Dec 13, 2015

Sundaze 1550

Hello, there's a climate deal, politicians have agreed that the earth will warm 1,5 more ! Let's hope the earth will obey this decree, i doubt very much humans will. In stead of funding alternative energy sources they agreed to fill the coffers of corrupt presidents as if they have the administrative resources to really know what they are doing co2 wise. Good thing that the rumor in astronomical circles that the sun might be cooling down the coming decades, has not bubbled up in the mainstreet press, before you know it all that coal might come in handy......

In 1998, Youth (Martin Glover) decided to set up, LSD - Liquid Sound Design as Dragonfly's sister label, specialising in chilled out soundscapes, sonic beats and mellow grooves. LSD was as natural progression for Dragonfly keen to create an outlet for more experimental and down-tempo music as well as satisfying the demand for the post club chill out sounds. Since 2007 the name has changed to "Liquid Sound" and is now managed by Pathaan. Today 3 outfits from Youth's LSD stable.... N'joy

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Martin Glover, also known as Youth or Orion, (born 27 December 1960 in Farnworth, Lancashire) is a record producer and a founder member and bassist of Killing Joke.

Glover originally named himself Pig Youth after the reggae chanter Big Youth, who was popular with late 1970s London punk bands. At age 15 he was in a punk band named The Rage, which toured with The Adverts. Later he joined 4" Be 2" - a band formed by John Lydon's brother Jimmy Lydon - and recorded the "One of the Lads" single with them.

Glover is most famous for being the bass player in Killing Joke. He left the band in 1982, together with Ben Watkins he released 2 albums, The Empty Quarter and Delerium, soon after he founded his own commercially orientated dub funk band Brilliant, which recorded one album in 1986 before later disbanding.

In 1989, Youth and Alex Paterson started the WAU! Mr. Modo label. Their early releases of a selection of industrial techno dubs and heavy sound system dubs from artists such as Napthali, Manasseh, Bim Sherman and Jah Warrior are long deleted and fetch high sums in private sales.

Youth's connections with dub continued in the mid-1990s when he was asked by Adrian Sherwood to remix some of Bim Sherman's tracks for a reworking of the Miracle album. He also recently appeared on a Ted Parsons/NIC dub album, contributing a remix which opens with a sample from Glen Brown's "Version '78", a track originally released on the South East label.

In the early nineties, Glover formed techno and house music duo Blue Pearl together with American singer Durga McBroom. They scored a handful of hit singles including their blue vinyl debut "Naked In The Rain", which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart and was also a #5 dance hit in the U.S. in 1990.

Glover is credited with founding the first psychedelic trance record label, Dragonfly Records, as well as the Liquid Sound Design and Kamaflage Records labels. He is well known on the psychedelic trance scene, collaborating with Simon Posford and Saul Davies as Celtic Cross, with Greg Hunter and Simon Posford as Dub Trees, and on the project Zodiac Youth. He has performed both full-on trance as well as chill-out DJ sets at several Return to the Source parties, and released the Ambient Meditations 3 mix album on their label in 2000. His Butterfly Studios were also home of the Return to the Source offices circa 1999-2002.

Glover is a member of the band Transmission, together with Simon Tong of The Verve, Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke and Tim Bran of Dreadzone. He also played guitar on several tracks on the 2007 Client album "Heartland."

In mid-2010, Glover teamed up with Alex Paterson (The Orb) to compile a retrospective compilation album of tracks from the WAU! Mr Modo label. The album titled "Impossible Oddities" was released on CD and double vinyl on 25 October 2010 via Year Zero records.

On 27 October 2012, during the International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers SOUNDEDIT, Glover was awarded The Man with the Golden Ear Award

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Russ Davies (born London, England) is a British electronic musician, producer, and songwriter best known for his solo projects Abakus and Cinnamon Chasers. Currently based in London, he is the son of The Kinks founder Dave Davies, with whom he released the electronic prog-rock album Two Worlds in 2011. Prior to that, in the early 2000s Davies produced and wrote as one half of the musical group Nada, incorporating psychedelic and dance music. He has also collaborated on numerous releases with producer Youth.

