May 3, 2008

Rhotation (30) Into BPM

Hello, the 30th Rhotation this week starts off as usual with Into BPM, this time looking at the first part of the nineties dance and dub. The MDMA generation loved all that, but then in that state they just about loved everything and everyone. God was spinning the plates, fusing everyone into extasy. Im sure the police would have arrested Him for sabotaging the divide and rule policy of their masters.
Transglobal Underground is a band that exemplifies this fusion within the band their ethno techno even reached CocaCola's marketing department when searching music that embodied the ' world fusion' Olympics. Secondly a double bill: Dubnology, Journeys Into Outer Bass, its not about bass that much but about dub and remixing it's 94 letting it all hang out. There's some great tracks on it , compile your own mix, and next week i will post Dubnology, Lost in Bass and again you can/should exchange Bass for Space.

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Transglobal Underground - Dream Of 100 Nations ( 93 now in Flac 434 mb)

Transglobal Underground (or simply TGU) is a London-based music collective who specialise in a fusion of music styles (sometimes labelled as "world fusion" or "ethno-techno"). They were formed in or slightly before 1990 by Tim Whelan (aka Alex Kasiek, keyboards/guitar/programming), Hamid Mantu (aka Hamilton Lee, aka Man Tu, drums/percussion/programming) and Count Dubulah (bass). Both Whelan and Mantu were founding members of the British new wave band Furniture. Although the group has always had a fairly fluid line-up (and also deliberately clouded their identities for many years with multiple pseudonyms and obscure credits), others who have been long-time members or associates include singer Natacha Atlas, dhol player Johnny Kalsi, rapper Coleridge, vocalist/percussionist TUUP, sitar player Sheema Mukherjee and percussionist Neil Sparkes. Their remix albums include mixes of their songs by Dreadzone, Lionrock and Youth and they in turn have remixed tracks for Banco de Gaia, Fun-Da-Mental, Transjoik and Pop Will Eat Itself.

The first recording by the group was the single "Temple Head" which was shopped around various labels before eventually being released by Nation Records in 1991. Although not a major hit, it was named "Single of the Week" in Melody Maker, 5 years later and Coca-Cola used it in their advertising campaign for the 1996 Olympic Games. The group was quickly signed to Deconstruction Records, for whom they recorded an album. The label, however, declined to release the album, which eventually saw the light of day on the Nation label as Dream of 100 Nations. This album marked the group debut of Natacha Atlas, formerly of Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart.

After two more albums, International Times (1994) and Psychic Karaoke(1996) Atlas left to concentrate on her solo career, with which the core TGU members were already heavily involved as producers and remixers, and Dubulah and Sparkes left to form Temple of Sound. After a period of inactivity a new TGU line-up emerged with the album Rejoice Rejoice and toured Europe supporting Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. The band subsequently left Nation Records and, after releasing the album Yes Boss Food Corner on Mondo Rhythmica (part of the Ark 21 label), set up their own Mule Satellite label for their 2004 album Impossible Broadcasting. The band remains a popular live attraction and its members also continue to work as DJs and remixers.

01 - Temple Head (5:01)
02 - Shimmer (4:20)
03 - Slowfinger (5:15)
04 - I, Voyager (6:29)
05 - La Voix Du Sang (6:11)
06 - El Hedudd (7:15)
07 - This Is The Army Of Forgotten Souls (4:53)
08 - Sirius B (4:15)
09 - Earth Tribe (6:41)
10 - Zombie'ites (6:52)
11 - Tutto Grande Discordia (5:23)
12 - Hymn To Us (5:41)

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Various - Dubnology - Journeys Into Outer Bass (95,146min ^ 297mb)

The Dubnology compilation is a two-disc, 21-track collection of spacy late-'90s electronic ethno dub, heavy on the bass, demonstrating that the music has become more techno-influenced and reliant on electronics and technology. The utility of dubnology, lies in its ability to appeal to altered states of consciousness, as well providing some of the best chillroom music going.

Various - Dubnology, Journeys I ( ^ 453 mb)

01 - Dreadzone - House Of Dread (5:05)
02 - Revolutionary Dub Warriors - Walkabout (5:39)
03 - Zion Train - Follow Like Wolves (Original 12 Mix) (5:58)
04 - Asian Dub Foundation - Nazrul Dub (5:36)
05 - System 7 - 7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy Mix By Youth) (10:01)
06 - Astralasia - Univeria Zekt (Kobaian Love Chant) (6:53)
07 - Renegade Soundwave - Brixton (Dub Mix) (7:07)
08 - Tribal Drift - Ants (8:51)
09 - SYT - School Of Thought (8:52)
10 - Timeshard - 25th Century (6:27)
11 - Black Star Liner - Fatta Connection (4:40)

Various - Dubnology - Journeys II (^ 420mb)

12 - Eat Static - Survivors (7:46)
13 - Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream (Mind The Bend The Mind - Orbital Mix) (8:26)
14 - Transglobal Underground - International Times (Haunted Dancehall - Sabres Of Paradise Mix) (8:09)
15 - Woodshed, The - Bills Last Stand (6:22)
16 - Rootsman, The - Rougher Dub (Lionheart Exclusive Mix) (6:59)
17 - Knights Of The Occasional Table, The - Um Baby (6:02)
18 - Banco De Gaia - Lai Lah (v.1.00) (7:17)
19 - UVX - Shape Of Life (5:49)
20 - Loop Guru - Paradigm Shuffle (4:30)
21 - Underworld - Rez (9:56)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !



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