Dec 25, 2008

Happy Holy Daze !

Hello HAPPY HOLY DAZE to you all !

It is customary to find Gifts under the tree on Xmas day when the sun starts moving north again and the world is reborn again, an obvious highlight to the ancients that called for days of celebration and exchanging of gifts. Well instead of dreary Xmas inspired muzak i have prepared 4 Giftboxes, obviously the contend is a surprise you'll have to download and unzip...i guess its safe to say there's lot's to enjoy and play with...


GiftBox 1

GiftBox 2

GiftBox 3

GiftBox 4

***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Bytebandit said...

Hahaha :)
Love the idea. Going to have a peek at the gifts right now!

Thanks for all the audiophonic delights you have been offering us this past year!

And a very MerryXmass to all your friends, family and yourself Rho!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rho-Xs for all your efforts in posting such nice music all these past months, years... and for the interesting gift boxes. If this is true that this blog is terminating, it will sorely be missed. Don't forget to post rapidshare links for The Prisonner on transgloballs (and not just the impossible -in Asia - Megaupload download!)
Wish you the best for this coming new year.
Francois in Thailand

Anonymous said...

Are you really going to shut down this blog? I feel sad about it, because it is among my favourites. I found some rare jewels among your posts. Thanx for that.
(A. from Portugal)

Anonymous said...

I feel little sad because of the shut down, but i understand...;)
I want to thank you all in making one of the best internet blogs.

Many Tanx.

Happy new year. :))

robert said...

Rho really appreciate the wide ranging and interesting posts of this blog ;also like the .ogg format as well.
I will miss this blog very much ; I consider it to be the best on the internet..--thank you for a truly fantastic experience..