Mar 22, 2015

Sundaze 1512


Today's Sundazers are pointed to the North this time, to Sweden, Anders Ilar hails from the classic swedish country side of trees and lakes . N'joy

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From his website Some quotes about Anders Ilar:

"Those who try to pigeonhole Swedish producer Anders Ilar into any one genre are guaranteed to find him much too slippery. Since getting his start around the turn of the century, Iar has investigated everything from open air ambient and chilly dub textures to more thumping techno and languid deep-house. The depth of his sonic abilities has made him attractive to a wide range of labels including Shitkatapult, Level Records, and recently the hotly tipped Further Records..."
- Little White Earbuds

"The first thing that strikes home about Ilar is the variety of styles he draws upon. Electronica is meshed with minimal techno and deep house. He takes warm analogue elements and mixes them with the steely chill of digital sounds. The traditional borders of hardware and software are blurred in this diverse aural dip."
- Igloo Magazine

"There's a techno dimension present, but Ilar's clearly hunting bigger game than stripped-down club bangers with the recording's focus as much on deep tracks heavy on mystical atmosphere. His originals are polished astral-travelers that sometimes meld the finer elements of electronic dance and listening forms into a single, personalized style."

"Anders Ilar is one of the most underrated producers working in electronic music today. His sound blurs the lines between techno, IDM and ambient, creating a style all his own."
- Big Shot Magazine

"Anders Ilar makes the kind of warm, dreamy, melodic techno that evokes the wintry landscapes of his homeland. His love of the genre stems from his early interest in ambient pioneers such as Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre, by way of the dark (Skinny Puppy, Front 242), the moody (Cocteau Twins, Lush) and the tech-obsessed (Aphex Twin, early Cologne records)."
- Resident Advisor

Born in Ludvika, Ilar grew up in the little town that is surrounded by woods and lakes, and started playing the piano when he was six. However, he gradually lost interest after he started taking lessons. Instead, he became fascinated with electronic sounds and science fiction, and grew up listening to Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

By the time Ilar was a teenager, he spent most of his time playing with synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, resulting in an almost endless amount of tracks recorded on tape. Never feeling really satisfied with the quality of his productions, he decided to take a break in 1997.

After some time, Ilar was introduced to a new way of producing music — computer software. After making a few tracks, he decided to start producing again. He got in contact with the German label, Plong!, and was able to make his first official release. Since then, his output has spanned over many electronic styles — from the dubwise techno explorations for "Echochord", via the blissful ambience of "Everdom", through to the deeper abstractions of his "" pieces, and on to the recent darkside acid techno on DSP and Narita.

Ilar now lives in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast.

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The swede Ilar has been a somewhat shadowy, but readily consistent in the minimal dubbed out scene for the last few years – some serious deep business on Echochord, Shitkatapult and whispers of some forthcoming dancefloor science on a favourite american label of ours in the none too distant future. has always been something of an ascetic imprint – the stripped down cover aesthetic, minimal package requirements and diversions into the underworld of oceans deep sub-bass. Almost entirely otherworldly sounds, non-linear experiments like this may not transmit perfectly on small computer speakers, but set them loose on headphones or through some tasty speakers and a whole different universe of limpid sounds opens up to you – deep drift, deadly disorientating four four manouevres, and even more beside outside these familiar envelopes – fans of the whole raster axis as well as those after a deeper shade of click will find much to admire here.

Anders Ilar - Enkel  (flac 213mb)

01 Paragraf 6:55
02 Endast 7:33
03 Diagram 5:35
04 Tenfold 6:25
05 Mother 5:56
06 Kondensator 8:17
07 Centimeter 6:00
08 Motljus 7:15
09 Final 6:14

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Originally released on 12" on the now defunct Merck label, 'Ludwijka' has now been extended into a full album for the German-based Shitkatapult imprint. This is by no means a simple re-release, as Anders Ilar has reworked and improved the tracks. The music does not fit one specific genre, because it perfectly merges various styles into powerful sonic experience. Clicky, dubby, IDM-influenced pieces are filled with sounds culled from old tapes of little Anders himself singing, playing instruments and making various noises, artist's father on trumpet, meowing cat and birds, resulting with haunting, mysterious journey through childhood memories (the title Ludwijka relates to Ilar's hometown).What sets this apart from the IDM of yesteryear I suppose though is Ilar's extraordinary attention to detail, a skill he has clearly refined while making tunes to caress the mind while tear up the dancefloor. It might be nothing new, but it's done very well indeed, and the final track 'Ludwijka IX' is fifteen minute chunk of noisy ambience Tim Hecker fans would do well to look closer at. A fantastic, unforgettable record, check it.

Anders Ilar - Ludwijka (Extended Visit)  (flac  330mb)

01 Ludwijka I 7:09
02 Ludwijka II 2:56
03 Ludwijka III 6:27
04 Ludwijka IV 2:55
05 Ludwijka V 8:52
06 Ludwijka VI 3:56
07 Ludwijka VII 4:22
08 Ludwijka VIII 5:29
09 Ludwijka IX 14:57

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Sworn is an intelligent minimal techno album, full of ambient and glitch elements that compliment the ongoing groove in every single way. For this latest album, Ilar goes far beyond the ordinary parameters of music formatted around techno beats and delves into a far more involved electronica sound. Although tracks like opener 'Hillside' and the electroacoustically slanted 'Colours Of Rain' are keen to slap a kick sound on every crotchet, it could almost be an arbitrary gesture to signpost this music towards a comfortable genre classification. As with much of Vladislav Delay's more beat-driven work, there's a lot more to this than whatever's suggested by the drum programming, and some of Ilar's music shifts between adventurous abstraction and the kind of melodic elaboration most techno producers would consider to be surplus to requirements. 'September Nights' could be an old Arovane production but for its stringent 4/4 backbone. Otherwise the ornate, experimental approach to melodic development is straight out of the post-Autechre mindset. Importantly though, none of this sounds dated or out of place, instead carving out a rather unique corner of the electronic music universe that's all its own.

Anders Ilar - Sworn  (flac  371mb)

01 Hillside 8:10
02 Colors Of Rain 6:04
03 Icarus & Pegasus 5:44
04 September Nights Feat. Fredrik Hedvall) 8:36
05 Made For Us To Love 6:49
06 Imaginary Trees With Silver Leaves 7:14
07 Tomorrow Never Came 4:32
08 Can't Force A Tree To Grow 6:20
09 Path To The Sky 6:03
10 Brokenhearted 9:05
11 Lakeside 9:53

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