Dec 6, 2015

Sundaze 1549


In 1998, Youth (Martin Glover) decided to set up, LSD - Liquid Sound Design as Dragonfly's sister label, specialising in chilled out soundscapes, sonic beats and mellow grooves. LSD was as natural progression for Dragonfly keen to create an outlet for more experimental and down-tempo music as well as satisfying the demand for the post club chill out sounds. Since 2007 the name has changed to "Liquid Sound" and is now managed by Pathaan. Today 3 outfits from Youth's LSD stable.... N'joy

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Martin Glover, also known as Youth or Orion, (born 27 December 1960 in Farnworth, Lancashire) is a record producer and a founder member and bassist of Killing Joke.

Glover originally named himself Pig Youth after the reggae chanter Big Youth, who was popular with late 1970s London punk bands. At age 15 he was in a punk band named The Rage, which toured with The Adverts. Later he joined 4" Be 2" - a band formed by John Lydon's brother Jimmy Lydon - and recorded the "One of the Lads" single with them.

Glover is most famous for being the bass player in Killing Joke. He left the band in 1982, together with Ben Watkins he released 2 albums, The Empty Quarter and Delerium, soon after he founded his own commercially orientated dub funk band Brilliant, which recorded one album in 1986 before later disbanding.

In 1989, Youth and Alex Paterson started the WAU! Mr. Modo label. Their early releases of a selection of industrial techno dubs and heavy sound system dubs from artists such as Napthali, Manasseh, Bim Sherman and Jah Warrior are long deleted and fetch high sums in private sales.

Youth's connections with dub continued in the mid-1990s when he was asked by Adrian Sherwood to remix some of Bim Sherman's tracks for a reworking of the Miracle album. He also recently appeared on a Ted Parsons/NIC dub album, contributing a remix which opens with a sample from Glen Brown's "Version '78", a track originally released on the South East label.

In the early nineties, Glover formed techno and house music duo Blue Pearl together with American singer Durga McBroom. They scored a handful of hit singles including their blue vinyl debut "Naked In The Rain", which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart and was also a #5 dance hit in the U.S. in 1990.

Glover is credited with founding the first psychedelic trance record label, Dragonfly Records, as well as the Liquid Sound Design and Kamaflage Records labels. He is well known on the psychedelic trance scene, collaborating with Simon Posford and Saul Davies as Celtic Cross, with Greg Hunter and Simon Posford as Dub Trees, and on the project Zodiac Youth. He has performed both full-on trance as well as chill-out DJ sets at several Return to the Source parties, and released the Ambient Meditations 3 mix album on their label in 2000. His Butterfly Studios were also home of the Return to the Source offices circa 1999-2002.

Glover is a member of the band Transmission, together with Simon Tong of The Verve, Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke and Tim Bran of Dreadzone. He also played guitar on several tracks on the 2007 Client album "Heartland."

In mid-2010, Glover teamed up with Alex Paterson (The Orb) to compile a retrospective compilation album of tracks from the WAU! Mr Modo label. The album titled "Impossible Oddities" was released on CD and double vinyl on 25 October 2010 via Year Zero records.

On 27 October 2012, during the International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers SOUNDEDIT, Glover was awarded The Man with the Golden Ear Award

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Celtic Cross was a musical collaboration of Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle), Martin Glover (bassist from Killing Joke) and Saul Davies (violinist from James), produced by Youth and Simon Posford. By taking electronica and mixing it (successfully) with acoustic instruments ranging from the violin, to the guitar, oud, flute and various percussion instruments they've created a kind of world-beat techno-acoustica. Much of the music has a definite celtic flavor such as the violin driven techno of Darshanon. Well Ireland meets Algeria anyway, but other musical influences are also in the mix. There's a bit of Jamaican dub, eastern singing, acoustic guitar, flute etc., all integrated with psychedelic electronica. A distinctly atmospheric trip, a journey of enlightenmeant, the definitive navigational map for inner and outer cosmic exploration....

