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Today an American new wave band formed in Boston in 1982. Its original lineup was bassist/vocalist Aimee Mann, guitarist/vocalist Robert Holmes, keyboardist Joey Pesce, and drummer Michael Hausman. The band gradually evolved from a new wave pop band into a vehicle for the songwriting of Aimee Mann. Emerging at the tail end of new wave, 'Til Tuesday's commercial fortunes were helped dramatically by a stylish video for "Voices Carry," which quickly became an MTV favorite. But becoming a one hit wonder rarely rewards growth....N'Joy

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'Til Tuesday first gained fame six months after its formation when it won Boston's WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble in 1983. Their original composition "Love in a Vacuum" (credited to all members of the group) received a fair amount of airplay on the station, and the group was eventually signed to Epic Records.

"Love in a Vacuum" was re-recorded for the Epic debut album, 1985's Voices Carry; however, the breakthrough song turned out to be the title track. The "Voices Carry" single peaked at number eight on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and is said to have been inspired by an argument between Mann and Hausman, who had broken off a relationship before the album's release. According to producer Mike Thorne in his Stereo Society web site, "the title track was originally written and sung by Aimee as if to a woman.... The record company was predictably unhappy with such lyrics." Rolling Stone magazine would later report that Epic Records labelmate Cyndi Lauper was interested in recording "Voices Carry" with the original lyric, but only if the band didn't put it on their own release. The band declined.

The band became an early MTV staple with the "Voices Carry" video, which depicts an oppressive boyfriend trying to convert Mann to his upper-class lifestyle; she finally lashes out at him during a concert at Carnegie Hall, though filmed at the Strand Theatre in Dorchester, Massachusetts, standing up from her seat in the audience and belting the lyrics, "He said, shut up! He said, shut up! Oh God, can't you keep it down...?" as she removes her cap to reveal her signature spiky, rat-tailed hair. As a result, the group won that year's MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist.

By the 1986 follow-up Welcome Home, Mann was beginning to write more of the songs herself and the band was moving away from the slick new wave sound of their debut. But while critical reaction was generally strong, the #26 placing for the lead single, "What About Love", was a commercial disappointment, especially after the top-ten success of "Voices Carry". Even more problematic, the album just barely sneaked into the U.S. top 50, also a letdown after the #19 placing for their debut. After the album's release Pesce left the band and was replaced by Michael Montes. Guitarists Jon Brion and Clayton Scoble also joined the group, although not as permanent members.

At about the same time, Mann's two-year relationship with singer-songwriter Jules Shear, whom she had been dating since the release of the Voices Carry album, came to an end. This breakup somewhat informed the band's final album, 1988's Everything's Different Now, particularly in the song "J for Jules", though Mann insisted that not every song on the LP was about the relationship. Shear collaborated with Matthew Sweet on the album's title track; it also featured "The Other End (of the Telescope)", a collaboration between Mann and Elvis Costello on which Costello provides a guest vocal.

While critical praise continued to flow, Everything's Different Now was a commercial dud. The album peaked at No. 124, while the lead single "(Believed You Were) Lucky" (co-written with Shear) crawled to number 95. 'Til Tuesday essentially broke up after the release of Everything's Different Now. However, Mann toured under the 'Til Tuesday name with various session players, while legal problems with the band's label Epic prevented her from beginning work on a solo record for several years. (Mann's solo career officially began in 1992.) Hausman, meanwhile, became Mann's manager, a position he holds to this day.

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'Til Tuesday's debut album, Voices Carry, contains hip photo imagery (Aimee Mann's smile on the back is priceless and beautiful) and excellent songwriting, all credited to drummer Michael Hausman, guitarist Robert Holmes, keyboard player Joey Pesce, and bassist/singer Aimee Mann. The follow-up would be more specific as to who wrote what. While most bands from Boston suffered from lack of production, Mike Thorne does a decent job on much of the album and excellent work on the title track.  Aimee Mann's major-label debut shows rapid maturity when compared to her Bark Along With the Young Snakes EP, and there's something about this combination of Pesce, Hausman, and the brilliant Robert Holmes that would make a 'Til Tuesday reunion a welcome thing. The haunting lyrics and dark tones of the keys and bass on songs like "I Could Get Used to This" or "No More Crying" separate this recording from the work of similar '80s bands. "Looking Over My Shoulder" has a bubbling intensity which Holmes' guitar adds drama to. Voices Carry may have achieved success because of the MTV video, but there were nine other songs to go along with the hit, and this album and its follow-ups should have had as much commercial success as the Cars, because artistically, they are equal to that band's dynamic debut.

