Apr 2, 2013

RhoDeo 1313 Roots

Hello, last week we crossed the pond over to the world of skunk, this week we move south with the skunk to a country that like the UK has some colonial connection to the Caribean, France. As a consequence they did develop a reggae / dubscene as well. The coming weeks i'll be presenting some of it. ... N'joy

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Raggasonic is a group of French ragga composed by Big Red (born Stéphane Joaquim, and former member of Rapsonic), Daddy Mory (born Mory Samaké) and Frenchie (Fabrice Allegre).

Everything starts to Raggasonic in 1990 when the group disbanded Rapsonic initially consist of Big Red, Crazy B (future member of Alliance Ethnik ), and MC Cool Doc LAN. Big Red teamed up with Daddy Mory (former member of the Drop Lyrics) to form the group Raggasonic. Their meeting took place in the Sun Djata sound system. That is, in the Parisian underground scene, they began to build their musical universe.

In 1991, they participated in the first album MC Solaar through Title Ragga Jam (where there is also Kery James ). Their growing reputation (they participate in the soundtrack of the cult film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz in 1995), Raggasonic out the same year their first album. This first album put together by producer Frenchie (the third member of the group) won the gold disc quickly and eventually sold more than 200,000 copies. The themes in this album include: racism ( Blue, White, Red ), police brutality ( Kisder ) or hard drugs ( Angel Dust ).

Supported from the outset by the group NTM ( Kool Shen and Joeystarr), the Raggasonic rehearse their lines during the first part of their concerts. Moreover, we find an interest of Big Red Album I support the trigger (1993) with the song Da Best . There are also both members of the NTM as Sharp as a knife with clip is again directed by Joeystarr.

In early 1997, the production of Alain Chabat contact them to make a track on the soundtrack of the film Didier . The title 's not back , then out single.
In 1997 also released the band's second album entitled Raggasonic 2 . The singles from this album are Should not take me for an ass and let people express themselves with the participation of the singer Supa John .

1998 marks the end of the group as artistic and personal strife, and a stay in prison for Daddy Mory, eventually ended Raggasonic. After "smoked the peace pipe" in late 2009, a reunion was announced in early 2010 for a series of concerts. A third album was released after Oct. 15, 2012. Raggasonic 3 as well as the single gonna clashing.

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Raggasonic got very popular in France very quickly with their solid eponymous debut disc. That may have resulted from hearing dancehall DJs spinning rhymes about French life experiences over familiar reggae and raggamuffin rhythms and melodies, but it doesn't mean Raggasonic won't satisfy dancehall fans who don't speak French. Crafty spare, usually slow arrangements to frame the rapid-fire vocal flow of the French tag-team toasters. There are a few hip-hop touches -- the French rap crew Supreme NTM joins in on "Aiguise Comme Une Lame" -- but the music is mostly electronic raggamuffin adapting Jamaican classics. Big Red and Daddy Mory boast about their DJ prowess, deal on social ills and street life from a Rasta perspective, and, on "J'Entends Parler," the need for AIDS awareness over Bob Marley & the Wailers' "Waiting in Vain." The roots-style horns on "Poussiere D'Ange" blend with an almost rocksteady melody and the closing "International" rocks convincingly with help from Barrington Levy-sounding singer Desmond. Desmond also contributes vocals to "Original," which really isn't -- but it's also done well enough that if you like the sound, it really doesn't matter. That also does a pretty good job of summing up Raggasonic.

