Jul 13, 2014

Sundaze 1428


Today we moved from Finland to neighboring Russia, Novosibirsk the capitol of Siberia in fact, the main purpose of his music - move the listener somewhere far away in a world of dreams and fantasies, where the sounds of nature acquire melodic tone, and the silence becomes music. His music is the direct outcome of not only his gifted talent, but also his true passion for music and  a lot of hard work in the studio. A leader in his field, his music is a reflection of the culture, sights and sounds of his homeland. Our man has managed to generate a considerable buzz in Russia and is constantly grabbing attention from multiple directions. Deep hypnotic grooves and atmospheric bass notes bloom in a beautiful progressive trance journey  ... . . .....N'Joy

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AstroPilot - Dmitry Redko, electronic musician from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russian Federation. Passing long way musical experimentation with a variety of styles and genres of music, he stopped at the beginning of 2005, psychedelic music and since then calls himself AstroPilot.
Dmitriy Red'ko works with sound since 2000, since he has 6 released albums and 2 singles; also seen his work appear on more then 20 compilations on such labels like Avatar Rec., Altar Rec., Ultimae Rec., Sentimony Rec., Random Rec., Kagdila Rec., Uxmal Rec., Neogoa and others.

AstroPilot played at many international festivals like Hadra, Sonica, Aurora, Trimurti, Sibtropic, Suntrance, India and others. Styles of AstroPilot's music: from deep ambient, psychill to atmospheric uptempo, psy prog and trance. He also started new project for night time psy trance music. Stay tuned for it!

Getting a reference to the works of the project were the following styles - hard and uncompromising psy-trance/psy-techno in the meantime, atmospheric ambient. But then after a close contact and signing a contract with the Israeli label Avatar Records decided to send all the power to experiment with chillout music. Currently Active 3 Album: Fruits Of The Imagination, Solar Walk and Here and Now named AstroPilot, drive Yoga Mantra meditation music and 2 free collection of old tracks.

In 2012, Dmitriy moved to Kiev and made a series of successful audio-visual shows with ambient music and fulldome technologies.
More info about the AstroPilot360 project can be found at http://astropilot360.com. In 2013 AstroPilot made original space ambient soundtrack for Event Horizon, a full-dome real-time environment with objects from our Solar System and Universe.

Compositions and mixes AstroPilot'a sounded in Moscow internet radio Sunwave, London Fluid Radio, American Digitally Imported, Berlin and Danish Chromonova Triplug. During his career as a musician, Dmitry participated in several major international festivals of electronic music, playing on the same stage with artists such as Asura, Sensient, Solar Fields, Simon Posford (Shpongle, Hallucinigen, Younger Brother), Hujaboy, Kindzadza, Slackbaba, Loopus in Fabula and Flooting Grooves

Dmitriy has another alias, Manifestor, for more dance floor oriented music. Since early releases Manifestor has been supported by global electronic legend John 00 Fleming.

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Dmitry Red'ko is Siberia based, something that has contributed in generating his original recognizable style. This is just another reason why his musical direction is different and undistracted by the European scene. Trying to compare his style with other acts will not be an easy task. It has been a long wait for his debut studio album, and the wait turned out to be fruitful. 'Fruits Of The Imagination' is far out. There are no big guns here, and there is no undercurrent. His message is clear and easy to digest. Foti is innocent and euphoric. With tracks like 'Arimoya', 'Sansara', and the heavenly 'Touch Of Heaven', a clear effort to bring a message of peace is pointed out.

Astropilot delivers here hi tech-ethno soft trance with a silky production, soulful optimistic beats, combining Indian vocals which contribute to the ethno east bound ambience in his music. .....A universe of dreams, a world of fantasies, you are so near and so distant... And sometimes the distinctions between reality and dreaming are so degraded... One thinks that he lives in that time, he simply falls asleep in wait on the threshold of life...

Astropilot - Fruits of the Imagination  (flac 478mb)

01 Arimoya 7:22
02 Sansara 7:23
03 Arambol 5:46
04 Enigmatic Hyroglyph 7:10
05 Hello Tomorrow 6:56
06 The Green Eyes Mystery 3:38
07 Love Each Day 8:18
08 Touch Of Heaven 7:34
09 Life Lines (Remix) 9:39
10 Siberian Spring 8:55

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This is deep-space, stately ambient with some psy flares here and there with limited vocals. Two of the most gorgeous tracks "Space Ghosts" and "Languor" are also the two shortest, leaving one to wonder what they might be like fully developed.

Astropilot - Solar Walk  (flac 380mb)

01 Languor 2:21
02 Perceiving The Universe 5:51
03 Between 8:30
04 En RĂªve 7:25
05 Space Ghosts 4:01
06 God's Channel (Extended Mix) 9:17
07 Inside The Harmony 19:59
08 Life Textures 11:09

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His first album, 'Fruits of the Imagination', was a great success in 2007, and after an excursion into the depths of the Universe in early 2010 with his album 'Solar Walk', he's back with a new album 'Here and Now'', a very solid work that will start up a musical tsunami all over the world! Many musicians are inspired by Astropilot's music, but none can follow him into his rapid ascension! 'Here and Now' is an album that is at once charming, spiritual, senseful, and mind-opening into the essence of what humanity is going through in 2010. Astropilot has seen into our craziest dreams and is showcasing them in a tornado of psychedelic notes, showing us once again that he is a musical master..

Astropilot - Here And Now (flac  515mb)

01 Love Is The Answer 5:08
02 Here And Now (Feat Iz) 8:35
03 Karma Cleaner (Astropilot Version) 7:59
04 Finding Wings (Album Version) 8:35
05 Time Tides (Feat C.J. Catalizer) 7:19
06 Memories Maze 7:17
07 One Life After 8:08
08 Indigo 7:42
09 Variants 7:17
10 Maktub (feat.Pharmacore) 7:25

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