Feb 22, 2015

Sundaze 1508


Today's Sundazers invariance and template-drivenness are evidently part of a steadfastly held to mission statement. In terms of sub-genre, Quantec does not seek to re-invent, more to refine and deepen, and lend a different colour and texture, making ambiance the area where his take on dub-techno finds more of a voice of its own. It is indeed a sound which is appealing enough to be dwelt on, a zone deserving of due time to get properly zoned-out in .......N'joy

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Quantec aka Sven Scheinhammer is a prolific and highly respected producer from germany who has been releasing high quality house and techno tracks since the mid-90’s on an array of well respected labels including !K7, Echocord, Styrax, Millions of Moments,Meanwhile and many others His sub-aquatic grooves span the music of Detroit and Berlin, referencing the classic sound of Basic Channel and catching the ears of the main players in various sub genres currently flirting with the crossover sounds of dub techno and housemusic.

Sven Schienhammer grew up in the '80s. Producing and remixing electronic music since 1995 first using hardware tools such as Rolands MC 505 and a 303 with some efx tools. Now the studio is hardware and software in symbiosis. Using some oldschool synths from the 70's & 80's for the love of the lo-fi feeling of those machines! The sounds are digitized thoughts and emotions.

Since 2005, the experienced techno scene a gradual change. Minimum is no longer dominant. Instead, many producers have now proven their tracks with all sorts of dubby effects. The Danish label Echocord is one of the hallmarks of the new dub-techno movement. It serves many producers like Brendon Moeller , Rod model , DJ Lab, Fairmont and Mikkel Metal as a platform for their releases. There, in the summer of 2008, Quantec aka Sven Schienhammer released his first album "Unusual Signals". The tracks from " Unusual signal "are clearly in the tradition of early ambient releases, which characterize Gas, Porter Ricks and Basic Channel genre far beyond the borders of Germany.

Personal favourite styles in music include detroit and dubby electronics, deep house, dub, roots reggae, drones, ambient and some experimental stuff. He also releases music as Sven Schienhammer and Monoaxial.

In quick succession, then more Quantec Maxis appear on Echocord, Meanwhile, Small Fish and Quietus Recordings. Cauldron Subsidence is followed by Journey Of Mind both well received albums. In 2012 he released 1000 Vacuum Tubes on the famous E(lektro)lux label. These past years he's released a  steady stream of EP's too 26 in total

Personal favourite styles in music include detroit and dubby electronics, deep house, dub, roots reggae, drones, ambient and some experimental stuff. He also releases music as Monoaxial and Sven Schienhammer.

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Quantec's second full-length finds Sven Schienhammer infusing more variety into his signature sound, this album moving from spacey, psychedelic bliss to straight-up bangers. In contrast to Unusual Signposts, which seemed tailored for deep headphone listening sessions, Cauldron Subsidence places the debut's ethereal wash of synthesizers and dub chords over a heavier, more propulsive pulse. His minimal sound is rooted in the tried and true Basic Channel tradition, with a purity that harks back to KMS Records, but there's still plenty of subtle experimentation going on. From the Detroit-meets-Berlin opener "Absolute Level" and the sun-baked "Profound Experiences" (complete with congas) to the weighty Rhythm & Sound-inspired dub of "Deep Rooted" or the heady broken house of "Magic Potion," Schienhammer plays with layers of sound and beats and even throws in some vocals without sacrificing the underlying ambience of his Quantec productions. What results is an album that further cements his reputation as one of the best producers in the dub-tech and dubstep worlds.

Quantec - Cauldron Subsidence  (flac 328mb)

01 Absolute Level 6:55
02 Deep Rooted 6:01
03 Profound Experiences 6:47
04 Fall Into Oblivion 6:26
05 Obstacles 6:17
06 Satisfied 7:59
07 Magic Potion 5:59
08 Pandemonium 6:27
09 Transmitters 6:35
10 Plateau 6:38

