Sep 14, 2015

RhoDeo 1537 Quest 07

Hello,  just seeing Djokovic break Federer its almost over now, Roger loses again, pity he's such a joy to watch compared to that service-power tennis by Djokovic, but he's the best these days however a 34 yera old Djokovic will be swiped of the tennis floor by this Federer. Federer just lost the fouth set 6-4 after failing to convert 3 breakpoints Djokovic is a superior tennis player but in this match and most other matches he played with Federer it has always been his superior service that got him the win, that said in this match Federer failed to take his chances 23 ! break chances and just 4 taken. Thats a cool Djokovic that survives that onslaught, by far the best two players this planet has seen.

Today a series that will be running into the new year, 24 episodes of Elvenquest. It's is a sitcom about a misanthropic writer of fantasy novels who finds himself whisked away into a parallel universe by an elf, a dwarf and a warrior princess, where he must undertake to find the Sword of Asnagar in order to save Lower Earth from the evil Lord Darkness before he can get home. Today the end of Season 1 (cliffhanger alert !) no need to wait a year, next week season 2 starts.

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During the Third Age of Elven Princes of Lower Earth, a band of noble warriors – Vidar the Elf Lord (Boyd), Penthiselea the Warrior Princess (Winkleman) and Dean the Dwarf (Eldon) – plan to save Lower Earth from the evil rule of Lord Darkness by searching for the Sword of Asnagar, "for whoso'er wields the sword shall rule all of Lower Earth."[2] However, they first have to discover "The Chosen One" who will lead them to the Sword, whose name is "Amis". Amis is a dog belonging to Sam Porter, a misanthropic fantasy novelist in the real world.

Vidar, Penthiselea and Dean travel via a portal to take Amis, who is with Sam at a book signing in Totnes High Street, to Lower Earth. When they take Amis, Sam follows them and both Sam and Amis arrive in Lower Earth. When they arrive in Lower Earth, Amis is transformed into a human (played by Lamb), retaining many of his canine traits, such as becoming excited when there is a knock at the door, and being totally devoted to Sam. Sam believes he has been kidnapped by deranged fans until he sees the world outside the room in which he awakes. He asks to be sent back home, but is told that the portal is closed and can only be opened by the same Sword of Asnagar that Amis must seek.

Sam decides to travel with Amis, Vidar, Penthiselea and Dean to find the Sword. Meanwhile, Lord Darkness (Alistair McGowan) is planning to stop them from finding the Sword, helped by his evil but dimwitted assistant Kreech (also played by Eldon). Sam proves invaluable in using his modern instincts to trick his way past various creatures barring their way. For instance, he bluffs a three-headed troll guardian of Darkness' fortress in the same way as he would a security guard at a nightclub, distracting it long enough for Dean the dwarf to attack. He also tends to expect secret tunnels and concealed doors because that's the sort of thing he would have written into one of his plots. He is often right.


Sam Porter (Stephen Mangan). An author of fantasy novels with a jaded attitude, especially towards his more fanatical fans. As the series opens his career and personal life are not going well.

Amis, the Chosen One (Dave Lamb). Originally Sam's pet dog and best friend in the world, he transforms into a human in Lower Earth but retains canine traits and behaviours.

Vidar the Elf Lord, (Darren Boyd), last of a mighty family of Elf Lords, and the leader of the Questers, despite being somewhat dim. His name may be inspired by Víðarr, a god in Norse mythology associated with vengeance.

Penthiselea the Warrior Princess (Sophie Winkleman Series 1-3) (Ingrid Oliver Series 4) in silver breastplate armour and thigh-high boots, who has been promised to Vidar since childhood. Sam is very interested in her, but having been raised as a Warrior Princess she has no concept of relationships with men. Her name may be inspired by Penthesilea, a legendary Amazon warrior-queen.

Dean the Dwarf (Kevin Eldon), a mighty if diminutive warrior with unsavoury personal habits.

Lord Darkness (Alistair McGowan), Lord of Evil, whose efforts to dominate Lower Earth are frustrated by the Questers and his own staff of extremely dimwitted minions.

Kreech (Kevin Eldon), the Right Hand of Darkness, and only slightly less dimwitted than the other minions.

Other characters played by Chris Pavlo.

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Elvenquest 06 The Rock Of Sorrows (mp3  25mb)

07 The Sword Of Asnagar 27:54

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Elven Quest 01 The Chosen One (mp3  25mb)
Elvenquest 02 The Search For Amis (mp3  25mb)
Elvenquest 03 The Tower Of Tests (mp3  25mb)
Elvenquest 04 The Distress Call (mp3  25mb)
Elvenquest 05 The Oracle Of Fenrog (mp3  25mb)
Elvenquest 06 The Rock Of Sorrows (mp3  25mb)

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