsar (Rmx) 5:57
03 Overflow (Red Sparrow Rmx) 4:38
04 Ninetynine (S'apexed) 4:46
05 Overpulse (Combination By Photic Sonar) 5:16
06 Doubleyou (Dubmix) 7:27
07 Cutedge (60:60 Architect Rmx) 6:02
08 Overflow (Infam Rmx) 5:23
09 Overflow (For A Space Rmx) 4:38

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The Spaniard said...

Hello, Rho:

Haujobb - Ninetynine seems to me like a very Hybrid album and almost BT album, full of eclectic effects and weird sounds coming from different channels.

Note for the future (March 2019): ask Rho to reupload Haujobb - Ninetynine and also the remixes.

Thank you, good sir!

Anonymous said...

Would you please re-upload Solutions for a Small Planet, Ninetynine,and Ninetynine Remixes?