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I’ll start off this review by saying that I believe this is Quantec’s best work since his wonderful Quietus release - without a shadow of a doubt in fact. It’s good to hear him putting out this layered, atmospheric and predominantly ambient kind of sound and I really think it suits the style of his music as well as being perfect for the label. That’s not to say it doesn’t have beats, of course, because it does, but they’re in that low-key, unobtrusive style that allows you to just get on with the serious business of feeling the sounds and enjoying the space and form. One thing that’s quite clear from the outset is that this is a deeply hypnotic set of tracks and there’s a distinct split between ambient flow, a lightly drone-esque feel and then those trademark 4/4 sections. If you check out the samples you’ll hear it immediately – you’ll be taken in and enveloped in a single chord which resonates serenely before being gently nudged by an insistent pulsating rhythm in the next track. The overall feel is of darkness and melancholy which is exactly the way I like it and even though it has an expansive texture I’ll stress that at all times there’s room all over the place for the sound design to shine through. There are highlights, naturally, and they come in the shape of the haunting, disembodied voice in ‘The Unknown’ which is beautifully spooky when combined with the chord and static that accompanies it. The seemingly static groove of ‘Depth Of Immersion’ is another as it rolls along dreamily with more reverb than is probably legally allowed in a track like this – talk about echoes! And the final track ‘Atmospheric Noise’ is just straight-up a killer slice of thoughtful minimalism par excellence. But as ever with this kind of music it’s about the whole journey rather than the individual moments – you’ll find your favourite bits, I’m sure, but it all gels together into yet another wonderful album of the highest calibre. Mastered by Relapxych.0 and strictly limited to 100 copies, this is *definitely* not one to miss out on. Superb work.

Quantec - Journey Of Mind  (flac  332mb)

01 Mind Wandering 9:26
02 Motionless 7:13
03 The Mystic Moon 8:19
04 The Unknown 8:51
05 Depth Of Immersion 9:01
06 Perfect Stranger 8:20
07 Stay Up All Night 5:42
08 Atmospheric Noise 8:37

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With Imaginary Flight Quantec shows no major change to his  ace style, just thick, dreamy House rhythms rendered in spacious, minimalist dub style.Sweet release, particularly the B-side, "Easing Of Tension". It eases tension indeed with its soothing soft chords and numbing stabs... just a dreamy cut  Plus a limited edition vinyl only release of this deep and dubby moth-chasing journey by Quantec.

Dimensions Beyond The Known Having made himself a name and having created his trademark sound with his acclaimed releases on labels like ‘Meanwhile’, ‘Styrax’, ‘Millions of Moments’ and ‘Echochord’, Sven Schienhammer’s ‘Quantec’ outfit is legitimately dropped in the same breath with dub tech icons like ‘Basic Channel’, ‘Moritz von Oswald’, ‘Maurizio’ or ‘Deep Chord’.  4 fat dub tech tunes on vinyl and 2 more deep and dubby bonustracks for download. Commenting on his release on Elux Records, Sven admits “as I was 16 years old, I always watched ‘Space Night’ on German tv channel ‘br tv’ to chill and come down. The music has not only influenced and sensibilized me, but above all extremely impressed me.

Quantec ‎– Imaginary Flight/Moonstruck/ Dimensions Beyond The Known  (flac  376mb)

Imaginary Flight
01 Sub-System 7:06
02 Substratum 7:58
03 Easing Of Tension 9:19
Moonstruck EP
01 Lunar Orbiter 8:01      
02 Lunar Orbiter (Version) 6:40      
03 Crescent Moon 7:11
Dimensions Beyond The Known
01 Cosmogonic 7:56
02 Mia's Tea 7:14
03 Permasmile 8:12
04 K-Hole 5:30

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post; I've had Journey for a while and have been looking for more of his works.

Paul said...

When I try to download the flac from
"unlimitzone" it tries to plant a trojan on my computer which is blocked by my antivirus program. It happens on all files that use "unlimitzone" so can you something else please? If its not your uplaod can you just say so and I'll look for it somewhere else. Thanks.

Rho said...

Hmm this is a serious matter Paul i have downloaded from Unlimitzone yet didnt come across the trojan you mention and i use 3 virusscanners so which one do you use ? It may be a recent infection of the site. So what i want to know is -which virus scanner do you use and if you could tel the name of the virus(see container). Obviously it is not in the interest of unlimitzone so they will be grateful if you warn them their site is infected

Rho said...

Hello Paul just experienced the block.. I sent this to the webmaster

Your site has been infected by a malicious javascript (.js) file. Most probably XSS attack. Very nasty trojan JS:SciptIP-inf please cure asap, meanwhile those that have a serious virus scanner will be blocked from using your service.

Expect the problem fixed soon so just try again later this week to download Quantec

Request said...

Thanks for the intro to Quantec - very interesting. Have managed to dl CS & JoM, but Dimensions Beyond the Known is no longer available. Please could you reup if possible?

Pete said...

Can you reup Quantec - Journey Of Mind in flac please. Thanks.

Pete said...

Just ask again. Can you reup Quantec - Journey Of Mind in flac please. Thanks.

Pete said...

Thank you Rho.

Anonymous said...

Would you please re-upload all of these?

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Thank you !