May 25, 2013

RhoDeo 1320 Beats

Hello, Germany is the most popular country in the world a poll by PIPA and GlobeScan conducted for the BBC of more than 26,000 people worldwide came up with that . In response to the question: 'Tell me if you think each of the following countries is having a mainly positive or mainly negative influence in the world' 59 per cent said positive for the economic powerhouse. More people in Britain also shared the opinion, with favourable attitudes up eight points to 78 per cent, with France the keenest towards its neighbour at 81 per cent. Jawohl !

Well the Germans would have won World War II if they hadn't been led by a mad corporal with the strategic insight of a donkey. But that's all in the past now, today they've been showing the West what they are capable of, they are busy exchanging their nuclear power for renewable energy, as well as driving 200 Mph on parts of their autobahn. You need a decent car for that and they build those too. Last night their women won the Championsleague football and tomorrow the men will win it as there are two German teams in the final. Let's hope all that success don't rise to their head.

Meanwhile we're here for some beats, we've been getting serious and clinical and it should hardly be a surprise we turned to Germans for that, we remain in Berlin following our next Germans in the spotlight, Kraftwerk with guitars, todays band provide a nice fusion of indie-rock instrumentalism and the more minimal end of armchair techno occupied by Autechre and Freeform. The group manage a near-perfect balance of elements, here, coming off neither retro nor pretentious, reserving the occasionally embarrassing artiness of a Stereolab or Tortoise for the subtlety with which they play electronic and acoustical textures off one another..      ..N'joy

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To Rococo Rot formed in 1995, when the Lippok brothers (Ronald & Robert) were invited by the owner of a gallery in which they were exhibiting their art to record some music instead of providing a catalogue. Rising to the challenge, they invited bassist Stefan Schneider from up and coming Düsseldorf based Kreidler to join them, and the result was their debut album, released by Kitty-Yo in late 1995. In the years since, they have released two more albums for City Slang (Veiculo and The Amateur View), EPs for City Slang, Sub Pop, Fat Cat and Soul Static Sound, and toured Europe and the US.
They have remixed artists as diverse as Leftfield, Appliance and Mira Calix, found time to produce two radio plays and even a soundtrack to a documentary entitled No Ordinary Cowboy. Stefan Schneider has also released two mini albums under the name Mapstation, while Ronald Lippok continues to work on his acclaimed Tarwater project. Robert Lippok has also just released his debut solo material on Raster Noton Records.

To Rococo Rot were originally among a new breed of German electronic experimentalists working more often within the context of hauptkunst digital art and multimedia installation (prior to meeting Schneider, the Lippoks were behind a project of this sort called Ornament und Verbrechen). With TRR, however, the group described its work as an overt attempt to reconnect the art-school proclivities of musical experimentalism with the accessibility and "use-value" of pop, a goal clearly evident both in their name and their recorded output.

The To Rococo Rot sound is quite unlike any other. Those familiar with their previous work will find that "Music is a hungry ghost" sees the band refine their talent for sumptuous and restrained instrumental soundscapes, underpinned by Stefan Schneider's lugubrious basslines. But it also exhibits even greater skill at resolving the conflict between abstract electronica and contemporary dance music. To Rococo Rot are weaving intricate melodies amongst intimate sounds, whilst maintaining the trademark warmth and elegance that has always lain deep at the heart of their sound. "Kölner Brett" is the name of a building, designed by Cologne architects b&k+ in 2000, that blends living and working in each of its single units. On the occasion of Archilab, an architectural exhibition held at Orleans in May 2001, b&k+ and Staubgold present a musical translation of the "Kölner Brett", composed by To Rococo Rot. The music of To Rococo Rot reflects the architectural grid (twelve equally sized modules giving structure and shape to the building as a whole) as well as the possible individual living and working conditions of the dweller, respectively."

Taken From Vinyl, is a compilation of vinyl-only rarities released over the past ten years. Not only is it their most listenable full-length album, it establishes them as a more successful singles-oriented group. The alternate take on the legendary “Mit Dir in Der Gegend” is a new approach to a classic piece of instrumental post-rock. And “Schon Sehr Viel Telefoniert” provides a new appreciation for the band’s subtle, studied electronic dub sound. ABC One Two Three a mini album was released in 2007 it was the result from a commission related to the 50th anniversary of the Helvetica typeface. Their latest full-length album, Speculation, was released in March 2010.

