Dec 9, 2008

Around The World (Culture)

Hello a little Sunshine nearing the winter solstace, this album belonged in the Sunshine Then post i made 17th of august 2007, alas that was the biggest one already, and my vinyl copy dreaded.. so it got omitted, meanwhile Two Sevens Clash has been rereleased on CD and i got this 30th anniversery edition, one that main man Joseph Hill didnt get to see as he died on stage 19th of august 2006.

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Culture - Two Sevens Clash ( 77 flac 394mb)

Joseph Hill had been trying his hand at a solo career for some time before forming Culture. .He recorded several solo numbers during his stay at Coxone studios in 71, including "Behold the Land" and "Take Me Girl," but nothing came of them. Hill floated through several bands prior to forming Culture in 1976. His cousin Albert Walker came to him with the idea of forming a vocal group, and the two quickly recruited another cousin, Roy "Kenneth" Dayes, to sing harmony vocals along with Walker. Initially calling themselves the African Disciples, the trio hooked up with producer Joe Gibbs in Kingston, and soon changed their name to Culture.

Overseen by Gibbs and engineer Errol Thompson, aka the Mighty Two, they debuted with the single "This Time" on Gibbs' Belmont label. Not long after, they broke through with several hit singles, including "See Them a Come" and "Two Sevens Clash." The latter was a Rastafarian vision of the rapidly approaching apocalypse, which fueled public paranoia in an already violent election year; it also provided the title track of the group's debut album, which was released in 1977 to tremendous acclaim. Two Sevens Clash was a spiritual manifesto against racial injustice and poverty. It won a huge following not only in Jamaica, but also the U.K.

After their success with Gibbs, the group went on to make a string of albums for producer Sonia Pottinger. Culture began working with some of the premier musicians of the day including Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar, Ansel Collins, Cedric Brooks and the ever-present percussionist Sticky. Virgin Records picked up the albums, and that added distribution enabled Culture to gain an even larger following outside of Jamaica. In 1982 the three singers went their own ways. Joseph Hill carried on using the Culture name, and recorded the ‘Lion Rock’ album, which was released in the United States by Heartbeat Records. In 1986 the original line-up reformed to record two highly regarded albums – ‘Culture in Culture’ and ‘Culture at Work’. They resumed touring as well, and kicked off another prolific and productive period with albums like 1988's Nuff Crisis (which featured the powerful protest "Crack in New York"), 1989's Good Things, 1991's dancehall-flavored Three Sides to My Story, and 1992's Wings of a Dove.

In 1993, Kenneth Dayes left the group to pursue a solo career, wanting to continue their earlier experimentation with dancehall. Culture was then touring with an independent backing band called Dub Mystic, and that group's lead singer, Malomo, became the third vocalist in the trio. He appeared on two studio albums, 1996's One Stone and 1997's Trust Me. Malomo was replaced in 1999 by Telford Nelson, who made his debut on 2000's Payday. Hill released another effective solo album, Humble African, in 2001, and Culture returned in 2003 with the acclaimed World Peace. On August 19, 2006, during a show in Berlin, Germany, Hill collapsed on-stage and passed away.

01 - I'm Alone In The Wilderness (3:23)
02 - Pirate Days (2:49)
03 - Two Sevens Clash (3:28)
04 - Calling Rastafari (2:27)
05 - I'm Not Ashamed (3:59)
06 - Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion (3:24)
07 - Black Starliner Must Come (2:39)
08 - Jah Pretty Face (3:37)
09 - See Them A Come (3:20)
10 - Natty Dread Taking Over (3:45)
11 - See Dem A Come feat.Prince Weedy (12" Mix) (6:56)
12 - See Dem Dub (3:58)
13 - Natty Dread Taking Overfeat. I-Roy (12" Mix) (7:20)
14 - I'm Not Ashamed feat. I-Roy (12" Mix ) (7:55)
15 - Not Ashamed Dub (4:25)

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Baker said...

Superb album.

Thank you for the wonderful blog.

J Thyme...kind said...

The best, as is "Baldhead Bridge".

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It's a great album! I've been collecting this songs and I think you should add the latest album to improve my personal collection... anyway I think you did an important contribution and thanks for sharing "Calling Rastafari" track with us because it's my favorite! 23jj

Anonymous said...

hi rho, this is janina again. how about re-upping this one? and thank you very much for all that marvelous music.

Anonymous said...

would you be able to re-up the Culture record Rho? thanks a lot.