Dec 31, 2017

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Hello, I wish you all.....a fulfilling New Year

The new year Eve also knew saint Sylvester’s day or old year’s day. This day is year last day on 31 December. Every year’s people celebrate the new year Eve by social gatherings, where people eat, dance, drink alcoholic and light fireworks. Many countries are celebrated the new year many ways. In Nigerian people are celebrate the new year Eve by going to the church, other go to the parties organized or communities and nightclubs.  Lagos Countdown is an event on the Nigeria. This event has attended average 100,000 people.

In Argentina, peoples are celebrated the new year Eve by dinner with the family of traditional dishes, asado, piononos and sandwiches de miga. Before the midnight on the streets, people enjoy the light fireworks and fireworks. The Argentina people wish happy new year 2018 each other. In the Brazil new year is the main holidays. The new year marks officially beginning the summer holidays. The traditionally Brazilians family or friends’ copious meal at home, in a private club or restaurants, bubbly is traditionally intoxicated. They are spending the Eve new year by the white dress. In united states, people are celebrating the Eve new year with the family-oriented activities, formal parties, and the other public events. The most popular party in the united states `ball drop` in the times square of the New York cities. There are many similar events in the New York city. Which respect the region culture, history, geography? Radio and TV broadcast the event and help to ingrain the American pop culture.

In the Bangladeshi people are celebrating the Eve new year around the Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal, and COX`s Bazar, etc. Most people go to the parties at hotel or club, beaches. In the rode, side firecrackers blast at night in the sky. The bridges or roadside also light up in the night by colorful light. People enjoy together with their families.  Every Eve new year in the COX`s Bazar becomes a popular traveller destination for both foreign tourists and Bangladeshi.

The Bangladeshi Muslim people during the last Jumma in the last year payer on the mosque, so that the coming new year Allah may bless them and fruitful. The Hindu people arrange the puja and playing for that the coming year productive for them. The Christians go the Gijjah for watch night service. In the Indian people are celebrating the Eve new year around the Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. The Eve new year also celebrates in other town and other cities. A lot of even and shows organized the India. The main events live concerts by Bollywood star. Most Indian people celebrate the Eve new year with the family. The Hindu community organized the pujah for fruitful the coming year. The Christians go the gijjah for watch night service.

Today's Artists are combining an inclination for melodic '60s pop with an art rock aesthetic borrowed from Krautrock bands like Faust and Neu!, they were one of the most influential alternative bands of the '90s. Led by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, the ensemble either legitimized forms of music that were on the fringe of rock, or brought attention to strands of pop music -- bossa nova, lounge-pop, movie soundtracks -- that were traditionally banished from the rock lineage. The group's trademark sound -- a droning, hypnotic rhythm track overlaid with melodic, mesmerizing singsong vocals, often sung in French and often promoting revolutionary, Marxist politics -- was deceptively simple, providing the basis for a wide array of stylistic experiments over the course of their prolific career. ........N'Joy

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In 1985, Tim Gane formed McCarthy, a band from Essex, England known for their left-wing politics. Gane met the French-born Lætitia Sadier at a McCarthy concert in Paris and the two quickly fell in love. The musically-inclined Sadier was disillusioned with the rock scene in France and soon moved to London to be with Gane and to pursue her career. After three albums, McCarthy broke up in 1990 and Gane immediately formed Stereolab with Sadier (who had also contributed vocals to McCarthy's final album) and ex-Chills bassist Martin Kean. The group's name was taken from a division of Vanguard Records demonstrating hi-fi effects.Gane and Sadier, along with future Stereolab manager Martin Pike, created a record label called Duophonic Super 45s—which, along with later offshoot Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks, would be commonly known as "Duophonic

The band originally comprised songwriting team Tim Gane (guitar/keyboards) and Lætitia Sadier (vocals/keyboards/guitar), both of whom remained at the helm across many lineup changes. Other long-time members include Mary Hansen (backing vocals/keyboards/guitar), who played with the group from 1992 until her accidental death in 2002, and Andy Ramsay (drums), who joined in 1993, and who is still in the official line-up.

In 1992 Stereolab's first full-length album, Peng!, and first compilation, Switched On, were released on independent label Too Pure. Around this time, the lineup coalesced around Gane and Sadier plus vocalist Mary Hansen, drummer Andy Ramsay, bassist Duncan Brown, keyboardist Katharine Gifford, and guitarist Sean O'Hagan of the 1980s famed Microdisney duo. Hansen, an Australian, had been in touch with Gane since his McCarthy days. After joining, she and Sadier developed a style of vocal counterpoint that distinguished Stereolab's sound until Hansen's death ten years later in 2002.

