May 24, 2008

Rhotation (33) Into BPM

Hello, It's Rhotation thirty-tree and Into BPM starts off the week with ambient house, 808 State reaches the ambient house state regularly on this album, great band, seen them live ..great night. Anyway the original 90 album was re edited and got seven more tracks to it and (re)released as Utd State 90...secondly The KLF real mavericks, it takes some attitude to burn a million dollars, musically they were on their top with White Room, what turned out to be their last album......Ambient house was still unkown and counter the flow of rave music, when this italian compilation was released mid ninety, summertime. ...

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808 State - Utd. State 90 ( 90, 73min ^ 176mb)

808 State was formed in 1988 in Bury, England by Martin Price, Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson, initially to form a hip-hop group called Hit Squad Manchester. Soon after the band shifted to an acid house sound, and recorded their debut Newbuild in 1988, naming themselves 808 State honoring the impact the Roland TR-808 drummachine had on them. The album was released on Price's own record label. Simpson left the group in 1989 to form his own solo project, A Guy Called Gerald.Martin . Graham enlisted DJs. Andrew Barker and Darren Partington to record the EP Quadrastate and their next album, Ninety, which put them right in the rave culture. In the US, Tommy Boy got its version of the 90 album almost exactly right. While the track order was drastically changed (and the 60-second concluding track, "The Fat Shadow," removed), there was no real disruption of flow, and seven bonus tracks were added to create a full CD's worth of early 808 in one easy package . The new tracks come from a variety of sources, most being earlier (or later) singles or remixes done exclusively for this release.

For 1991 Ex:el , they brought in Bernard Sumner (New Order) and ex-Sugarcubes Björk for lyrics and vocals. In 1992, Price left the group to perform solo producing, eventually forming his own label, Sun Text. The remaining members released a fourth album called Gorgeous, and after that, did some remix work for David Bowie, Soundgarden, and other performers, before returning with the album entitled Don Solaris in 1996. This album marked a change for the band who wanted to shake off their rave moniker and, with 'Don Solaris', they aimed to create a more beautiful, cinemascopic sound. They released a greatest-hits compilation named 808:88:98 in 1998-their last on record label ZTT and a 1998 remix of Pacific soared high in the charts. In 2000, their pioneering 1988 acid house album 'Newbuild' was re-released.In 2003 came their last release thusfar Outpost Transmission .

808 State - Utd. State 90 ( ^ 476mb)

01 - Pacific 202 (5:43)
02 - Boneyween (6:09)
03 - Ancodia (5:12)
04 - Kinky National (3:58)
05 - Cobra Bora (5:47)
06 - Cubik (3:36)
07 - Magical Dream (3:52)
08 - 808080808 (4:20)
09 - Revenge Of The Girlie Men (4:16)
10 - Donkey Doctor (5:24)
11 - Sunrise (6:33)
12 - State To State (5:50)
13 - Pacific 212 (Rmx Justin Strauss) (6:49)
14 - Pacific 718 ( rmx musto & bones (5:46)

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The KLF - The White Room (91 ^ 253mb)

Originally scheduled to be released in 1989 as the soundtrack to a film of the same name, the album's direction was changed after both the film and the original soundtrack LP were cancelled at the last moment. Most of the tracks on the original version of the album are present in the final release, albeit in significantly remixed form. The White Room was supposed to be followed by a darker, harder complementary album called The Black Room, but the latter was never released due to the KLF's retirement from the music business in 1992.

The White Room was conceived as the soundtrack to a road movie, also called The White Room, about the KLF's search for the mystical White Room that would enable them to be released from their contract with Eternity. Parts of the movie were filmed in the Sierra Nevada region of Spain. The soundtrack album contained pop-house versions of some of the KLF's earlier "Pure Trance" singles, as well as new songs. The film project was fraught with difficulties and setbacks, including dwindling funds. As a consequence, The White Room film project was put on hold, and the KLF abandoned the musical direction of the soundtrack and single.Neither the film nor its soundtrack were formally released, although bootleg copies of both exist.