'Til Tuesday  - Voices Carry  (flac 362mb)

01 Love In A Vacuum 3:36
02 Looking Over My Shoulder 4:16
03 I Could Get Used To This 3:04
04 No More Crying 4:21
05 Voices Carry 4:20
06 Winning The War 4:04
07 You Know The Rest 4:27
08 Maybe Monday 3:40
09 Are You Serious? 3:15
10 Don't Watch Me Bleed 3:29
11 Sleep 3:39

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It took a lot of guts and integrity for 'Til Tuesday to record Welcome Home. Hitting big with 1985's Voices Carry, Tuesday became known for a sleek, high-tech style of new wave, and it would have been easy enough for the Boston band to come out with a similar album for a follow-up. But instead of playing it safe, Tuesday gambled with inspiration and moved from new wave to a less keyboard-driven, more folk-influenced approach. Listeners who knew Tuesday for "Love in a Vacuum," "No More Crying," and Voices Carry's hit title song found things to be a lot more organic on such personal pop/rock offerings as "David Denies". Lead singer Aimee Mann sounds consistently inspired, and the writing is superb. From a commercial standpoint, the album was too radical a departure from its predecessor. But creatively, Welcome Home was quite a triumph for 'Til Tuesday.

'Til Tuesday - Welcome Home  (flac 242mb)

01 What About Love 3:56
02 Coming Up Close 4:40
03 On Sunday 4:06
04 Will She Just Fall Down 2:49
05 David Denies 4:50
06 Lovers' Day 4:19
07 Have Mercy 4:55
08 Sleeping And Walking 3:24
09 Angels Never Call 3:40
10 No One Is Watching You Now 3:52

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As commercially successful as 'Til Tuesday's debut album was, the Boston band could have easily slipped into formula and continued making infectious, synth-soaked pop/rock. But instead, Tuesday continued to challenge itself and grow with each album. Everything's Different Now, the group's third and final album, lacks the immediacy of Voices Carry and is even more intimate than Welcome Home, but is every bit as rewarding. An often poignant and moving singer/composer, Aimee Mann leaves no doubt that she's coming from the heart on such introspective and personal gems as "Long Gone (Buddy)," "Why Must I," and "(Believed You Were) Lucky." Comparing something as slick as "No More Crying" to much more organic and understated offerings like "Rip in Heaven" and "J for Jules," it becomes obvious just how much Tuesday evolved in the course of three albums.

'Til Tuesday - Everything's Different Now  (flac 246mb)

01 Everything's Different Now 3:56
02 Rip In Heaven 3:31
03 Why Must I 3:41
04 J For Jules 4:25
05 (Believed You Where) Lucky 3:36
06 Limits To Love 3:36
07 Long Gone (Buddy) 4:31
08 The Other End (Of The Telescope) 3:51
09 Crash And Burn 4:46
10 How Can You Give Up 3:38

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came across this bootleg

This may be the earliest full show live FM broadcast they did. Spit was located in a corner of the Metro, next to Axis, another seeding ground for unknown Boston area locals. The 1st two songs here have weakly mixed Aimee vocals, maybe part of why I couldn't figure out the titles of those songs, which is too bad since she is the lead singer, and a good one. After that it gets better. otherwise the sound is pretty good.
It's a fine early set from one of Boston's favorite singers. It was already quite obvious here that this
group has talent for catchy pop tunes and vocals. 'Til Tuesday may never rival Garth Brooks or Britney Spears for popularity, but this is
a pretty big band to be playing a club about the size of a bedroom.This is a totally up close and personal show with Aimee Mann, even before they had an album out. If you like her at all you should check this out, and if you never heard this band, they were one of Boston's best in the 1980's.

Til Tuesday - The Spit, Boston 1 March 1984  (flac 362mb)

01 Tom Lane Stage Intro 0:22
02 Maybe Monday >Unknown Rift> 3:23
03 I'll Wait For You 7:29
04 Winning The War 3:46
05 I'm Gonna Do My Best 3:18
06 Don't Watch Me Bleed 4:03
07 You Know The Rest 7:18
08 Just Three Words 3:26
09 Tension 4:32
10 Voices Carry 4:32
11 Love In A Vaccum 3:52
12 No More Crying 4:29
13 You Just Can't Give It Up 3:09
14 I Could Get Used To This 4:38
15 Love Or Money 4:50

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