Dec 2, 2015

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Hello, the US has this uncanny way of siding with nasty dictators (Saddam pre Kuwait, Pinochet a whole range of Middle and South America dictators) to name some and now they've added Erdogan to that list, this two faced monster is getting protection from NATO and money from the EU to help ending the Syria crises whilst he's only interested in power, killing as many Kurds as possible and becoming Caliph of the whole region. Yes insane.

The US is only interested in frustrating Russia and the war machine (industrial security militairy complex) wants ever more money which it legitimizes by creating enemies around the world. Obama is a sad joke, like the EU, in short it's depressing. The US has been bombing Daesh at a rate of 8 bombs a day this last year, clearly there was no interest in really attacking these dangerous nutcases. And now Russia comes along and drops real bombs, lots of them and on every terrorist they can locate. This obviously angers the US and specially Turkey who was doing all this nice business with the terrorists, so they shot down this Russian bomber that had its flight route logged with the US (bit naive maybe), now the Russians have employed their defense and things can go wrong big time if there's another incident. Meanwhile those EU nitwits from Brussels are looking for a big rock to hide under, their big idea is crumbling, the sooner it collapses the better.

Looks to me that you are still in need of more industrial..Today's act was originally a band, formed in 1978 by Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak. The band has performed in many genres such as avant-garde, experimental, industrial, noise, dark ambient, and drone.. ... N'Joy

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A loose experimental project formed in 1978 by Steven Stapleton, Nurse with Wound explored abstract music -- influenced by Krautrock, freewheeling jazz improvisation, and Throbbing Gristle but including a heavy debt to surrealists Dali and Lautréamont -- with an overpowering release schedule of limited-edition albums and EPs. Stapleton worked with an ever-changing list of collaborators during the early years of Nurse with Wound, though Current 93's David Tibet was the only frequent recording companion during the 1980s and '90s.

Nurse with Wound's first three albums (Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella, To the Quiet Man from a Tiny Girl, and Merzbild Schwet) reflect a naked, minimalist slant with long periods of quiet suddenly interrupted by guitar chords inspired by the avant-garde wing of psychedelia/jazz-rock, chains, music boxes, and found-sound recordings. By the early '80s, Stapleton had begun to incorporate noisy, abrasive rhythms that put him more in line with contemporary EBM masters like Skinny Puppy and SPK. Though Stapleton continued his surrealist slant, he often moved back to more empty recordings. These works -- beginning with Soliloquy for Lilith in 1988 -- came to light in the context of the growing ambient/electronic movement, however, putting Nurse with Wound squarely in line with music trends for the first time.

Stapleton recorded two split singles with Stereolab during 1995 and continued his hectic, uncompromising release schedule from his base in southern Ireland. In 2005 the double-CD compilation Livin' Fear of James Last offered an overview of their output. That same year the two-CD compilation Judas as Black Moth was released through the Sanctuary label. On May 5, 2005, Stapleton recorded an improvisational live piece in Vienna and released it in 2006 under the title Soundpooling. Tooth, Teeth, Milk, Skin, Teeth was released in mid-2007, while NWW's terrifying 1982 cult classic Homotopy to Marie was reissued on CD just in time for Halloween 2007. Three new albums were issued in 2008: Huffin' Rag Blues, The Bacteria Magnet, and The Continuous Accident. In early 2009, the retrospective Paranoia in Hi-Fi: Earworms 1978-2008 prefaced a slew of new albums including Space Music, The Surveillance Lounge, and May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits.

A collaborative work with krautrock legend Faust was released on CD in 2007 as Disconnected with a vinyl edition carrying additional mixes following in 2008. A NWW album entitled Huffin' Rag Blues, primarily a collaboration with British sound artist Andrew Liles, was issued in 2008 with a companion mini-LP entitled The Bacteria Magnet. A remix of Sunn O)))'s ØØ Void entitled The Iron Soul of Nothing was given a limited release with an expanded reissue of the out-of-print studio album The Man with the Woman Face following. An album of new material entitled The Surveillance Lounge was then released as a CD with a limited triple CD called The Memory Surface. A CD of new material entitled Space Music will be released on 17 November 2009.

A recent collaboration was a result of the chance meeting of Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton and Graham Bowers, both artists were appearing at Bangor Sound City's first art/sound event 'Wet Sounds' curated by Joel Cahen located at the Bangor Swimming Pool, North Wales, in January 2011. Both were admirers of each other's past works and felt that a collaboration on a new piece of work could be an interesting and exciting prospect, consequently 'Rupture' is the first full-length work, and is released as a Double Vinyl album/LP, a CD and Download. The Vinyl album and CD have been released through Dirter.

The follow-up to last year's Rupture sees Steven Stapleton and Graham Bowers exploring the inner reaches of the psyche. The thematic work, Parade was released on the interdisciplinary arts group/record label Red Wharf and distributed by Cargo. The third collaboration, ExcitoToxicity was released July 2014, and the fourth, Mutation released March 2015 all through Red Wharf and distributed by Cargo.

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Proof that the music of Nurse With Wound (aka Steve Stapleton) has never had anything to do with the industrial scene it's all too often associated with (due perhaps almost exclusively to the disturbing bondage graphics on the extraordinary 1979 debut album, Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella) comes in this hilarious 1985 spoof of 1950s easy listening, which features neither the buxom blonde pinup girls on the album cover nor the "titillating orchestrations of the Murray Fontana Orchestra," but instead Stapleton's hilarious and disconcerting montage of cheesy club organs, Spike Jones, BBC radio comedy punch lines, and assorted coughs, splutters, splats, and wheezes. The booklet accompanying the CD issue on Stapleton's United Dairies imprint features more of the artist's highly original collage work, including a yellowed newspaper cutting relating how he was supposedly apprehended (at the age of 19) in an Oxford Street record shop for opening records and inserting them in the wrong sleeves. Stapleton's mission in life was evidently clear to him back then, and this album is a glorious example of the work of one of music's true originals.