Meanwhile, the KLF's single "What Time Is Love?", which had originally been released in 1988 and largely ignored by the public, was generating acclaim within the underground clubs of continental Europe; according to KLF Communications, "The KLF were being feted by all the 'right' DJs".This prompted Drummond and Cauty to pursue the acid house tone of their Pure Trance series. A further Pure Trance release, "Last Train to Trancentral", followed. In October 1990, the KLF launched a series of singles with an upbeat pop-house sound they dubbed "Stadium House". Songs from The White Room soundtrack were re-recorded with rap and more vocals, a sample-heavy pop-rock production, and crowd noise samples. The "Stadium House" versions of "What Time Is Love?" and "3 a.m. Eternal" were immediate hits, with "3 a.m. Eternal" becoming the KLF's only number-one release. These "Stadium House" tracks made up a large part of The White Room when it was eventually released in March 1991, substantially reworked from the original soundtrack version.

In 1993, NME staff and contributors voted the album the 81st best of all time, in 2000 Q magazine placed it at number 89 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

01 - What Time Is Love? (LP Mix) (5:17)
02 - Make It Rain (3:36)
03 - 3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.) (3:35)
04 - Church Of The KLF (1:53)
05 - Last Train To Trancentral (Live From The Lost Continent) (3:41)
06 - Build A Fire (4:35)
07 - The White Room (5:15)
08 - No More Tears (6:41)
09 - Justified And Ancient (5:02)

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VA - Ambient House (90 ^ 285mb)

The ambient house movement began in the late 1980s largely due to the demand for post-rave "come-down" music. It was founded mainly by The Orb members Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty. They drew from many influences including Steve Reich, Brian Eno, reggae music, and 1970s psychedelic rock, including Pink Floyd. The Orb established the genre in 1989 as DJs at The Land of Oz, based at Heaven. After a recording session with John Peel later that year, The Orb released the twenty-minute "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld" On this DFC compilation KLF and the Orb are in excellent company...

01 - Morenas - Hazme Soñar (6:13)
02 - Aqua Regia - N.Y.C. Smile On Me (5:45)
03 - KLF, The - Last Train To Trancentral (Remix) (6:00)
04 - Extreme - Trasparenza (4:44)
05 - Sueño Latino - Luxuria (4:07)
06 - Orb, The - A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules The World From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Why Is Six Scared Of Seven?) (5:27)
07 - Sueño Latino - Sueno Latino (3:57)
08 - Morenas - Somnambulism (5:55)
09 - Aqua Regia - Aqueanosolo (3:50)
10 - Lux - Deep Down (New Age Instrumental Version Edit) (6:00)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


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the saucer people said...

At the moment my ratio of 'thanks for posting' to 'please can you re-upload this' is about ten to one at the moment and its based on scouring the net for a decent rip of the requested album before asking as I appreciate it takes time and effort to re-upload an album and isn't simply a click of the mouse...

...Anyway, its a plea for a nostalgic moment, namely the 1990 'Ambient House' compilation. (I am shaking my head in disbelief, was it really 20 years ago I bought it!??..20 years!) There is a badly recorded 43 meg rip and even a slightly better 73 meg rip of the album but I know nothing will compare to your OGG'd 120 meg rip so if there is any chance at all of you reposting it, I would be most appreciative.

PS> Really enjoyed the Len Horowitz post on the reconfiguration of the western musical scale as a mind control initiative through de-harmonisation..fascinating material...if anyone out there has not seen the 2007 'In Lies We Trust' documentary by Len Horowitz, I highly recommend you tracking it down via torrent etc.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed The White Room - Thank You.

Paul C said...

Rho,Any chance of a reup in flac of the Ambient House + 808 state ? Cheers.

Roger Murphy said...

Hi Rho
Hope all is well.

Just thought I would ask if you had the following;

Early Ambient/Techno.

Thanks for the re-up of "Ambient House"

Kindest regards


Rho said...

Well Roger it sure looks like something i would have, but i haven't and looking at the sec hand price of 120 euro's it's an extremely rare album

Paul C said...

Again,many thanks Rho for this.

Roger Murphy said...

Hi Rho

No worries, I did think it was rare, (incredible how much it is worth).
However, if I should come across it though, I will be sure to share the L.P. with you for this excellent Blog.

Thanks again

Rogerthedodger : )

the saucer people said...

Wow, nearly 7 years ago I made a request for a repost of the Ambient House compilation - all good things go to they who wait! What amazes me more is how many music blogs have come and gone on that time, so huge credit and kudos to Rho-xs for never losing the faith - without a doubt, this is the most diverse blog on the planet blog.

Its amazing to think that it's nearly 30 years ago since I first bought the ambient house compilation, especially as much of the music is still vastly superior to the dross that passes for current dance/electronic music.

As always, you are a star, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho

Is it possible to re-up KLF's The White Room? Thank you