Nov 29, 2015

Sundaze 1548

Hello, the Formula 1 season draws to a close in the desert this weekend. It has been a rather boring season this year with one team, Mercedes,  clearly ahead of the rest, somehow Vettel managed 3 wins and saved his season somewhat. Hamilton won his second succesive title being the stronger racer, Rosberg started winning after tire pressure levels were set by the FIA. He'll probably win tomorrow but in the midfield there will be lots of action like the hole of last season, plenty off tv coverage for them...

In 1998, Youth (Martin Glover) decided to set up, LSD - Liquid Sound Design as Dragonfly's sister label, specialising in chilled out soundscapes, sonic beats and mellow grooves. LSD was as natural progression for Dragonfly keen to create an outlet for more experimental and down-tempo music as well as satisfying the demand for the post club chill out sounds. Since 2007 the name has changed to "Liquid Sound" and is now managed by Pathaan. Today the 3rd and last of LSD compilations. By now you must have acquinted yourself with some of the LSD acts that will be posted the coming weeks  .... N'joy

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Martin Glover, also known as Youth or Orion, (born 27 December 1960 in Farnworth, Lancashire) is a record producer and a founder member and bassist of Killing Joke.

Glover originally named himself Pig Youth after the reggae chanter Big Youth, who was popular with late 1970s London punk bands. At age 15 he was in a punk band named The Rage, which toured with The Adverts. Later he joined 4" Be 2" - a band formed by John Lydon's brother Jimmy Lydon - and recorded the "One of the Lads" single with them.

Glover is most famous for being the bass player in Killing Joke. He left the band in 1982, together with Ben Watkins he released 2 albums, The Empty Quarter and Delerium, soon after he founded his own commercially orientated dub funk band Brilliant, which recorded one album in 1986 before later disbanding.

In 1989, Youth and Alex Paterson started the WAU! Mr. Modo label. Their early releases of a selection of industrial techno dubs and heavy sound system dubs from artists such as Napthali, Manasseh, Bim Sherman and Jah Warrior are long deleted and fetch high sums in private sales.

Youth's connections with dub continued in the mid-1990s when he was asked by Adrian Sherwood to remix some of Bim Sherman's tracks for a reworking of the Miracle album. He also recently appeared on a Ted Parsons/NIC dub album, contributing a remix which opens with a sample from Glen Brown's "Version '78", a track originally released on the South East label.

In the early nineties, Glover formed techno and house music duo Blue Pearl together with American singer Durga McBroom. They scored a handful of hit singles including their blue vinyl debut "Naked In The Rain", which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart and was also a #5 dance hit in the U.S. in 1990.

Glover is credited with founding the first psychedelic trance record label, Dragonfly Records, as well as the Liquid Sound Design and Kamaflage Records labels. He is well known on the psychedelic trance scene, collaborating with Simon Posford and Saul Davies as Celtic Cross, with Greg Hunter and Simon Posford as Dub Trees, and on the project Zodiac Youth. He has performed both full-on trance as well as chill-out DJ sets at several Return to the Source parties, and released the Ambient Meditations 3 mix album on their label in 2000. His Butterfly Studios were also home of the Return to the Source offices circa 1999-2002.

Glover is a member of the band Transmission, together with Simon Tong of The Verve, Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke and Tim Bran of Dreadzone. He also played guitar on several tracks on the 2007 Client album "Heartland."

In mid-2010, Glover teamed up with Alex Paterson (The Orb) to compile a retrospective compilation album of tracks from the WAU! Mr Modo label. The album titled "Impossible Oddities" was released on CD and double vinyl on 25 October 2010 via Year Zero records.

On 27 October 2012, during the International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers SOUNDEDIT, Glover was awarded The Man with the Golden Ear Award

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This is the tenth album from Liquid Sound Design and the third with Humphrey at the helm after Mana Medicine and Elucidations. One of the best of Humphrey's compilations to date. It carries the ethnic flavours and warmth of Mana Medicine with more of the creative beat structures and psychedelic moments heard on Elucidations. Still, there's no point comparing only to these forerunners as this album has a musical pedigree that will make it stand its own against any chillout disc out there. If Shpongle and Ott?s Hallucinogen in Dub captured the essence of a gloopy, dripping Otherworld of magic plants and psychedelic visions, Butterfly Dawn takes us to a place much more firmly rooted in our own planet Earth. It is the natural extension of the tribal and ethnic into the electronic.

