Apr 9, 2013

RhoDeo 1314 Roots

Hello, France like the UK has some colonial connection to the Caribe, as a consequence they did devellop a reggae / dubscene as well. The coming weeks i'll be presenting some of it. ... N'joy

After a thirteen years old career, including: eight albums, five Maxi LP's and hundreds of live concerts throughout the world, you would think you knew all about ZENZILE. However, those who have following this band since their beginnings in Angers, France, know well that: No one knows what will resemble a new album of Zenzile before it gets out. Instead of cloning their music year after year, the quintet has always chosen to focus on their trade mark sound which is rich and various, thanks to a dazzling bass and whooping guitars.

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The word Zenzile is the name of a South African poet committed against the apartheid , which is a way for the group to express their ideas while overcoming one of the major difficulties of dub, namely the absence of words. However, the guest vocalists Jamika and Jean Gomis occur on all discs since 1999 (Jamika may even be considered the sixth member of the group).

French dub band Zenzile was born in 1996, hailing from Angers, in western France. They take their band name from a famous South African poet and anti-apartheid activist. Though the dub genre is generally solely instrumental, the musicians of Zenzile are known for their leftist political stance and often give voice to their ideas lyrically through regular guest singers Janika and Jean Gomis. Their recording career began in 1998 with their debut mini-album, Dub Promozione. Their debut on the Crash record label came a year later with Sachem in Salem, followed by Zenzile Meets Jamika, also released in 1999.

The band established itself as a frontrunner in the European dub and reggae scene with a rapidly growing fan base and discography between 2001 and 2006, releasing eight albums in that time period. In summer 2004, the band played at the festival Sakifo to the meeting . In November 2005, Zenzile joins up with High Tone , another group flagship French dub scene with the album "Zentone "published in 2006.

The group also reconfigures to a Sound system and offers unprecedented mix on its official website. "Metà Metà", the first album under the name Zenzile Sound System was released in May 2006. On this record, Zenzile appears its more electro, in the spirit of Maurizio , Cinematic Orchestra , Amon Tobin or label productions Ninja Tune . In October 2006, the Zenzile Sound System is on tour, including six dates with Zong , electro Reunion group. 2007 marks a new beginning for the band, which signed with '  Living in Monochrome  "an album on the border of post-rock , delivering a heavier atmosphere with more complex guitar parts. Among other things, Tricky is one of many guests of this new opus.
The album "  Pawn Shop  "was released on 5  October  2009 and the group 's latest album called "Electric Soul" released September 2012.

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First production of Zenzile, Sachem in Salem has been a monstrous slap in the world of the French dub. Finally a new dub, new sonoritees! This very varied album takes us throughout the nine titles of universes in universe. You'll be happy, you'll be stretched, you'll be curious, in short, you'll be crossed by number of different feelings to listening to the album. No special mention for a title here, all fabulous!

Zenzile - Sachem In Salem (flac  296mb)

01 Dub Trooper 4:28
02 Dub Vendetta 5:11
03 Single Shot 3:40
04 Pyrrhus Victory 4:03
05 H-Air 4:42
06 Alkaline O.D. 5:11
07 Pumpin' 7:12
08 Warning 5:41
09 Sachem In Salem 9:07

Zenzile - Sachem In Salem (ogg 108mb)

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Just two years after the first album "Sachem In Salem", which was definitely setting Zenzile as the head of French poster for novo dub it "Sound Patrol" comes at a time when the dub scene became rather silent. High Tone had closed the march, a few months ago but the Angevin covered call for a new album and most successful especially longer. 11 titles with five interludes in the purest tradition zenzilesque: solid, simple, round, hitting so mastered the archi-dub combo, building multiple soundscapes with the flute, sax, trumpet or percusssions. As guests, Jamika (English dub poetess) and Jean Gomis (Mei Tei Sho reggaelragga vocals) bring a greater diversity of music. Nice packaging of the discs (double vynil digipack or leaflet),
 strut penguins smoking cigars ... An album that will make you lose your head, music of today and tomorrow, here or elsewhere... To dance, to dream, to share ... this beautiful slab of timeless music...

Zenzile - Sound Patrol (flac  361mbmb)

01 Icepack Sonar 5:44
02 Sampling D.N.A. 5:28
03 First Class Citizen 4:51
04 Second Class Consumer 3:29
05 Praha Motion 0:51
06 Chain Lettah 4:08
07 Gran Torino 3:16
08 Tassouma Dia 1:43
09 Recidive 3:35
10 Astro Projection 5:19
11 Know Yourself 3:54
12 Doppler Effect 1:10
13 Access Denied 6:05
14 African Motion 1:22
15 Snooze 5:49
16 Gipsy Deja-Vu 2:01

Zenzile - Sound Patrol (ogg 135mb)

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From the start, Zenzile is having fun mixing the same influences (post punk, Dub,folk,soft rock,soul jazz) with a savvy sense of measuring them all out, in order to produce a unique album every time. For Pawn Shop, the Angevins (from Angers) have deliberately let their POP spirit opened up, in an humble and formal way of course.Only two tracks are exclusively instrumental and are welcome signs of a previous life. All eight other tracks are carried by the voices of olds partners: Jamika Ajalon et David K. Alderman (Warehouse), demonstrating some new and unexpected sides of their talent.This eighth studio album is less angular and more confident than the previous Living in Monochrome in which the band had let the guitar in the mix.

Zenzile - Pawn Shop (flac 278mb)

01 Histoire De Papiers 4:02
02 Life's A Dance 4:24
03 The Crooked Man 4:02
04 Motorbremsen 6:13
05 Fire Eater 3:47
06 Mind Over Matter 2:42
07 White Spirit 5:27
08 National Quota 4:04
09 Thursday Night Rover Disco 2:51
10 Caution Horses 7:32

Zenzile - Pawn Shop  (ogg 106mb)

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