Dec 28, 2008

The Prisoner (06)

Hello, i had planned a last Sundaze, but something came inbetween, not to worry i plan to keep the format alive at Transgloballs, where the Canadia and Prisoner series will continue aswell..So this here is the last Prisoner episode at Rho-Xs

Trailer, The General

Prisoner episode 06, The General

"Speedlearn" is a subliminal proces for educating the population of the Village, developped by a Professor with the aid of an unseen "General". However, the Professor realises that his creation has the ability to be abused by Number Two and with the help of Number Six intends to destroy the General. After their attempt fails Number Two takes Number Six to meet the General.

The General 1 (180mb)

The General 2 (84mb)

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Rain - Cerulean Blue (04 ^ 99mb)

There's not much to say about Rain, besides that it's the result of one man writing, recording and playing most of the instruments, even designing the artwork. "Cerulean Blue", is a concept album, taking special care to construct mood with music while developing the plot with words.
"Cerulean Blue" is about a young man named Rick, and his amazing journey across the United States. His story is told through postcards, intercepted by a mysterious man named Mr. Jaeger who is trailing him. Along the way, the listener follows Rick as he meets strange people in bleak situations. At one point, Rick joins a UFO cult, but believes it all nonsense, and leaves just before the group commits mass suicide ("Starcrossed"). The lyrics of "Cerulean Blue" contain complex symbolism that alludes to the personality of Rick and of Mr. Jaeger. The most intriguing moment of the album may be his encounter with a homeless person on the side of the street, who claims to know the meaning of life, and Rick buys them for a dollar. The album never says what these secrets are, but, in a way, they seem to change Rick, and he regrets not writing them down, as the next day the man died. As Rick saw it, "now no one had the answers."

The album has been available as a 96k free download for some years now, but if you really like this one or know of someone you could pleasantly surprise with it, why not buy it at his (company's) website buy Cerulean Blue...its just 8,5 Euro incl shipping.

01 - The Lammas Lands (8:58)
02 - Parsifal (6:08)
03 - Starcrossed (4:52)
04 - The Silver Apples of the Moon (7:38)
05 - Light and Magic (10:53)
06 - Jerusalem (9:13)
07 - Cerulean Blue (6:36)

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Likedeeler said...

hi rho! let me say that i have enjoyed your blog immensely over the past two years. your knowledge is awesome, the rips impeccable... rock on! keep it up! all the best to you from berlin!


and a happy new year, of course!

Likedeeler said...

p.s. oh yea, and if you ever decide to back off and go private (which i hope will never happen) or do other silly shit, let me know. peace!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesome blog! I have been lurking here for over a year now. I will surely miss the blog if you would ever stop... That's what I get for lurking, I guess. I should have commented more often. I am most impressed by your knowledge and your knack to always pick interesting music. I you continue this elsewhere, keep it up!

I'll miss you. said...

I'll miss you too.

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