Beginning with their 1993 EP Space Age Batchelor Pad Music, the band began to incorporate easy-listening elements into their sound. This release raised Stereolab's profile and landed them a major-label American record deal with Elektra Records. Their next album, 1993's Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements, was their first American release under Elektra, and became an underground hit in both the U.S. and the U.K. On 8 January 1994, Stereolab achieved their first chart entry when their 1993 EP Jenny Ondioline entered at #75 on the UK Singles Chart.

With their 1994 full-length, Mars Audiac Quintet, Stereolab focused more on pop and less on rock, the album makes heavy use of vintage electronic instruments, and also contains the single "Ping Pong", which gained press coverage for its allegedly explicitly Marxist lyrics. After releasing a 1995 collection of singles and B-sides called Refried Ectoplasm: Switched On, Vol. 2. Stereolab's 1996 album, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, was a critical success and was played heavily on college radio. A record that "captivated alternative rock", it represented Stereolab's "high-water mark". Krautrock techniques were still present, but the band stirred the pot with hip-hop sounds and complex instrumental arrangements. John McEntire (Tortoise) assisted with production and also played on Emperor Tomato Ketchup, while Katharine Gifford was replaced by Morgane Lhote before its recording, and bassist Duncan Brown by Richard Harrison afterward.

Dots and Loops was released in 1997, and was Stereolab's first album to enter the Billboard 200 charts, peaking at #111. Stereolab transformed the harder Velvet Underground-like riffs of previous releases into "softer sounds and noisy playfulness". Contributors to the album once again included John McEntire, along with Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas and Jan St. Werner of German electropop duo Mouse on Mars. A Nurse With Wound collaboration, Simple Headphone Mind, appeared in 1997, and the third release in the "Switched On" series, Aluminum Tunes, followed in 1998.

The band then took a break from traveling while Gane and Sadier had a child. In 1999, Stereolab's next album appeared, titled Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night. Co-produced by McEntire and American producer Jim O'Rourke, the album earned mixed reviews for its lighter sound, and peaked at #154 on the Billboard 200. The full-length Sound-Dust followed in 2001, and rose to #178 on the Billboard 200. Again featuring producers McEntire and O'Rourke, it was more warmly received than the previous album with the emphasis less on unfocused experimentation and more on melody.

In 2002, Stereolab began to plan their next album, and started building a studio north of Bordeaux, France. In October 2002, the band released ABC Music: The Radio 1 Sessions; a compilation of BBC Radio 1 sessions. The year also saw Gane and Sadier end their romantic relationship. On 9 December 2002, longstanding band member Mary Hansen was killed when struck by a truck while riding her bicycle. Born in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, Hansen earned the most attention for her vocal work with Stereolab, although she also played the guitar and keyboards. For the next few months, Stereolab lay dormant as the members grieved. They eventually decided to continue; as Sadier explained in a 2004 interview: "Losing Mary is still incredibly painful ... But it's also an opportunity to transform and move on. It's a new version. We've always had new versions, people coming in and out. That's life."

The full-length album Margerine Eclipse followed in 2004 to generally positive reviews, and peaked at #174 on the US Billboard 200. The track "Feel and Triple" was written in tribute to Hansen; according to Sadier "I was reflecting on my years with her ... reflecting on how we sometimes found it hard to express the love we had for one another. It was Stereolab's last record on their American label Elektra Records, which closed down in 2004. The album was followed by Oscillons from the Anti-Sun; a 2005 three-CD and one-DVD retrospective of the group's rarer material. In 2005 and 2006, Stereolab released six limited-edition singles which were collected in Fab Four Suture, and contained material which Mark Jenkins thought continued the brisker sound of the band's post-Hansen work.

Serene Velocity, a "best-of" compilation focusing on the band's Elektra years, was released in late 2006. By June 2007, Stereolab's lineup comprised Tim Gane, Lætitia Sadier, Andy Ramsay, Simon Johns, Dominic Jeffrey, Joseph Watson, and Joseph Walters. The band had finished the production of their next album, entitled Chemical Chords, which was released in August 2008 on the 4AD label. The release of the album was followed by an autumn tour of Europe and the United States. In April 2009, manager Martin Pike announced a pause in the band's career together for the time being. After 19 years, he stated they felt it was time to take a rest and move on to new projects.

