Jul 3, 2014

RhoDeo 1426 Goldy Rhox 167

Hello, no worldcup today and tomorrow, just 8 more games to go and then life can return to normal, that is if you are not a Tour De France fan.

Today the 167th post of GoldyRhox, classic pop rock, as the Worldcup plays out these weeks i thought it fitting to show in the darklight today  a a Latin Grammy Award-winning Brazilian singer, songwriter, and occasional actress and television show host. She is one of the most popular and best-selling Brazilian female singers of the present, with six albums released with "Banda Eva", and seven more albums in a solo career. She is most often recognized by her powerful voice, charisma and live performances. Her music is also very popular in Portugal.

As a child, started to sing and play guitar at events, festivals and presentations of the school where she studied. Ivete Sangalo's debut show happened in Ondina Neighborhood, Salvador, in August 1992. With that show she won the Dorival Caymmi trophy, considered the Grammy of Bahia music. In 1993, Sony decided to reform the Axé group Banda Eva and she was chosen as the lead singer. Her live album with the band, Banda Eva Ao Vivo, was their best-selling album, selling over a million copies. In 1997 she decided to start a solo career and in 1999 she released her first self-titled album. With lots of upbeat Bahian rhythms and axé, the album received gold and platinum certification. The following year she released another album, Beat Beleza, which also achieved platinum status.

In 2000 she released the album Festa (Party), whose title track was another major success. The single was very popular, and the album got platinum certification. "Festa" was her biggest hit single  and ended up being the most popular song of 2001 in Brazil. MTV Ao Vivo Ivete Sangalo MTV Live: Ivete Sangalo (2004), was a live album and included her biggest hits, few released on a live album before, and some Banda Eva hits. The album earned huge sales, most of them because of the single "Sorte Grande", which was renamed "Poeira" by the public and became a big hit in parties, on the radio and also at soccer stadiums. The DVD, which included the concert held at the Fonte Nova stadium, was certified 3x Diamond, sold over 600,000 copies, and is the best-selling musical DVD in Brazil of all time.  Her 2005 album, As Supernovas, received triple platinum certification shortly after its release.

Due to her remarkable appearances on TV, Rede Globo, the biggest Brazilian TV station, invited her to host the TV show Estação Globo, which aires about six episodes every year in late December/early January. On December 16, 2006, she performed in the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro (usually reserved for foreign mega stars) The concert was released as a DVD in May 2007.

Currently, she's Brazil's most popular female singer based on her CD and DVD sales. Sangalo has sold more than 7,000,000 CDs copies and more than 1,500,000 DVDs copies. It's estimated that she has a patrimony of R$400,000,000 (US$225,000,000). She is one of the richest Brazilian entertainers at the time, having several parallel business, including her own production company, "Caco de Telha", and lucrative commercial deals. She is also one of the highest-paid concert acts. According to O Globo, Sangalo asks for R$240,000 (US$120,000 per concert) and a percentage of tickets sale, which makes her final paycheck R$350,000 ($275,000), the second highest-paid act in Brazil.

In Portugal, she was the only artist to perform at the four editions of Rock in Rio festival held in Lisbon. Her debut in the country in the 2004 edition of the festival charmed the Portuguese people and made her famous there. In the 2010 edition, she was one of the most awaited attractions of the opening night on May 21, and performed to an audience of more than 80 thousand people.

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Most of the albums i 'll post made many millions for the music industry and a lot of what i intend to post still gets repackaged and remastered decades later, squeezing the last drop of profit out of bands that for the most part have ceased to exist long ago, although sometimes they get lured out of the mothballs to do a big bucks gig or tour. Now i'm not as naive to post this kinda music for all to see and have deleted, these will be a black box posts, i'm sorry for those on limited bandwidth but for most of you a gamble will get you a quality rip don't like it, deleting is just 2 clicks...That said i will try to accommodate somewhat and produce some cryptic info on the artist and or album.

Today's mystery album, was released September 17, 2008. The album is a compilation of her work up until that time so including some of her Banda Eva work, a great starter for those of us unfamiliar with her work, after all she has sold 17 million copies, making her one of the biggest record sellers of Brazilian music industry. She's the artist with the greatest number of DVDs sold worldwide

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