Dec 19, 2011

Rhodeo 1151 Illuminatus Appendix

Hello, hope you've had an enjoyable weekend. The North Koreans are having a party as their second immortal leader Kim Jong-Il has left the building and Kim Jong-Sung is now responsible for starving his people, but "hey we've got the bomb so fuk off" problem is of cause there's no telling how deranged these people have become these past 50 years.

What a contrast to that other, really great man that died this weekend, Vaclav Havel. A true humanist , a writer, musiclover and the man that led the Czech Republic thru the difficult days after the fall of communism(velvet revolution) and the split from Slovakia. If only more like him came to the fore..

Illuminatus has reached the Appendix stage 3 more posts including this one..

"The ultimate weapon isn't this plague out in Vegas, or any new super H-bomb. The ultimate weapon has always existed. Every man, every woman, and every child owns it. It's the ability to say No and take the consequences." - Hagbard Celine, Leviathan
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The three parts of the trilogy are subdivided into five "books" named after the five seasons of the Discordian calendar (Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy, The Aftermath). This book is not designed to be easy to digest. You are not meant to internalize its message thoughtlessly. It's funny, contradictory, and self-aware, and it's hard for people who take themselves seriously to get caught up in a book that, for the most part, doesn't. I could say this book deserves to be more than a cult classic, its cultural influence will continue to seep in with or without grander acclaim.

The plot meanders between the thoughts, hallucinations and inner voices (both real and imagined) of its many characters, as well as through time (past, present and future)— sometimes in mid-sentence. Much of the back story is explained via dialogue between characters, who recount unreliable, often mutually contradictory, versions of their supposed histories. There are even parts in the book in which the narrative reviews and jokingly deconstructs the work itself.

The Illuminatus ! Trilogy was performed by the incomparable Ken Campbell and Chris Fairbank, and broadcast live in London on ResonanceFM in June 2006. In 1976, Ken Campbell adapted Illuminatus! for the stage - a 10 hour epic which went on to open the Royal National Theatre in London under the patronage of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Chris Fairbank played Simon Moon, among other characters. 30 years and 23 Fernando Poos since Ken and Chris first breathed life into Shea and Wilson's masterpiece and Illuminatus! seems even more startlingly relevant and chock full of laughter than ever before. Enjoy the Trips!

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Leviathan, Appendix, (01-04) (75 min, 26mb)

Appendix 01 Aleph (7:15)
Appendix 02 Beth (12:47)
Appendix 03 Gimmel (39:36)
Appendix 04 Daleth (16:05)

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The Eye In The Pyramid Chaos, Discord (183mb)

The Golden Apple, Confusion, Bureaucracy ( 195mb)

Leviathan, Bureaucracy ( 144mb)

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