Since 2002 Davies has released numerous albums as Abakus, including That Much Closer to the Sun (2004) and Tokyo Express EP (2014). As Cinnamon Chasers he's released LPs including A Million Miles From Home (2009) and Science (2011), and he tours regularly for both his solo projects, with gigs including major EDM festivals such as Exit Festival 2011, the Lights All Night Festival in Dallas, Counterpoint Festival,[ In 2013 he composed the soundtrack for a sci-fi action film directed by Samen Kesh, which was included in Deadline Hollywood's "Top Shorts of 2013," and subsequently released as an EP.

Russell T. Davies was born and brought up in North London, England. His father is Dave Davies of British rock and roll band the Kinks. While growing up in the 1980s, Russ would frequently play with the classic synths and drum machines in his father's home studio. As a teenager in London, he stated "the most exciting thing you could do [in the 1990s] was to go to the underground electronic parties around the city. That was the freshest culture going on with the strongest energy."

In the summer of 1998 Davies collaborated with his father on the ambient new age album Purusha and the Spiritual Planet. A mostly instrumental album with vocals on only one track, it had liner notes telling "a story about an 13-year-old boy who collects ancient artifacts and comes across a strange pendant." According to a mixed review in Allmusic, "Each track is like a chapter of the story providing a musical interpretation, sort of what Michael Nesmith did with The Garden and The Prison. The duo released it in October 1998 on Meta Media Records under the project name Crystal Radio.

In the early 2000s, Davies released several collaborative singles with his friend Humphrey Bacchus, the label manager at Dragonfly Records in England. The project was dubbed Nada and incorporates psychedelic and dance music. Nada was largely released on Liquid Sound Design, the ambient imprint of Dragonfly Records. As Nada he and Bacchus both wrote and produced tracks such as "Earthgarden" and "Manakhana," which were included on the 2003 Liquid Sound Design compilation Butterfly Dawn, among others.

In 2002 Davies wrote and produced the electronic track "Return To Rama" under the alias Abacus, which was included on the Liquid Sound Design (LSD) compilation Elucidations. In October 2003, his track "California Sunshine" by Abakus was released on the LSD compilation Youth in Dub. The track includes acoustic guitar and vocals by Ranajit Sengupta. His track "Last Summer Dub" as Abakus was released on the 2004 Wider Horizons compilation on LSD.

As Abakus, Davies released his studio album That Much Closer to the Sun on Liquid Sound Design in 2004. Beyond the UK release, there was a special Japanese edition with a different catalogue and bonus track. Songs on the album were licensed to over 40 different compilations. called That Much Closer to the Sun "the best album released so far on Liquid Sound Design." The album received an average rating of 4.57/5 (out of 5) on Discogs

In 2004 he toured in support of That Much Closer to the Sun under the DJ name Abakus, with gigs both in the United Kingdom and internationally in countries such as Australia, where he played the Rainbow Serpent Festival in early January 2005. He began touring as a deejay in locations as diverse as parties in Russia and electronic festivals in Japan, also playing in South America and throughout Europe and Asia.

We Share the Same Dreams, his second album as Abakus, was released in November 2008 on his own label Modus Records.[24] Electronic music magazine Resident Advisor gave it 4/5 stars and a generally positive review, categorising it as downtempo progressive house. The review stated, praised the album's "nostalgic" nods and references to the UK's house and garage renaissance of the 1980s and 1990s, but stated "We Share the Same Dreams has one foot planted in all the right influences from the previous decade, but the other hasn't quite stepped on solid modern ground.

In 2008 Davies started releasing music as Cinnamon Chasers, a London-based solo project with an "alternative electro/indietronica" sound, according to Mezzic. While still creating music as Abakus, he started touring as Cinnamon Chasers as well. After founding Cinnamon Chasers, Davies continued to release music as Abakus, starting with the full-length album Unreleased & Remixed in 2009. That year he also released The Jaguar EP, followed in 2010 by the full-length Abakus album Prisms on Modus. His sophomore Cinnamon Chasers LP Science was released in January 2011, on Modus. In late 2011 he started writing the Cinnamon Chasers album Dreams & Machines, which he worked on for around six months.

