Nov 19, 2017

Sundaze 1747

Hello, today we start of with a 'chain' post as Laraaji (previous Sundaze) is present on Daniel Lanois first posting

Today's Artist a Canadian record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He has released several albums of his own work. However, he is best known for producing albums for a wide variety of artists, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, and Brandon Flowers. He also collaborated with Brian Eno: most famously on producing several albums for U2, including the multi-platinum The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Three albums produced or co-produced by him have won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Four other albums received Grammy nominations......N'Joy

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Daniel Lanois was born September 19, 1951 in Hull, Quebec; his French-Canadian family was firmly rooted in music, with his mother a singer and both his father and grandfather noted for their prowess on the violin. Following his parents' 1963 separation, Lanois and his mother moved to the English-speaking suburbs of Hamilton, Ontario; there he learned to play guitar, and with his brother, Robert, began making primitive home recordings on a cheap cassette player. In 1970, the siblings purchased a four-track machine, setting up a recording studio in the laundry room of their home and offering their services to local bands for a $60 fee.

Regularly aiding their clients not only as producers but also as songwriters and arrangers, the Lanois brothers' reputation quickly spread, and as the decade drew to a close, they were able to graduate to larger recording facilities, which they dubbed Grant Avenue Studios.  He worked with a number of local bands, including Martha and the Muffins (for whom his sister Jocelyne played bass), Ray Materick, Spoons, and the Canadian children's singer Raffi. Daniel first worked with Brian Eno there, who in the decade to follow would emerge as Lanois' chief mentor and frequent collaborator. Together, they spent several weeks working on instrumental ambient material, experimenting heavily with sonic manipulation techniques; when Eno eventually returned to the U.K., Lanois remained in Ontario, recording a series of LPs for the local band Martha & the Muffins and, in 1983, producing improvisational trumpeter Jon Hassell's album Aka/Darbari/Java. In 1984, after working with Eno on Hybrid (a collaboration with guitarist Michael Brook) and The Pearl (another collaborative effort, this time with Harold Budd), Lanois responded to Eno's call to co-produce U2's The Unforgettable Fire; the album was a major hit, and it so impressed another superstar, Peter Gabriel, that he invited Lanois to co-produce the soundtrack to the motion picture Birdy. In 1985 he earned a CASBY award for his work on a Martha and the Muffins album.

Lanois next scored with 1986's So, Gabriel's brilliant commercial breakthrough. However, it was his and Eno's second collaboration with U2, 1987's The Joshua Tree, which launched him to true fame: after the album won a Grammy -- and after he subsequently co-produced Robbie Robertson's long-awaited solo debut -- Lanois emerged as one of the best-known and most respected producers in contemporary pop music. In 1989, he masterminded Bob Dylan's Oh Mercy -- widely regarded as Dylan's best work in over a decade -- as well as the Neville Brothers' Yellow Moon, an artistic watershed for the venerable New Orleans group. By this time. Lanois himself was a resident of the Crescent City, setting up Kingsway Studio in a mansion in the heart of New Orleans; there he crafted his own hotly anticipated solo debut, 1989's Acadie. Two years later, he reunited with U2 for the stellar Achtung Baby, and in 1992, re-teamed with Gabriel for the wonderful Us. In 1993, Lanois issued the lovely For the Beauty of Wynona; however, like Acadie, it failed to reap the same commercial awards as his other production ventures. Other albums of note include Emmylou Harris' 1995 masterpiece Wrecking Ball this 1995 collaboration with Emmylou, won a 1996 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album. More productions for Luscious Jackson's Fever In Fever Out, Willie Nelson's Teatro, and Dylan's 1997 comeback Time Out of Mind; in between, Lanois also recorded the score to the 1996 film Sling Blade.