Celtic Cross - Hicksville (flac 336mb)

01 Nada - Earthgarden 6:20
02 Mantra Man - Shivai 4:43
03 Nada - Raja Mati 7:05
04 Loop Guru - Climax (Youth & Humph's Remix) 8:41
05 Tripswitch - Exiled 7:40
06 Nada - Manakhana 7:47
07 J.Viewz - Into The Mood 5:45
08 Adham Shaikh - Somptin Hapnin (East Shore Mix) 9:44
09 Prometheus - Sweet Tooth 6:37
10 Tripswitch - Silver 8:42

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Dub Trees is the first new material from seminal producer and musician Youth who has garnered a reputation as one of the most eclectic diverse and brilliant producers to emerge in recent years. With huge inspirations from dub sounds this superbly produced album has become a classic in its genre. Youth's compositions are truly mind delving. Imagine digging yourself out of a hole in the ground and appearing in the middle of nowhere with two giant speakers there, like the sleeve illustrates to tell you their message. Samples, nice echo chamber, some tribal beats and those bouncy bass lines all blend together to melt away your conciseness into something quite introspective. no mind altering substances needed to enjoy this one. dub trees is intoxicating on is own

Dub Trees - Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her (flac 390mb)

01 Buffalo (Utterly Incredible Too Long Ago Sometimes Mix) 10:37
02 Cobalt Waterfall (Opalescent Dawn Mix) 2:29
03 A Way Of Being Free (Are You Sitting Comfortably Very Smooth, Very Peaceful Mix) 5:33
Butterfly Trilogy I-III (13:27)
04 Butterfly Trilogy I - Technicolour Sun
04 Butterfly Trilogy II - Starship Wadada
04 Butterfly Trilogy III - Sine Wave
05 La Rosa (Live While You Live) (Messianic Dub Mix) 2:35
06 Orpheus (Urban Primitive Dub Mix) 7:11
07 Magnetica (The Love That Moves The Sun And Stars Mix) 8:01
08 Dreamlab (Telescopic Dub Mix) 7:13
09 Concrete Tourist (Chalice Dub Mix) 5:14
10 Freaks Of Nature (Natural Dub Mix) 4:02
11 Return Of The Native (Duir The Oak Dub) 6:08

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Originally created as a soundtrack for a documentary about the Kumba Mela [at times the largest gathering of humans in one place at one time on the entire planet, visible from space as a big brown dot.. This spiritual and melodic piece of art is a unique collection of timeless sounds that manifest and commemorate the holiness of the Kumba Mela gathering, the biggest human gathering on earth. The Mela takes place every four years. Every twelve years is the Maha Kumba Mela, with millions of Sadus and Naga Babas that come to give Puja and bathe in the sacred waters, awaiting The Akara. Youth, who is in charge of this project, has chosen Alex Paterson (The Orb), as well as an impressive lineup of participating guest artists, to create this ‘one of a kind’ project. A collaboration between the credible members of Dub Trees, Suns Of Arqa, Tangerine Dream, Dreadzone and the international psychic Uri Geller. Each one comes with his background and musical direction, each is heard and has a role that thickens and adds an extra dimension to the production. Without any attempt to be flattering, this project is a reliable one.

The Kumba Mela Experiment - East Of The River Ganges  (flac  381mb)

01 East Of The River Ganges (Mango In My Flute Mix) 12:35
02 Elephant Trax (Hammer To The Nail Dub) 10:15
03 Cleaning Fluid (Druids, Dreads & Sadhus Mix) 10:57
04 Spiritual Journey (Mothers Milk Edit) 3:53
05 The Kumba Mela (Himalayan Dub) 7:54
06 Life After Death (Glass Key Dub) 5:20
07 That Which I Could Only Sense (Phoenix Dub) 4:22
08 Interstellar Hiss (Sky Is On Fire Dub) 7:04
09 Be Conscious (On Namai And Shiveye Mix) 4:04
10 Outro (Don't Want To Lose Your Love Dub Edit) 0:29

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Uri Geller has been discredited since the late 1970's. A shame he taints an otherwise excellent piece of music.

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