As Abakus, in May 2012 he released Futurism Part 1 on Modus, following by Emx1 – EP that October. He released the full album Silent Geometry the following year, and his most recent Abakus album is the April 2014 Tokyo Express EP On 16 September 2013, he released Controller (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Modus Recordings. Davies stated in 2005 that he works in a variety of styles and can't define his genre as a whole, and that he is more focused on the "vibe" of his music than its defining style.[1] He primarily works with electronic instruments, turntables, and DAWs, though he does periodically write acoustic music.

Concerning Davies' multiple ongoing solo projects, he has stated that "I can put my mind and heart into different musical personas. I find if I stay on one concept for too long I stagnate, creatively." About their differences in sound, Davies clarified that "Abakus is more spirit sounding music and I try for it to have no boundries or genre. No surprise then he released 6 archive albums in 6 different styles earlier this year; Organic Jams, Electronic Jams, Futurisms Deux, Darker Moods, Night Beats and The Gamer.  Busy, busy...


This album has something of a carefree atmosphere of the summer, from childhood spent...[in an] idyllic climate of your own universe to which no adult has access. The stillness and beauty that's gone into the production and movement in the tracks is uncommonly good, and the shimmering, lazy mastering adds to the dreamy, three-beers-at-lunch-now-I've-got-sunstroke haziness...the changes and the attention to detail are gorgeous.

Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun (flac 329mb)

1 Igmatik 5:48
2 Shared Light 2:27
3 Nightwalker 5:10
4 Circles 6:39
5 Magenta 3:57
6 A Whole New Way Of Looking At The Day 3:32
7 Indu 5:22
8 California Sunshine 6:11
9 Lux Boutique (voc Ranajit Sengupta) 2:29
10 Drum Druid - Last Summer Dub (Abakus Remix) 4:42
11 That Much Closer... 4:59
Bonus Track
12 Opaque 6:52

Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun  (ogg   140mb)

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Released in England on his own Modus Records label, We Share the Same Dreams has a surfeit of catchy parts, possibly a genetic inheritance from dad Dave Davies and uncle Ray Davies, founders of The Kinks.  Young Davies embeds sharp, shiny hooks into listeners' heads from the opening track, "Sliding Sh," which marries a dribbling bass synth to a starry little melody. It's nothing earth-shattering, but in a world of tunes that fail to deliver, all the goods arrive intact. Right on its heels comes highlight "Daybreak," a soulful, grayed-out Manchester-style song that could be a lost New Order cut sans Bernard Sumner. We Share the Same Dreams has one foot planted in all the right influences from the previous decade, but the other hasn't quite stepped on solid modern ground. It sounds like a transitional record.

Abakus - We Share The Same Dreams (flac 409mb)

01 We Share The Same Dreams 0:57
02 Sliding Sh 8:42
03 Daybreak 6:11
04 Angel Dust 3:56
05 Understated 5:38
06 Culture Is Not Your Friend 4:13
07 Excession 5:12
08 Deun Deu 4:49
09 The Only Life We've Known 6:00
10 Lost In The Woods 4:12
11 Crystal Vision 4:33
12 Opal Fountain 4:44
13 How Does It Feel To Be Real ? 3:52

Abakus - We Share The Same Dreams  (ogg   161mb)

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Subsonar is the solo project of legendary underground producer Tim Bran. A founding member of Dreadzone, Tim has been credited as the man who first introduced filtered synths into dance music in the early 90's, and more recently has just completed the new Orb album collaborating alongside Alex Paterson and Youth. The Subsonar album carves a new furrow in the dub soundscapes of contemporary electronica...weaving fearless melodies and thunderous basslines with taut elastic rhythms that slap you round the face and command your attention. Cinematic, epic and yet still intimate and emotionally raw, it's a statement of electronic poetry. An innovator and instigator, keyboard wizard and acclaimed songwriter / producer, Tim has combined his many diverse talents and made an uncompromised and unique electronic masterpiece.

Subsonar - Cool Accident  (flac  301mb)

01 Gayatri (Voc Aki Omori) 6:53
02 Stand Strong 4:35
03 El Toro 4:15
04 Indian Summer 6:03
05 Cool Accident 4:28
06 Voice From The Wilderness 6:20
07 Ultrasound 3:27
08 Easy Game To Play (Voc Aki Omori) 6:07
09 Transmissions 4:12
10 The Eternities 4:36
11 The Day Without A Yesterday (Voc Aki Omori) 5:08

Subsonar - Cool Accident   (ogg   118mb)

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