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While the two years between Dots and Loops and Cobra resulted in stagnation, the two years separating Cobra and Sound-Dust find Stereolab deliberately recharging their creative juices, delving deeper into avant-garde composition and '60s swing pop in equal measures. As the album opens with the minimal "Black Ants in Sound-Dust," it's evident that the group has restructured and pushed forward, even if it means that they're adhering to their time-honored tradition of expanding their trademark sound with new arrangements and influences. Frankly, after the stagnation of Cobra, any movement forward is welcome, and initially the record seems like a bold move forward -- a Stereolab instrumental album where the arrangements and production take the proper forefront, since every recording since Amorphous Body Center has illustrated that that's the group's real strength. Then, "Captain EasyChord" kicks in with a familiar, albeit catchy, mid-tempo lounge groove and Laetitia Sadier's singsong vocals, and the album is immediately anchored in overly familiar territory. And that's the biggest problem with Sound-Dust -- by this point the group's melodies, singalong choruses, and Marxist platitudes no longer sound fresh, they often sound like a straightjacket, preventing the group from pushing forward into new territory. After all, if it's taken on a pure sonic level, Sound-Dust can often be quite pleasing and intriguing, especially the sophisticated horn and flute arrangements, which producer Jim O'Rourke makes lushly alluring. It's hard not to wish that the entire record was constructed simply of instrumentals of this sort, since that's when Stereolab sounds fully recharged and gorgeous. As it stands, the album is held back by their insistence on simple songs and simple vocals that keep the record earthbound and solely the province of the already converted.

Stereolab - Sound-Dust (flac 396mb)

01 Black Ants In Sound-Dust 1:57
02 Space Moth 7:33
03 Captain Easychord 5:25
04 Baby Lulu 5:12
05 The Black Arts 5:11
06 Hallucinex 3:48
07 Double Rocker 5:31
08 Gus The Mynahbird 9:03
09 Naught More Terrific Than Man 4:02
10 Nothing To Do With Me 3:33
11 Suggestion Diabolique 7:52
12 Les Bons Bons Des Raisons 6:43

Stereolab - Sound-Dust    (ogg  155mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The three-disc, one-DVD mini-box set Oscillons From the Anti-Sun is not part of Stereolab's ongoing Switched On series, which rounds up the stray singles, EPs, and B-sides, but it's easy to see how the casual observer might think it's the fourth installment in the series. Instead, this 35-track box set contains material previously released on British and European CD singles and EPs between 1993 and 2000. Oscillons is not limited to featuring only the B-sides: such familiar A-sides as "Jenny Ondioline," "The Noise of Carpet," "Ping Pong," and "Cybele's Reverie" are here next to such non-LP cuts as "Fluorescences," as well as a host of B-sides, some of which were featured on the 1998 Switched On comp, Aluminum Tunes. Frustratingly, the EPs are neither presented in their original running order, nor is the music presented chronologically. Instead, the three discs jump around from EP to single, from year to year, without regard to the band's ever-shifting lineups. Despite this, the sequencing of the music flows well, and it's an entertaining listen since this indeed covers the group's peak years. Nevertheless, it's hard to imagine that any fan who followed Stereolab with any regularity not having the great majority of this material, which surely is why the DVD was included with this set. It's a nice DVD, containing all of the promo videos from the mid- to late '90s -- "Jenny Ondioline" through "The Free Design" -- along with U.K. TV performances from the group's appearances on The Word and Later With Jools Holland. Of course, replacing singles with box sets runs contrary to the nature of Stereolab and their fans, who are positively enamored with rare pieces of vinyl and limited-edition CDs, but this is still a good way to get all of the music on those singles and EPs, even if the presentation and sequencing could have been a bit better.

Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun #1 (flac  325mb)

01 Fluorescences 3:23
02 Allures 3:29
03 Fruition 3:51
04 Wow And Flutter 3:07
05 With Friends Like These 5:50
06 Pinball 3:13
07 Spinal Column 2:54
08 Ping Pong (Unreleased LP Version) 3:02
09 Golden Ball 6:26
10 Cybele's Reverie 2:56
11 Nihilist Assault Group (Parts 3,4,5) 7:13
12 Off On 5:26

Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun #1    (ogg  113mb)


Stereolab - Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun #2 (flac  368mb)

01 Jenny Ondioline 3:53
02 Young Lungs 6:34
03 Escape Pod (From The World Of Medical Observations) 3:57
04 Moodles 7:23
05 You Used To Call Me Sadness 5:11
06 Captain Easychord 2:54
07 Les Aimies Des Mêmes 3:55
08 French Disco 4:27
09 Transona Five [Live] 5:42
10 Moogie Wonderland 3:34
11 Canned Candies 4:14
12 Narco Martenot 4:23

Stereolab - Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun #2  (ogg  127mb)


Stereolab - Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun #3 (flac  385mb)

01 The Noise Of Carpet (US Single) 3:07
02 The Free Design 3:46
03 Les Yper Yper Sound 5:18
04 Pain Et Spectacles 3:31
05 Ping Pong 3:03
06 Long Life Love 7:06
07 Jenny Ondioline (Alternate Version) 6:08
08 Heavy Denim 2:50
09 Brigitte 5:47
10 Miss Modular 4:13
11 Soop Groove #1 13:07

Stereolab - Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun #3  (ogg  139mb)

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