May 6, 2013

RhoDeo 1318 Falcon 01

Hello, so Vettel didn't win a F1 race today, because there wasn't one. Not many sports highlights to reflect on, the Skytrain won a timetrial, not really surprising, however 9 sec on 22 min is hardly superior (less then 1 percent), i guess it shows how close these athletes perform.

Sci-fi fans can prepare themselves for 10 weeks of excitement   ... NJoy

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By the twenty-second century, mankind had stretched forth its hand to command the stars. Other races were discovered, and, as the human sphere of influence expanded, they were happy to live in peaceful coexistence, and humanity was on the verge of an evolutionary leap.

The Terran emperor was the first to ascend to the next step of human evolution. His advisors, who now styled themselves holy clerics, sought to force the other races to see the light of their religion. They began to subjugate the other races to the will of the empire. The Amsus, who saw the Empire as decadent, illogical and chaotic, waged war upon it. Admiral VonGrippen, the brightest military mind in centuries, betrayed the empire, and removed the entire home fleet, collapsing the jump gate after them, leaving Earth and the Empire to be squashed under the heel of Amsus oppression.

Now, three hundred years after the fall of the Terran Empire, humans find themselves the subject race, Stagnating on their own world unable to evolve either technologically or otherwise. It is into this oppressive world, that the most unlikely of men are thrust into the roles of heros.

Based on The Falcon Banner, a novel by Christopher Patrick Lydon
Original music composed and performed by Kai Hartwig, Kevin MacLeod and Phil Craigie

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The Falcon Banner 01 - Freedom's Spark ( 40mb)

The Falcon Banner 01 - Freedom's Spark 40:33 Featuring the voice talents of:

Seth Adam Sher as Darien Taine
Chris Snyder as Bobby, Matt Elias and Tairian bar tender
Tom Davis as Amsus Inquisitor
Mark Bruzee as Sgt. Braddock
Elie Hirschman as Bureaucrat
Gareth Preston as Jorten
Josh W. Spencer as Tairian flight control and Whisky Tango

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SKYTRAIN! Aha! I know the answer to that one! It's... Vangroover!

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