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Including all ten songs from their 1995 self-titled debut plus four extra tracks, To Rococo Rot's Cd. is one of the first post-rock albums which isn't obsessed or weighed down by its own potential as conscious, artistic music (perhaps because of the lack of hype surrounding the band in indie rock quarters). The album doesn't say a whole lot, it just grooves along, recalling the pleasant atmospheres of Tortoise, the groove-oriented bent of Ui and Trans Am, and the minimalist effects of Rome. Though trumped by its follow-up, Veiculo, To Rococo Rot's first album has its own characteristic advantages.

To Rococo Rot - CD ( flac 281mb)

01 Im Lilienthal 1:13
02 Kritische Masse 1 3:46
03 Veramon 3:58
04 Dekothek 3:28
05 Polo Star 1:08
06 Süsse Küche 2:38
07 National Velvet 1:31
08 Tour De Repéchage 3:45
09 Testfeld 4:23
10 Parabola 6:11
11 Weiter 3:25
12 Schon Sehr Viel Telefoniert 3:45
13 Kabine 2:59
14 Autonachmittag 6:04

To Rococo Rot - CD  (ogg 107mb)

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With The Amateur View, To Rococo Rot leaves behind their many fumbling colleagues in the field of post-rock/post-techno to set upon a course of their own, a lush vision of listener electronica. Though the occasional angular guitar repetition is a clear nod to the influence of Tortoise, the trio construct tracks with reams of vintage electronics and a few acoustic instruments, assembling complex songs on a production line of sorts with a variety of simplistic parts. Highlights "Telema" (the single) and "A Little Asphalt Here and There" are bursting tone-capsules of warm laidback electro-funk, far less focused on the angular abstractions of previous TRR material. Although it's still leagues away from the electronic dance mainstream (or even the electronic listening mainstream), The Amateur View offers an intriguing glimpse at the future of home techno.

To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View ( flac 268mb)

01 I Am In The World With You 3:20
02 Telema 3:40
03 Prado 4:19
04 A Little Asphalt Here And There 3:11
05 This Sandy Piece 4:05
06 Tomorrow 4:30
07 Greenwich 3:51
08 Cars 2:58
09 She Loves Animals 4:12
10 Die Dinge Des Lebens 4:56
11 Das Blau Und Der Morgen 3:02

To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View  (ogg 93mb)

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Though they quickly traded the warm electronic pop of The Amateur View for a colder vision of primitivist synth pop and atmospheric noise, To Rococo Rot proved with Music Is a Hungry Ghost that they're still at the top of their game artistically. Though they occasionally reference some familiar forms -- swirling ambient noise reminiscent of Oval as well as the angular, downtempo indie rock often found on Tortoise records -- the trio (plus guest I-Sound) clearly has a knack for creating music that's understated yet deeply felt. "First" frames a few beautiful, atmospheric chords around downtempo heart-monitor beats, while "Pantone" transforms a series of compact disc errors into surprisingly lush trance-state ambience. Two of the highlights are "From Dream to Daylight" and "Along the Route," a pair of Tortoise-styled tracks featuring another guest, violinist Alexander Balanescu, merging contemporary classical into experimental techno.

To Rococo Rot - Music is a Hungry Ghost ( flac 233mb)

01 A Number Of Things 4:16
02 For A Moment 4:35
03 How We Never Went To Bed 4:18
04 First 2:30
05 From Dream To Daylight 4:14
06 Your Secrets, A Few Words 3:14
07 Along The Route 2:57
08 Overhead 4:09
09 Koku 0:38
10 Pantone 2:59
11 Mazda In The Mist 4:22
12 She Tended To Forget 2:30
13 The Trance Of Travel 5:00

To Rococo Rot - Music is a Hungry Ghost (ogg 102mb)

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Germany, Berlin (01/23/07)  re-rip

To Rococo Rot - Hotel Morgen  (ogg 141mb)

Rhotation 44 (08/31/08) re-rip

To Rococo Rot - Taken From Vinyl (ogg 108mb)

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