Lanois scored again with U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind at the end of 2000, along with working with Joe Henry and others in a support capacity. 2003 saw the year of his third and finest recording, Shine, which featured guest performances from Emmylou Harris and Bono. In 2005, he released the outtake-filled "renegade CD" Rockets through his website, which was followed quickly by Belladonna, a proper album release on Anti. Soon after, photographer Adam Vollick started filming the next year-and-a-half of Lanois' life, following him on the road, with celebrity friends, and in his second home, the recording studio. Lanois premiered the documentary entitled Here Is What Is at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007. The film chronicles the recording of his album of the same name, and includes footage of the actual recording. The album Here Is What Is was released, first by download, then in compact disc, in late 2007 and early 2008. Soon after, Lanois released a three-disc recording called Omni.

Lanois spent time working on a new band project for the next couple of years, with bassist Daryl Johnson, drummer Brian Blade, and vocalist/keyboardist Trixie Whitley. This culminated in the self-titled album Black Dub in 2010. The band toured internationally. Lanois was working on Neil Young's record Le Noise in June 2010 when he was hospitalized after suffering multiple injuries in a motorcycle crash in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. He has since recovered. Lanois' production is recognizable and notable for its 'big' and 'live' drum sound, atmospheric guitars and ambient reverb. Rolling Stone called Lanois the "most important record producer to emerge in the Eighties."

Daniel served as executive producer for Rocco DeLuca's self-titled album and released it on his own Red Floor label through 429 Records in August of 2014  On October 28 2014 Lanois, released an album, entitled Flesh and Machine on ANTI- Records, based on Brian Eno's Ambient albums. The fully instrumental album consists primarily of original atmospheric and process-based sounds, blending pedal steel guitar and a variety of digital and analog sound processing devices. He was assisted by the drummer Brian Blade. In 2016, he released the album Goodbye to Language with Rocco DeLuca..

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Music for Films, Vol. 3, is a set of mismatched pieces by Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (aka Eno). They are from his voluminous works for cinema, installations, shorts, and other related media. The disc contains 15 short pieces (only one is over five minutes). In that regard, there is a distinct similarity to his new wave pop music from the '70s. This album is, however, all instrumental, largely electronic, and distinctly Eno. Despite their dissimilar origins, these tracks have definite cohesion. Eno injects avant-garde timbres and metallic textures into each composition. The flow is smooth, the atmospheres are vast, and the soundscapes are vivid. This is a very cool montage of Eno's work.

VA - Music For Films III (flac 227mb)

  Brian Eno ▪ Daniel Lanois ▪ Michael Brook ▪ Roger Eno ▪ Laraaji ▪ Harold Budd

01 Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno - Tension Block 3:13
02 Michael Brook - Err 4:03
03 John Paul Jones - 4-Minute Warning 3:57
04 Misha Mahlin & Lydia Theremin - For Her Atoms 3:36
05 Harold Budd - Balthus Bemused By Color (Mix II) 5:19
06 Brian Eno - Theme From 'Creation' 3:05
07 Brian Eno - Saint Tom 3:38
08 Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno - White Mustang 3:03
09 Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno - Sirens 3:10
10 Brian Eno - Asian River 4:24
11 Laraaji - Zaragoza 3:08
12 Roger Eno - Quixote 3:34
13 Roger Eno - Fleeting Smile 2:32
14 Roger Eno & Brian Eno - Theme For 'Opera' 2:33
15 Laraaji - Kalimba 2:54

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This stunning debut album by an artist that had hitherto been known only as a producer is priceless, and stands up well to repeated listening. It is a blend of New Orleans rhythm, rock, new age mysticism, and folk. It is not mushy but it is as caressing to the ear as to the mind. It has the very distinctive ethereal sound of the albums he produced for among others the Neville Brothers and Robbie Robertson. All the songs were written or co-written by Lanois, with the exception of the traditional "Amazing Grace" (done in an untraditional manner and sung by Aaron Neville). The songs affect a rural and uncomplicated yet very complete and full sound that brings the listener into their mood, swing into the full lilting joy of "Under a Stormy Sky," to the haunting and ominous "Where the Hawkwind Kills." His sound is a distinctive signature, that holds well with each different song and with each artist for whom he has fashioned albums.

