May 21, 2013

RhoDeo 1320 Roots

Hello, Germany has no colonial connection to the Caribbean, however they did devellop a reggae / dubscene, though less extensive as the UK/France one. Interestingly there have been plenty of interest for a few acts that have been picking up platinum albums.

A sprawling, multi-ethnic, and multilingual lineup German reggae/dancehall band from Berlin. Founded in 1998, they have become well-known in Germany and its neighboring countries. Also today a gentleman who lives in the Neubrück area of Cologne, but sometimes names Jamaica as his home away from home. He is the son of a Lutheran pastor. He is the father of two children, named Samuel and Tamica, and is married to Tamika, a background singer of the Far East Band, which has been supporting him since his first concert tour of Germany in 2002..... Germaican ....N'joy

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Seeed consists of eleven band members, their sprawling, multi-ethnic, and multilingual lineup is comprised of vocalists Pierre "Enuff" Baigorry, Demba "Ear" Nabé, and Frank "Eased" Dellé; DJ Luke; guitarist "Rudeboy" Rudy; bassist Tobsen Cordes; keyboardist "Dubmaster" Reibold; saxophonist Moritz Delgado; trombonist Jerome "Tchamp" Bugnon; drummer Based; and percussionist Alfie Trowers. Seeed is recognized for their unusual use of horns. They have worked with Cee-Lo Green, Anthony B, Tanya Stephens, General Degree as well as other Jamaican artists and producers. Almost all of their music releases feature a popular guest experience. Seeed's lyrics are in German, English and Patois. Their biggest hits in the German Sprachraum were "Dickes B", "Aufstehn", "Ding" and "Music Monks". Although their lyrics are in English and German, most of the songs in German were completely translated into English for the international releases of the Albums Next! and Music Monks.

They won three ECHO Awards. With the international versions of Music Monks and Next!, they found broader success in Germany's neighboring countries, especially France. After their initial success with "Dickes B" (ode to Berlin), in the year 2000, they released their first full length album a few months later, in 2001: New Dubby Conquerors. Followed up by another Gold album "Music Monks" in 2003, their big breakthrough in Germany came out in 2005, Next ! a platinum album (200,000 +)
In the following years, members Peter Fox, Dellé and Demba Nabé (Boundzound) each released solo albums. Peter Fox started working on a solo album named Stadtaffe ("Urban Ape") in 2007. The album was released in Germany on the 26th of September 2008. It was a huge success 6xPlatinum even outside Germany (Austria/Switserland/ Netherlands) He has since announced that he will be returning to Seeed due to unwanted stress and attention generated by his highly successful solo album Stadtaffe.

On September 2012 Seeed released their fourth studio album, Seeed, their first release in 6 years.  The album Seeed went straight to number 1 at the German album charts. It was the first time an album of Seeed achieved the Top of the album charts.

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Released in 2001, New Dubby Conquerors is the debut album from Germany’s reggae and dancehall favorites, Seeed. The 11-piece band’s debut single “Dickes B” is here, along with its follow-up hit “Dancehall Caballeros.” Topped off with their chilled cover version of “The Tide Is High,” the album climbed into the Top 20 of Germany’s album chart, and reached gold status..

Seeed - New Dubby Conquerors (flac  361mb)

01 Dancehall Caballeros 3:14
02 Riddim No 1 3:53
03 Papa Noah 4:03
04 Walk Upright 3:33
05 Dickes B 4:45
06 Psychedelic Kingdom 4:13
07 Sensimilla 6:06
08 We Seeed 5:07
09 Tide Is High 4:25
10 Top Of The City 4:12
11 Fire The Hidden 4:19
12 New Dubby Conquerors 8:21

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This 2005 release is third album from Germany’s reggae and dancehall favorites Seeed. Here, the 11-piece band is joined by special guests Cee-Lo Green (“Rise & Shine”), Lady Saw (“Please, Please”), and Tanya Stephens (“Double Soul”). Next! was a giant success for the group, climbing to number two on the German album charts and receiving that country’s platinum sales certification award.

Seeed - Next (flac  313mb)

01 Schwinger 3:20
02 Next ... !! 3:07
03 Aufstehn ! 3:50
04 Stand Up 2:38
05 Tight Pants 3:06
06 Please 3:36
07 Ocean's 11 2:53
08 Can't Hold Me 2:39
09 Goosebumps 2:52
10 Slowlife 4:18
11 Ding 3:26
12 She Got Me Twisted 3:11
13 Light The Sun 3:01
14 End Of Days 3:38

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German reggae singer Gentleman (born Tilmann Otto) fell in love with Jamaican music when he first visited the island at the age of 17. He had already heard and appreciated the sounds of Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, and Bob Marley, but when he heard more contemporary artists like Sizzla and Anthony B., it made him realize that roots-flavored reggae was still alive and well, and all he had to do was bring the good word back to Germany. In 1997 he got his chance when the German hip-hop group Freundeskreis asked him to lend his singjay skills to their track "Tabula Rasa." A series of solo singles led to his 1999 debut, Trodin On. The album was a mix of dancehall and hip-hop with Gentleman singing in English and Jamaican patois. It was an important release and laid the foundation for what would eventually be dubbed the "Germaican" movement, but it failed to make an international impression.

In 2002 he returned with his breakthrough long-player, Journey to Jah, a very roots-oriented album that was influenced by the birth of his son. There was no more swearing or gun talk, and guest appearances from righteous reggae artists like Morgan Heritage, Capleton, and Luciano along with production from Richie Stephens, Bobby Digital, and the Firehouse Crew earned Gentleman respect among the roots reggae faithful. Stopgap releases like the Runaway EP and the live CD/DVD Gentleman and the Far East Band -- both released in 2003 -- kept the fans happy as Gentleman spent his time touring the world and playing to an ever-growing audience. His 2004 single Superior was a worldwide reggae hit, landing on compilations in the U.S. and Europe and making an impact well past the Germaican scene. By the end of the year he released the album Superior, another well-received effort with special guests Anthony B., Cocoa Tea, and Barrington Levy.

The 2010 fifth studio album from internationally acclaimed German reggae artist Tilmann Otto, aka Gentleman, is his first to be released since defecting from Four Music to Universal Records. Produced by the likes of Benny Blanco (Ke$ha) and others, Diversity features collaborations with Sugar Minott and Patrice, and includes the singles "It No Pretty," "To The Top," and "Lonely Days." It reached no 1 and platinum sales


1999 Trodin On
2002 Journey To Jah
2003 Gentleman & The Far East Band Live
2004 Confidence 1
2007 Another Intensity
2010 Diversity 1
2011 Diversity Live
2012 Live Your Life (with Richie Stephens)
2013 New Day Dawn

Gentleman - Diversity (flac  453mb)

01 The Reason 2:51
02 Changes 3:23
03 Hold On Strong 3:47
04 Tempolution 4:12
05 To The Top 3:10
06 Lonely Days 3:16
07 Ina Time Like Now 3:09
08 Moment Of Truth 3:16
09 Another Melody 4:02
10 I Got To Go 3:50
11 Good Old Days 3:32
12 Fast Forward 3:34
13 The Finish Line 3:33
14 It No Pretty 3:09

Gentleman - Diversity (ogg 164mb)

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