Raggasonic  - I (flac  272mb)

01 Les Riches
02 Original
03 J'Entends Parler
04 No Money No Friend  
05 Kisder
06 Mythos
07 Aiguisé Comme Une Lame
08 Poussière D'Ange
09 Ainsi Va La Vie
10 Bleu Blanc Rouge
11 Légalisez La Ganja
12 Internationnal

Raggasonic  - I (ogg 104mb)

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Raggasonic's debut was marked by the enthusiasm and reverence of a pair of French West Indian dancehall/reggamuffin DJs in France getting a chance to strut their lyrical stuff over musical styles they loved. But the second and final release by Big Red and Daddy Mory, again with first-rate Jamaican musicians providing the backing tracks, is geared toward adding something original to those forms thanks to fully realized songs that are more than mere platforms for stringing together rhymes in French over Jamaican rhythms. The pushing, up-tempo arrangements offer plenty of different textures -- "A La Ancienne" rides on a driving, rasty-sounding clavinet while "Mental Feat" freely mixes roots reggae nationalities by featuring ex-Black Uhuru vocalist Mykal Rose over the militant Anglo reggae of Aswad's "Mossman Skank." "Au Nom Di Qui" is very bright and vibrant and the fresh, upbeat "Faut Pas Me Prendre Pour Un Ane" mixes dub effects with Dean Fraser's alluring sax fills and bright Leroy Mafia piano. Rasta consciousness, calls against social inequalities, and Afro-centric themes dominate the lyrics along with pro-herb, anti-cocaine/crack, and anti-drinking sentiments. "Raggasonic Crew" closes out the strong Raggasonic, Vol. 2 and Big Red and Daddy Mory's career together in righteously rocking fashion.

Raggasonic  - II (flac  315mbmb)

01 Intro
02 Rude Boy
03 Laisse Le Peuple S'exprimer
04 Au Nom De Qui ?
05 Oppression
06 A L'ancienne
07 Classic
08 Interlude 1
09 En Quelques Mots
10 Mental  
11 Faut Pas Me Prendre Pour Un Ane
12 Je Ne Sais Pas
13 Alcoolo
14 Interlude 2
15 Raggasonic Crew

Raggasonic  - II (ogg 111mb)

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Best known for their Top Five smash hit "Tout le Bonheur du Monde" in 2005, Sinsemilia is a French reggae band that released a series of popular albums around the turn of the century. Founded in 1990 in Grenoble, France, the group was originally comprised of Riké (vocals, guitar), Mike (vocals, guitar), Moussaya (guitar), Natty (bass), Ivan (percussion), Roukin (percussion), Fabin (trumpet), Loucos (tenor saxophone), Carine (alto saxophone), Zazz (keyboard), and Chid (sound effects). Sinsemilia made their full-length debut in 1995 with the independently released album Première Récolte, which would be reissued years later with bonus material. Upon signing a major-label recording contract with the Sony subsidiary Double T Music, the band released its second album, Résistances (1998). Featuring the single "La Mauvaise Réputation" (a Georges Brassens cover), Résistances debuted at number 40 on the French albums chart. The band's third album, Tout C'qu'on a... (2000), was even more successful, reaching the Top Five of the albums chart, and in the wake of its success, a live album, Sinsé Part en Live (2002), was released. The band's fourth album, Debout les Yeux Ouverts (2004), didn't chart as highly, reaching only number seven, yet in other ways it was more successful, charting for 80 weeks overall and spawning the smash hit "Tout le Bonheur du Monde," far and away Sinsemilia's most popular single to date. Five years passed before the band's next album, En Quête de Sens... (2009), which reached the Top 20 of the albums chart. In addition to their recording output as a group, the bandmembers of Sinsemilia pursued a range of side projects. Most notably, vocalist Riké released a series of solo albums on Warner Music France including Air Frais (2003) and Vivons! (2007).

Sinsemilia - Debout, Les Yeux Ouverts (Standing, eyes open) (flac 385mb)

01 Bienvenue En Chiraquie 4:20
02 Du Mal A Croire 3:47
03 Ca S' Régale 4:26
04 + 2 Flics 4:27
05 Simple D' Esprit 4:47
06 Nons Sens 4:31
07 Marlène 3:34
08 Il Part En Guerre 4:54
09 Né ici 4:39
10 La Route Pour Ailleurs 5:37
11 De Quoi S' Plaint on?! 2:46
12 From Loneliness To Madness 4:50
13 Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde 3:51

Sinsemilia - Debout Les Yeux Ouverts (ogg 141mb)

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