Dec 18, 2017

RhoDeo 1751 Girls ?

Hello, as the festive days near, one question pops up again and again, How To Talk To Girls At Parties ?. A decade ago Neil Gaiman had so his thoughts about that question, it resulted in a darkish graphic novel ! Which triggered an audio play and meanwhile a movie adaptation that bombed big time at Cannes and has since disappeared...ah yes science fiction romantic comedy Hollywood style missing the pointe once again

only a trailor then

Nevermind you can hear or read it all here today. .....N'Joy

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Two teenage boys are in for a tremendous shock when they crash a party where the girls are far more than they appear! From Neil Gaiman-one of the most celebrated authors of our time-and award-winning artists Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, this sumptuous graphic novel is not to be missed! • Moon and Bá adapt the Gaiman story they were born to draw! 'Gaiman, Moon, and Bá have created a triolet of a book, lyrically powerful and utterly unforgettable.'-Junot Díaz 'How can something so strange and so beautiful also be so sad? Like a poem, a pattern, and a people whose world was swallowed by the sea, How To Talk To Girls at Parties is three things at once.' - Kelly Sue DeConnick 'Had sneak peek at How to Talk to Girls at Parties. What boys fear! That girls are very smart aliens who will do frightful things to you in The Upper Room! Teenage angst. Lovely drawing/painting.' -from a Tweet by Margaret Atwood 'A haunting ode to the lyric of girls, who for our protagonists represent a vast, uncharted universe. An extraordinary comic from three extraordinary creators.'-Marjorie Liu 'Gentle, strange, and full of perfectly good advice ('You just have to talk to them!'), How to Talk to Girls at Parties is wise and odd. Neil Gaiman's writing is sweetly complemented by Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá's art. It's a quirky delight.'

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This graphic novel is based on Gaiman's Locus Award-winning story, which was previously published in his Fragile Things and M Is For Magic anthologies. The graphic novel format works seamlessly with the narrative. The ink-and-watercolor artwork has a surreal, luminous quality that deftly captures glowing eyes, waves of music, lamp light, and the characters' emotional turmoil. Teens cannot help but notice this title's striking illustrations and think about which panels would look best framed on their walls.  For fans of surreal fantasy, inspired writing and artwork, and Gaiman

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Neil Gaimans - How To Talk To Girls At Parties (mp3/JPG/PDF  269mb)

01 part 1
02 part 2
03 part 3
04 part 4
adapted in vibrant ink-and-watercolor illustrations by the Daytripper duo of Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, this original hardcover graphic novel is absolutely not to be missed
JPG Neil Gaimans - How To Talk To Girls At Parties (66 pages)
PDF Neil Gaimans - How To Talk To Girls At Parties

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previously Lifehouse Chronicles (01-19)

Pete Townshend - Lifehouse Chronicles 01-05 (flac  155mb)
Pete Townshend - Lifehouse Chronicles 6-10 (flac  165mb)
Pete Townshend - Lifehouse Chronicles 11-15 (flac  156mb)
Pete Townshend - Lifehouse Chronicles 16-19 (flac  126mb)

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willow)O(moon said...

How refreshing, Rho! Thank you - I'll take it

Πυθαγόρας said...

So, was that it for the Lifehouse radio play? 19 tracks total? Thanks!!!

Cass said...

If anyone is interested, I have converted a better pdf version from the jpegs and have uploaded it here :

Thanks again, Rho

Rho said...

Now Now Cass, the PDF was an afterthought and i used a free converter, considering you obviously have a better converter, you might have shared that with us..

Anyway Happy Christmas to you and your family

Cass said... offence intended, Rho. I believe I originally downloaded the converter from the following page : :)

Thank you for your kind wishes - we are gathering for Yule on 22nd. The brightest & best to you & yours x