Dec 20, 2008

The Prisoner (05)

Hello, been busy so sorry no music this week, but on we go with the can view the trailer here just click on the seems not too many have picked it up at Transgloballs, well one direct megauload zip will be there and i'll post a split archive rar here. I've used the Xvid codec, better compression and quality .

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Trailer, The Schizoid Man  

Trailer Prisoner episode 05, The Schizoid Man

Number Six awakens one morning in a diferent Village apartment and discovers things have changed. He has a new appearance, has become lefthanded and has a different taste in foods.He is no longer Number Six but now Number Twelve. A doppelganger of Number Six has been brought to the Village in an attempt to crack him. A bruised fingernail is the only clue that can help the real Number Six. 

The Schizoid Man 1 (180mb)

The Schizoid Man 2 (82mb)

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