Daniel Lanois - Acadie   (flac  332mb)

01 Still Water 4:29
02 The Maker 4:13
03 O Marie 3:13
04 Jolie Louise 2:41
05 Fisherman's Daughter 2:47
06 White Mustang II 2:54
07 Under A Stormy Sky 2:20
08 Where The Hawkwind Kills 3:51
09 Sillium's Hill 3:00
10 Ice 4:26
11 St. Ann's Gold 3:31
12 Amazing Grace 3:47
Bonus Gold Edition
13 The Maker (Early Bass And Lyrics) 4:38
14 The Maker (Calypso Demo) 4:23
15 Still Water (From Eno's House) 4:33
16 Jolie Louise (Before Dublin) 2:38
17 Early Dourado Sketch 2:51
18 The Source Of Fisherman's Daughter 4:28

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Superproducer Daniel Lanois took a rare turn on center stage as a performer on his second solo release, For the Beauty of Wynona. Released in 1993, the album follows his earlier release, Acadie. Unlike that album, which had some superstar appearances, For the Beauty of Wynona is a more low-key affair and has a more subtle impact. Lanois has a limited range as a vocalist, but he possesses a warmth that draws in the listener. Producing himself, Lanois also is an accomplished guitarist, although his protégé, Malcolm Burn, also adds some guitar as well as keyboards. The music is often moody and watercolored, but there are some more upbeat moments like the jaunty melody of "Sleeping in the Devil's Bed," which has a country feel, and the single "Lotta Love to Give," which is wispy but anchored by twang guitar and has a catchy chorus and serrated guitar solo. For the Beauty of Wynona is not an immediately striking album but rather one that slowly grows on the listener. It also proves that Lanois has something to say on his own.

Daniel Lanois - For The Beauty Of Wynona (flac  295mb)

01 The Messenger 5:27
02 Brother L.A. 4:19
03 Still Learning How To Crawl 5:19
04 Beatrice 4:21
05 Waiting 2:00
06 The Collection Of Marie Claire 4:17
07 Death Of A Train 5:47
08 The Unbreakable Chain 4:19
09 Lotta Love To Give 3:38
10 Indian Red 3:46
11 Sleeping In The Devil's Bed 3:02
12 For The Beauty Of Wynona 5:50
13 Rocky World 2:55

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Wrecking Ball is a leftfield masterpiece, the most wide-ranging, innovative, and daring record in a career built on such notions. Rich in atmosphere and haunting in its dark complexity, much of the due credit belongs to producer Daniel Lanois; best known for his work with pop superstars like U2 and Peter Gabriel, on Wrecking Ball Lanois taps into the very essence of what makes Harris tick -- the gossamer vocals, the flawless phrasing -- while also opening up innumerable new avenues for her talents to explore. The songs shimmer and swirl, given life through Lanois' trademark ringing guitar textures and the almost primal drumming of U2's Larry Mullen, Jr. The fixed point remains Harris' voice, which leaps into each and every one of these diverse compositions -- culled from the pens of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Earle, and others -- with utter fearlessness, as if this were the album she'd been waiting her entire life to make. Maybe it is. Deservedly, Wrecking Ball won the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Recording.

Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball  (flac 334mb)

01 Where Will I Be 4:15
02 Goodbye 4:52
03 All My Tears 3:42
04 Wrecking Ball 4:49
05 Goin' Back To Harlan 4:51
06 Deeper Well 4:19
07 Every Grain Of Sand 3:56
08 Sweet Old World 5:06
09 May This Be Love 4:45
10 Orphan Girl 3:15
11 Blackhawk 4:28
12 Waltz Across Texas Tonight 4:46

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I just saw him play a hometown show in a church last night. Absolutely sublime, despite the pouring rain!

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Sensational. Nice to see these appear here.


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Dearest Rho, would it be possible to re-upload both Daniel Lanois "Acadie" as well as Emmylou Harris - "Wrecking Ball" one day soon?
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Any chance of re-up on the Daniel Lanois albums? Cheers