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Sundaze 1539

Hello, well  F1 Qualification threw up a 'surprise', Mercedes back on the front row . Verstappen managed getting noticed with an 8th place for the Torro Rosso, bur then his car shortcircuited and at a danger spot, which got him another penalty, he starts at the back again, oh well the boy (he'll become 18 next week) gets plenty of chances to learn overtaking..

Today for the final time work by that renowned Japanese musician, best known internationally as a member of the pioneering electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra with Yukihiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto. He is one of the grand old (turned 60 in 2007) men of Japanese pop music, with less then a year between 2 2cd sets Tribute to Haruomi Hosono, were released, Japanese and international artists do imaginative takes on Hosono's work, that cements his status as one of Japan's most original and enduring talents and reflects his work in electronica, folk-rock, world music and ambient music, among other genres....... N'joy

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Haruomi Hosono (細野 晴臣 Hosono Haruomi, born July 9, 1947 in Minato, Tokyo), also known as Harry Hosono.

Hosono is the grandson of Masabumi Hosono the only Japanese passenger and survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic. Hosono first came to attention in Japan as the bass player of the psychedelic rock band Apryl Fool, alongside drummer Takashi Matsumoto, who released the album The Apryl Fool in 1969. Hosono and Matsumoto then formed the influential folk rock group Happy End with Eiichi Ohtaki and Shigeru Suzuki. One of the songs he composed for Happy End, "Kaze wo Atsumete" (1971), later appeared in the American film Lost in Translation and on its soundtrack in 2003. After Happy End disbanded around 1974, Hosono worked with a loose association of artists making "exotica"-style music under the title Tin Pan Alley.

His involvement in electronic music also dates back to the early 1970s, when he performed the electric bass for Inoue Yousui's folk pop rock album Ice World (1973) and Osamu Kitajima's progressive/psychedelic rock album Benzaiten (1974), both of which were electronic rock records utilizing synthesizers, electric guitars, and in the latter, electronic drums and rhythm machines.

In 1977, Hosono invited Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi to work on his exotica-flavoured album Paraiso, which included electronic music produced using the Yamaha CS-80 polyphonic synthesizer and ARP Odyssey synthesizer. The band was named "Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band" and, having been recorded in late 1977, Paraiso was released in early 1978. The three worked together again for the 1978 electronic album Pacific, which included an early version of the song "Cosmic Surfin".

In 1978, he released an innovative electronic soundtrack for a fictional Bollywood film Cochin Moon, together with artist Tadanori Yokoo and future YMO band members Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hideki Matsutake. Inspired by a trip to India and "the exotic, luxurious, and seemingly wonder-filled scenarios played out in Indian cinemas," it was an experimental "electro-exotica" album fusing exotic Indian music (reminiscent of Ravi Shankar and Bollywood music) with electronic music, including an early "synth raga" song entitled "Hum Ghar Sajan" (from a Guru Granth Sahib phrase). The same year, he contributed to Sakamoto's song "1000 Knives" for his solo album, The Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto, which experimented with fusing electronic music with traditional Japanese music in early 1978.

He was one of the first producers to recognize the appeal of video game sounds and music. YMO's self-titled debut in 1978 contained substantial video game sounds and after YMO disbanded an early project was an album simply titled Video Game Music containing mixed and edited Namco arcade game music and sounds. Video Game Music was released in 1984 as an early example of a chiptune record[9] and the first video game music album. That same year, he also produced the theme song for Hayao Miyazaki's popular anime film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, "Kaze no Tani no Naushika", with vocals by actress-singer Narumi Yasuda. In the late 80s and early 90s, the influence of world music on his music deepened, and he worked with international singers and musicians such as Amina Annabi.

He has produced a number of short term band projects as a band member. His first post-YMO band was Friends of Earth. As with most of his projects he combines musical styles he's interested in. F.O.E. seemed to be a combination of Funk and Techno and included a collaboration with James Brown and Maceo Parker for a remake of the song "Sex Machine". Another notable band project was 1995's Love, Peace & Trance. Members were Mimori Yusa ("Love"), Miyako Koda ("Peace"), Haruomi Hosono ("&") and Mishio Ogawa ("Trance").

In the 1990s he started the Daisyworld label to release a wide range of experimental artists from Japan and the rest of the world. Hosono collaborated on many of the releases, such as World Standard, a trip into Americana; HAT, a supergroup (the acronym stands for Hosono, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue),and "Quiet Logic", by Mixmaster Morris and Jonah Sharp. The Orb also paid tribute with a series of remixes including the notorious "Hope You Choke on Your Whalemeat".

In 2002 Haruomi formed the duo Sketch Show with his YMO band-mate Yukihiro Takahashi. They have released two albums, one of which, Loophole, has received a UK release. When the third former YMO member, Ryuichi Sakamoto deepened his involvement it was decided to bill those collaborations as Human Audio Sponge.

In the spring of 2007, his fellow YMO members and other artist paid tribute to Haruomi with a 2-disc album titled "Tribute to Haruomi". That same year, the animated film Appleseed Ex Machina was released featuring a soundtrack performed and supervised by Hosono.

In September 2010 he performed at the De La Fantasia festival and played songs from his upcoming album.

In February 2011 it was announced that his new album, entitled "HoSoNoVa" was to be released on April 20. He also performed a special concert to celebrate its release.