One key theme is reserve - none of the tracks let fly too early and they all give the impression of having deep maturity. There are hooks and melodies to be found but they aren't flirting with your head from the outset. When they do reveal themselves they carry so much more passion for having withheld themselves. Of course the production is of excellent quality too, as you would expect from LSD.

Various - Butterfly Dawn (flac 436mb)

01 Nada - Earthgarden 6:20
02 Mantra Man - Shivai 4:43
03 Nada - Raja Mati 7:05
04 Loop Guru - Climax (Youth & Humph's Remix) 8:41
05 Tripswitch - Exiled 7:40
06 Nada - Manakhana 7:47
07 J.Viewz - Into The Mood 5:45
08 Adham Shaikh - Somptin Hapnin (East Shore Mix) 9:44
09 Prometheus - Sweet Tooth 6:37
10 Tripswitch - Silver 8:42

Various - Butterfly Dawn  (ogg   172mb)

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Here LSD are out with Wider Horizons, this time a compilation by Humphrey full of remixes of mostly already released tracks. Tripswitch (Nick Brennan) starts off the album, here remixed by Ott. The original was great, but this remix done by Ott is even better! It's totally relaxing, with a fluffy, happy vibe, relaxed dub with beautiful melodies, sounds and piano. Up next Drum Druid (Jeremy Van Kempen) a beautiful remix done by Abakus (Russell Davies). A mystic vibe, with relaxing drums, dubby bass, floating sounds and beautiful melodies. Nada (Russell Davies and Humphrey Bacchus) get a remixed version done by Youth himself. It's more pure dub style, with deep, dubby rhythms and bass. Youth also added a lot of nice tribal drums which makes it totally relaxed.

United States Of Love (Youth and Michael Kang) get a remix done by Vatos Locos, which is a collaboration between Doof (Nick Barber), Earthling (Celli Firmi) and Xavier Flux. Inspired by reggae dub, mixed with some Indian sitar, drums, electronic sounds and melodies turns it into a happy track with a summer vibe. The Kumba Mela Experiment was originally released on the East Of The River Ganges album in 2001. Here we get a remix by Vibrasphere (Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster) from Sweden. Vibrasphere make mostly progressive trance music, but has released a few really strong chill out tracks too. The version we get here is more dubby than the original. Track 6 is by Ott get a remix favor returned by Tripswitch (Nick Brennan). Totally chilling, beautiful version of Escape From Tulse Hell. The last track on this compilation is another one by Nada "Earthgarden", it gets a remix by Abakus (Russell Davies, half of Nada). This was very different, and incredibly beautiful. Floating with a relaxed dubby rhythm.

Various - Wider Horizons  (flac  293mb)

01 Tripswitch  - Silver (Ott Remix) 8:03
02 Drum Druid - Last Summer Dub (Abakus Remix) 6:56
03 Nada - Manakhana (Youth Remix) 8:05
04 United States Of Love - Tiger Moon (Vatos Locos Remix) 6:47
05 Kumba Mela Experiment - Elephant Trax (Vibrasphere Remix) 8:21
06 Ott - Escape From Tulse Hell (Tripswitch Remix) 9:39
07 Nada - Earthgarden (Abakus Remix) 5:55

Various - Wider Horizons   (ogg   121mb)

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Here we introduce the new look & renamed label, ‘Liquid Sound’ from the Dragonfly family. The aim is to continue along the journey of sharing and introducing new music because that’s what this is all about. The music that the artists have presented here on this compilation exemplifies this philosophy, although there are recognizable elements, the works push their boundaries right up to edge on the cusp of something completely unique. It is within this sensual and dynamic landscape that we can find wind for our sails, inspiration for our own journeys of the psyche that release and fire our imagination!

Various - Illuminations (flac 356mb)

01 The Kumba Mela Experiment Feat. Ranajit Sengupta - Calcutta Delight 8:39
02 Dub Trees - Mountain Dub 6:07
03 Kuba - Mura 6:14
04 Youth vs. Abakus - Spiritual Being 5:37
05 Subsonar - Gayatri 6:56
06 Tripswitch - Collider 7:04
07 Aftershock Feat. Brother Culture - Eclipse 6:46
08 The Orb vs. Youth - Appletree In My Backyard (Abakus Remix) 8:03
09 Mad Sheer Khan - Concrete Sunblock 5:14

Various - Illuminations  (ogg   135mb)

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