Mar 15, 2015

Sundaze 1511

Hello, the F1 season starts again this weekend looks like business as usual with the Merc drivers on pole but hey there's plenty to enjoy behind them some hot new drivers Sainz and Verstappen (who lacks a standard drivers licence !) the Red Bull starters team outgunned the senior team during qualification today.

Today's Sundazers are pointed to the east, to Russia, Marat Shibaev (a.k.a.  Martin Schulte) hails from Kazan in Tatarstan (Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers in European Russia, pop. 1million +) and speaks the language of Basic Channel, Clicks n' Cuts and Glitch, enhanced with dub - hence the moniker for the genre he operates in - dub-techno. N'joy

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Marat Shibaev was born in Kazan in 7th April 1988. From the very beginning music took one of the most important places in his life. In year 2000 , age twelve he caught the electronic sound 'virus' . In two years, under the resonant name of Martin Schulte he started to write electronic music and develloped DJ skills. He was trying to experiment with sound, seeking his own direction and trying to be different from others.

He started releasing in 2006 with an MP3 mini album Close Your Eyes And Listen celebtating his 18th birthday in a way, the end of the year he released Enigma which did contain some remixes by german dj's, it was well recieved, yes he quickly reached out to the west although his hometown is ancient thus contains plenty of world heritage sites, beautiful place by the looks of it. Plenty to inspire an artist. In 2007 after his first mixtape release it was time for his first cd Sunset on the Pongo label In 2008 Martin released a live show he did Live Act At Bort 42 05.12.2008 (Rostov On Don Russia). Meanwhile his activities got noticed in Japan by A& R manager Nao Sugimoto who linked him to the label that still releases his work, Lantarn a sublabel from Plop, based in Tokyo, established in May 2008 organized by Mondii (= Nao Sugimoto) . Schulz's Depth Of Soul ‎being the second release on the new label it fell on fertile grounds not just in Japan but in the west as well. A Year later a 2nd release for Lantern , Odysseia came out, also in 2009 the label where he released Enigma, Sinergy Networks asked for some more and got another mp3 album , On The Moon with the same set-up 4 remixes at the end. All this activity had Rarenoise Records interested to release some of his work and up came Silent Stars another extremely well recieved album. Still Martin stayed at Lantern for the 2011 release of Treasure.  In 2012 Lantren released  Slow Beauty another 'hit'  from Russian young prodigy Martin Schulz. In 2013 he was invited to Japan and visit his label the trip resulted in another album (obviously)  Seeing Tokyo released under his real name Marat Shibaev testament to the great time and all the positive emotions he received from all the Japanese friends he met there

Every winter is a season to enjoy Russia's dub techno producer Martin Shulte's new album, and this year is also not an exception. Following his "Depth of Soul", "Odysseia", "Treasure" and "Slow Beauty" album (most of them released annually during winter time) comes "Forest" his latest album. He took the concept from forest, as that's the place where he can set his mind free from everything, not to mention forest was always around him from his childhood. Maybe that's why this album sounds somewhat relaxing, while his music production is sharp and delicate as ever. Check out this deep green dub techno.

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Deep, immersive dub-inspired techno from Martin Schulte on the Lantern label. While the world is in no short supply of material in this sub-genre, Schulte undoubtedly makes a valid and noteworthy contribution, not only carving out a successful and inventive array of beats but caking texture and ambient layers into the fabric of the music. One particular standout comes towards the end of the record: 'Solar Eclipse' bristles with exquisite sound designs and strange, stormy ingredients. It's a similar story elsewhere on the likes of 'Mutation' or 'Supper'. In addition to all the more skeletal, functional elements there's so much more information being bandied about here, raising associations between Schulte's work and the more Gas-influenced end of the techno universe.

Martin Schulte - Depth Of Soul  (flac 306mb)

01 Big City Street 6:21
02 Countryside 7:20
03 Glitchtech 5:37
04 Forest 6:00
05 Mutation 7:35
06 Supper 5:48
07 Tunnel 6:20
08 Solar Eclipse 7:07
09 Gulf Stream 8:26

Martin Schulte - Depth Of Soul (ogg  138mb)

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Odysseia is a travel on the mysterious and novel worlds. The musician and the author of an album with confidence shows the way to the listener. Following up his previous Lantern album, Depth Of Soul, Martin Schulte continues to pursue a style of dub-influenced, Germanic minimal techno that owes much to those perennial staples of the movement: Chain Reaction and Basic Channel, with a further nod in the direction of Wolfgang Voigt's GAS. Even Shibaev's adopted moniker seems like the acknowledgment of a Teutonic influence. Of course, this sort of material has been given a thorough airing by the subsequent generation of techno producers, with notable artists like Rod Modell offering their own updated version of the aesthetic, but undeniably Shibaev has a comanding knack for this music. From the deep, glowing chords of 'Abyss' onwards he absolutely nails his sound, offering vast, immersive sound fields whilst maintaining a keen sense of motion thanks to some tastefully submerged beat programming. Exceeding the seventy-minute mark Odysseia might seem like an imposing, monolithic prospect, yet it's remarkably more-ish stuff. As to a technical part of an album, Marat uses a simple and effective way of a writing of music, has the qualitative approach in processing of sounds and architecture of tracks. All melodies are unique - you won't hear anything similar in these compositions.

Martin Schulte - Odysseia  (flac  341mb)

01 Abyss 6:42
02 Polaris 6:08
03 Gravitation 5:30
04 Immersing 6:20
05 Researches Of Depths 6:03
06 Solar System 5:50
07 Polar Night 6:34
08 Mermaid 6:50
09 Nautical 6:34
10 Spirits 7:12
11 Reverberation 7:17

Martin Schulte - Odysseia  (ogg 155mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Deep dub-techno rhythms, dubby tech-house grooves, play along with chilled whispering minimal ambient across this excellent album. Both dubby-rhythms and minimal-ambient are soundly detailed and well thought-out bringing moments of deep head nodding groves alongside more quiet chilled-out moments. The whispery ambient calmness absorbs you within its cold wintry like atmospheres across beatless airy-synth and ghostly drones; while the more rhythmic sounding explorations come alive with a mixture of wonderful classic sounds of dub-techno using: basslines, delays, beats, echoes, and techno minimalism - which at times blend sweeping housey grooves along with the dub-techno - its all here! Tracks use a good balance between rhythm and ambience that manage to maintain an attention holding flow with great effect across rhythmic and non-rhythmic moments. Overall a great album and artist esp in the field combination across dub-techno, techno-house minimalism, and ambient.

Martin Schulte - Treasure  (flac  457mb)

01 Frosty Morning 6:40
02 Dancing Robots 5:28
03 Diving 6:16
04 When Stars Fall 6:57
05 Walk 5:00
06 Same Days 6:24
07 Dancing Shadows 6:27
08 Flight 6:56
09 September Forest 7:17
10 Quiet Street 6:20
11 Ritual 5:09
12 City Night 6:59

Martin Schulte - Treasure  (ogg 185mb)

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