Bands and Collaborations
Apryl Fool
Happy End
Tin Pan Alley
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Friends of Earth (F.O.E) (with Eiki Nonaka)
HIS (with Kiyoshirō Imawano and Fuyumi Sakamoto)
Love, Peace & Trance (Mimori Yusa, Miyako Koda and Mishio Ogawa)
Swing Slow (with Miharu Koshi)
HAT (with Atom Heart and Tetsu Inoue)
Harry & Mac (with Makoto Kubota)
Tin Pan (with Tatsuo Hayashi and Shigeru Suzuki)
Sketch Show (with Yukihiro Takahashi)
HASYMO (previously Human Audio Sponge) (Sketch Show and Ryuichi Sakamoto, with Keigo Oyamada, Hiroshi Takano, Christian Fennesz, Tomohiko Gondō and Ren Takada as live support)

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In the early 80’s Yellow Magic Orchestra turned the world of J-pop on its ear and garnered some serious international buzz through what was initially a joke band playing ironic ‘oriental’ versions of mondo lounge hits. Although keyboardist Sakamoto Ryuichi went on to gain acclaim for his soundtrack work, Haruomi Hosono, the true mastermind behind YMO, continued making music, both as a solo artist and as a producer, as head of his Daisyworld label and most recently through work with old YMO compadre Takahashi on their critically acclaimed Sketch Show unit. So, yes, the man is deserving of a tribute, but is this particular tribute deserving of your attention? Oh, yes. A stellar cast of Hosono’s cronies, old and new, are on hand to give the man his due, including Takako Minekawa, Little Creatures, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Towa Tei, World Standard, Akiko Yano, Rei Harakami, Jim O’Rourke, Kahimi Karie and Cornelius (gasp!), as well as YMO co-conspirators Sakamoto and Takahashi. Salivating yet? Some awkwardly accented English vocals on a few tracks aside, this mellow and excruciatingly classy compilation may just be the most essential 2007 Japanese release so far…

VA - Tribute to Haruomi Hosono  (flac 492mb)

01 Haruomi Hosono - Rock-a-bye My Baby (Piano Demo Version 1973) 1:59
02 Van Dyke Parks - Yellow Magic Carnival 3:38
03 Ryuichi Sakamoto + Takako Minekawa - Kaze No Tani No Nausicaa 5:09
04 Miharu Koshi - Wagamama Na Kataomo 4:27
05 Little Creatures - Highschool Lullaby 4:36
06 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Absolute Ego Dance 4:26
07 Hiroshi Takano + Ikuko Harada - Owari No Kisetsu 3:56
08 Miroque Omukae - De Gonsu 3:38
09 Towa Tei + Natural Calamity - Honey Moon 4:54
10 Kuchiroro Peking - Duck 5:19
11 World Standard + Mitsuo Koike San-ji - No Komori Uta 4:27
12 Yanokami - Koi Wa Momo-iro 4:43
13 Yukihiro Takahashi - Sports Men 4:25
14 Miyuki Hatakeyama + Yukiko Hayashi + Bophana - Midnight Train 4:15
15 Cornelius + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Turn Turn 5:08
16 Toy Box - Ginga Tetsudoo No Yoru 2:32
17 Woodstock Vets - Choochoo-san 4:03
18 Vagabond (10) + Akito Katayose - Black Peanuts 3:58
19 Aya Tamaki + Takashi Taniguchi + Tetsuya Yamasaki - Kaze Wo Atsumete 2:22
20 Sake Rock All Stars + Saho Terao - Nihon No Hito 3:07
21 Jim O'Rourke + Kahimi Karie - Fuurai-boo 5:03
22 Haruomi Hosono - Humming Blues (Demo Version 2007) 1:28

VA - Tribute to Haruomi Hosono    (ogg 197mb)

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More Japanese and international artists do imaginative takes on Hosono's work, that cements his status as one of Japan's most original and enduring talents and reflects his work in electronica, folk-rock, world music and ambient music, among other genres

VA - Strange Songbook (Tribute to Haruomi Hosono)  (flac 557mb)

01 Kodaira Municipal Kamijuku Elementary School Music Committee - kaze no tani no Nausica (Inst.) 4:20
02 Señor Coconut - Tokyo Rush 3:30
03 Hirth Martinez With Van Dyke Parks - Rockaby My Baby 4:29
04 Taeko Onuki - Femme Fatale 4:47
05 Kicell - Shimen doka 4:33
06 Dr. John - Aiwoiwiaiou 5:53
07 Shigeru Suzuki & Yoichi Aoyama - Fuku wa uchi oni wa soto 4:05
08 Tatsuo Hayashi & Humming Kitchen - Chow Chow Dog 4:35
09 Sheena & The Rokkets - Pom Pom joki  3:28
10 Keiichi Suzuki - Tokyo Shyness Boy 5:19
11 Hanno & Fumiya & Aoki - Insomnia 6:01
12 Makoto Kubota - Roochu Gumbo 4:48
13 Double Famous & Kazumi Nikaido - Shiawase Happy 2:57
14 Minako Yoshida - Glass no ringo 4:25
15 Buffalo Daughter - Simoon 6:05
16 Thurston Moore - Haiiro no kaidan 5:44
17 Yamagen - Natsu nan desu 3:19
18 Miu Sakamoto - Giniro no Harmonica 6:13
19 Micabox Feat. Ayako Takatoh - Kaze o atsumete (Vo. ver.) 4:22
20 Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fennesz - Normandia 3:55
21 Ann Sally & Pan Cake - Paraiso 5:03
22 Motoya Hamaguchi - Pliocine 6:28

VA - Strange Songbook (Tribute to Haruomi Hosono)    (ogg 231mb)

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