Nurse With Wound - The Sylvie And Babs High Tigh Companion  (flac 165mb)

01 You Walrus Hurt The One You Love 19:35
02 Great Balls Of Fur 20:15

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This record offers a piece each by experimental artists Nurse With Wound and Organum. The Nurse With Wound track, "A Missing Sense," is sort of a remake of Robert Ashley's "Automatic Writing," and nothing like anything else by the group. When played at low volume, as instructed by the record jacket, one can hardly hear anything except a sporadic click-click noise every few minutes, the other sounds so low in the mix that they get lost. Like the Ashley piece, there are these strange vocal stutters and distant background noises and also some inaudible chanting and movement of metallic objects, as well as organ drones and the blatting of a tuba, and even a pulsing bass rhythm at one point, with everything slowly building but still remaining quite quiet. Much of the sounds get lost in the vinyl, unlike a later reissue of the track on the CD A Missing Scene. The second track 'Swansong' is mostly a noise excursion than anything. A vast tidal wash of malevolent static sweeps over you before dying down and building up again. This track was apparently recorded after Stapleton had watched a documentary on nuclear testing, and the sound of the track definitely gives the listener the feel of being repeatedly irradiated by the wall of noise that crashes and builds like waves of sonic destruction. When the static is at a lull you can hear some more subtle ambient like textures that are certainly in contrast to the violence of the static waves. After about fourteen minutes the static waves subside and the ambient textures are allowed to immerge and a child’s voice begins to talk about changing and how “it” would feel. It’s all quite disturbing especially when the child is cut short and a vast slab of static noise engulfs the whole track, slowly subsiding and fading to silence.

As stated the final track is a reworking of the older piece 'Dada X', this is the 'Ostranenie 1913' Version. The track is more or less the same, but with some more, percussive effects and background creaking and droning, and near the beginning what sounds like a chicken being strangled (This is in fact David Tibet parping away on his wind instruments). Im not sure if I like this better than the version off 'Schwet'. There is less space in this version, which perhaps detracts from the originals slow motion surrealism. But it’s still one of my favourite Nurse tracks..

NWW - A Missing Sense-Ostranenie 1913  (flac 365mb)

01 A Missing Sense 24:55
02 Swansong 21:47
03 Dada (Ostranenie 1913 Version) 24:46

NWW - A Missing Sense-Ostranenie 1913  (ogg  114mb )

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Spiral Insana is one continuous piece of music, indexed over three tracks (on the compact disc), with 20 track titles listed on the cover. Such is Steve Stapleton's Nurse with Wound. And it's just as well, because the music inside, more ambient and user-friendly than on other NWW outings, is still just as surreal and avant-garde as the rest of the catalog. Here, Stapleton and guests Robert Haigh, David Jackman, and Chris Wallis mix bowed piano, percussion, a radio, loops, and what is credited on the sleeve as "stuff" together into an hour-long collage of mashed-up sounds, jarring juxtapositions, buzzsaw distortion, and even a pipe organ. If that sounds disorienting, that's because it is, both in description and execution. Nurse with Wound has always had a unique sound and vibe on their records, and Spiral Insana carries on in that tradition. While not as ambient and single-minded in tone as the drone masterpiece Soliloquy for Lilith or as jarring as the industrial Dada of Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella, Spiral Insana is as good a place as any to start with the Nurse with Wound catalog. Like the proverbial box of chocolates, you're never quite sure what you're going to bite into.

Nurse With Wound - Spiral Insana  (flac 315mb)

Spiral Insana  A(19:28)

1a Sea Armchair
1b Migration To The Head
1c Earthwork
1d Red Period
1e This Lady Is For Burning
1f Chasing The Carrot
1g Sugarland
1h There's Always Another Illusion
1i Stewing The Red Herring

02 Spiral Insana B (26:09)

2a Mourning Smile
2b Pulse Interplay
2c A View From Lammas Tower
2d Swallowhead
2e Fitching A Wrong Sucker
2f All That's Left Over
2g Forever Chasing The Carrot
2h The Terminal Song
2i Ship Of The Dead
2j Obituary Obligation

03 Nihil 15:07

Nurse With Wound - Spiral Insana    (ogg 136mb)

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This release fills in some holes in the vast Nurse with Wound catalog, gathering up five stray tracks from the mid-'80s into a nice package for the collector. Some of the tracks have appeared on compact disc reissues (for example "Mourning Smile" appears on the CD reissue of Spiral Insana, but was not on the original release) that were all out of print at the time this was released. So that makes this a nice piece for the rabid collector, and also a good starting place for the inquisitive. As an album, the tracks work surprisingly well with each other and present a rounded, if difficult, view of what Nurse with Wound was capable of at the time. "Mourning Smile" is a relatively brief (just over five minutes) distillation of Steven Stapleton's unique ability to mix disparate elements (ghostly drone with ragtime piano and pipe organ) into a disorienting collage that keeps a close listener on his toes. "Swamp Rat" is a long exploration of drones working over a Neu! Motorik beat. "Sheela-Na-Gig" recalls some of the Penderecki music that was used as the score to The Shining. Broadly cinematic and avante-garde, Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains resists easy categorization except as a NWW release. It couldn't have been made by anyone else.

NWW - Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains  (flac 218mb)

01 Mourning Smile 5:12
02 Swamp Rat 12:38
03 Sheela-Na-Gig 5:25
04 Astral Dustbin Dirge 12:20
05 Shattering Man Falling 9:24

NWW - Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains    (ogg 98mb)

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