Mar 8, 2015

Sundaze 1510

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Today's Sundazers should have heard these guys before under different monikers as cv313 however they seem to extract some extreme love. These are all rare editions and i can say it's a sound investment if you can lay your hands on one meanwhile here's a digital copy .......N'joy

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cv313 is one of the many monikers of the Detroit/Chicago-based electronic music producer Stephen Hitchell (aka Soultek, Intrusion, Variant, etc.). cv is an abbreviation for control voltage, while 313 refers to the telephone area code for the city of Detroit, Michigan. cv313 is commonly described as dub techno, although Hitchell himself does not use the term to describe his music, preferring instead to describe it as merely electronic.

Although it’s a collaborative music project, Hitchell self-identifies as the primary creative force behind cv313. Hitchell’s most common collaborator is fellow Detroit producer Rod Modell (aka Deepchord, etc.). The duo also frequently collaborate under the moniker Echospace in a more egalitarian fashion. Hitchell and Modell have remained intentionally vague and playful about the identities of any other potential cv313 collaborators.

 In an interview Modell stated, “Actually, we’ve never released any information regarding the members behind cv313. It was always intended to be undisclosed. All accounts to that end are extraneous, but one night while walking around Barcelona (El Raval), Steve and I met two strung-out “characters,” and they gave us an extraordinary demo CD-R, and those guys might somehow be involved.”

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*Full album release which was available in Japan as a limited edition (300 copies) CD release - featuring unreleased tracks and versions of deepchord tracks & plenty of unreleased cv313 content* Amazing set of live transmissions with nine tracks covering some of the finest in-the-moment versions of deep, dark and dubby classics. The "Live" element gives cv313 license for yet more coatings of static, droney dub textures and astral chord sequences, providing near-infinite variations of his amazingly well wrought theme that will immerse you in hazy textures from the off. Highly Recommended! If you like deep,dubby, atmospheric electronic music then this should blow your mind!

cv313 - Live @ Smart Bar, Chicago  (flac 458mb)

101 Subtraktive (Live Mix) 14:53
102 cv313 Dub 7:20
103 Space (Live Mix) 9:18
104 Midst Of Something Beautiful (cv313 Live Mix) 7:56
105 A World Apart (Unreleased) 6:52
106 Evening Sky (cv313 Live Mix) 4:47
107 cv313 Edit (Live Mix) 3:56
108 Lost Sequence (Unreleased) 14:42
109 Spatial (cv313 Live Mix) 9:16


Bonus album The D.E.M.F. - After Party In 2008 is an incredible treat in itself. Never have I heard Modell's compositions so, for lack of a better phrase, messed with; double-beats, stop-edits and flange play are some of the touches added to these pieces. This is hardly just another mix of material you may have already heard. With such 'play' involved these cuts truly have a more unique, 'live' element. Must have been a great party :P Perhaps best of all is the last 20 mintues that changes into a complete chill dub session...

cv313 @D.E.M.F. (After Party In 2008)  (flac 408mb)

201 cv313 - Subtraktive (Unreleased Mix)
202 cv313 - Dimensional (Unreleased Mix)
203 Echospace - Spatial (cv313 Live Mix)
204 Intrusion - Intrusion Dub (cv313 Live Mix)
205 Echospace - OBMX (cv313 Live Mix)
206 Echospace - Sonorous (cv313 Live Mix)
207 cv313 - Space (Unreleased Mix)
208 cv313 - Additive (Unreleased)
209 Intrusion - Reflection I (cv313 Unreleased Mix)
210 cv313 - Dimention II (cv313 Unreleased Mix)
211 Intrusion - Dub (cv313 Unreleased Mix)
212 Intrusion - Seduction (cv313 Unreleased Mix)
213 cv313 - Variance (Unreleased)
214 cv313 - Astral Vector (Unreleased)

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A crucial release if you're a follower of Deepchord/Echospace and company. They're countless as both an act and as a label and always manage to reach the furthest levels of development using only a few sounds smoothly massaging the mind. I would consider this project to be one of the best examples of the less is more theory practically conceived within this style of music. "Beyond The Clouds" is one of those songs, an exercise in insistent cycles and loop annihilations of the deepest end of the Detroit Techno spectrum applied to a deep dub throb. There's a clear focus within the songs here with a nod to the more ambient-leaning excursions of Basic Channel, bedding endlessly delayed stabs resembling some of the early works found in Tangerine Dream, analogic sequences controlled by soul and spirit. After about a month to sink into this I have a feeling 10 years from now this body of work will be referenced as a valuable and engaging lesson in minimal techno history.

Originally released in a micro-run of 10 copies, Echospace present the digital release of Steve Hitchell's 'Beyond The Clouds'. All three tracks were recorded from a live session near the heart of Detroit using hand crafted modular synthesizers, analog devices and custom made effects units. Notably, the release was mastered by Ron Murphy @ NSC Mastering shortly before he passed away.

cv313 - Beyond The Clouds [Reprised]  (flac  459mb)

01 Beyond The Clouds [Reprised] I 26:04
02 Beyond The Clouds [Reprised] II 26:24
03 Beyond The Clouds [Reprised] III 22:39

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

A live recording which was culled to a 12" single of the same name. A continuous recording extending almost the entire length of the CD in alternate variations of the same song using various samplers and sound manipulation techniques. Includes 2 new versions (out takes) of cv313's classic "Beyond The Clouds" never before heard in any format. There's also 3 beautiful remixes from the brilliant Rod Modell (DeepChord) of cv313's majestic "Seconds To Forever". Two of these haunting reshapes were featured on the digital edition of the release exclusively on Boomkat and the other lost in the vaults.

cv313 - Seconds To Forever [Reprised]  (flac  395mb)

01 Beyond The Clouds (Live At Air Club - Tokyo, Japan) 15:57
02 Seconds To Forever (Original Twelve Inch Mix Remastered) 6:25
03 Seconds To Forever (Reshape, Remastered) 7:30
04 Seconds To Forever (Intrusion's Live Rewire) 6:43
05 Seconds To Forever (Deepchord Unreleased Mix) 10:35
06 Seconds To Forever (Deepchord Mix #1) 8:26
07 Seconds To Forever (Deepchord Mix #2) 9:36
08 Beyond The Clouds (Variant Reduction) 9:45

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Kindly requesting a re-up of all of these, many thanks!

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Wonderful. Thanks for the re-ups, Rho.

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Rho, I love atmospheric electronic music.

Thank you very much, I am really enjoying this! :^ )