Sep 24, 2017

Sundaze 1739

Hello, i watched the worldchampionship cycling for females this afternoon, wonderful setting in Bergen Norway, there were 2 big favorites from the Netherlands one of these clearly didn't want the other one to win Van Vleuten had already secured the world time trial title and she doesn't ride for a dutch cycling team, the leading group refused to ride with her in it, the second time same story but this was the last lap so another dutch girl who just about managed to cling onto the leading group was told to go for the break , the rest of the leading group refused to do anything about it and Van Vleuten couldn't as it was her countrywoman Crystal Blaak that was winning. I say fuck you Van De Breggen you got that Olympic Title, because of that dramatic crash Van Vleuten had and to ride like you did to prevent Van Vleuten to win is... well if it had been men i'm sure a fight would have broken out after the finish. Tomorrow it's the men's ride, looks like if the best riders want to win they will have to attack sooner than later it's a 280km race so i'd say attack at 200k..Go Tom Dumoulin or who knows Peter Sagan might say yes i like to keep that rainbow jersey for another year..

Today's Artists are a hypnotic chillgaze electronic outfit from Australia. Their music is atmospheric and spacey and if you ever find yourself longing for the era where trip-hop bands were dishing out beat-driven noir, then you may want to check out this Australian trio.....slow, cinematic, trip-hop....ambient textures derived from sources like Neu! and Eno, which gives their music a wide open feeling ....N'Joy

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All India Radio is the project by Martin Kennedy and Aidan Halloran, both ex-members of Pray TV, one of Australia´s most critically acclaimed indie bands. Pray TV released albums across the world beginning in the late 80´s with legendary Aussie labels Mr Spaceman and Au Go Go Records,  and were acclaimed by international media including Melody Maker, CMJ,Alternative Press, Puncture, Gavin & Rolling Stone and more.

All India Radio are a partially live band and partially studio-based project. The founding (and constant) member of the band is Martin Kennedy, they have released sixteen albums since 2000 and their music has been featured in film and TV including CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, Sicko, Till Human Voices Wake Us, Big Brother Australia, Bondi Rescue and Recruits. Kennedy with All India Radio and Steve Kilbey provided the original soundtrack music for the Australian post-apocalypse film, The Rare Earth.

They were nominated for Australian recording industry award (ARIA) and have collaborated with Steve Kilbey, Graham Lee (The Triffids), Ed Kuepper (The Saints, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds guitarist) and David Bridie (Not Drowning Waving) among others.

WIRED magazine describe All India Radio perfectly: "Since the turn of the 21st century, All India Radio has mashed the ambient-hop signatures of DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Thievery Corporation with the instantly recognizable guitar soundtracking of Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away."

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Steve Kilbey is a whirling dirvish of activity, a more than slightly mad genius and true force of nature. Next to Kilbey's work with the late, great Grant McLennan on the two Jack Frost records, the teaming with Martin Kennedy is the most interesting musical pairing. And of the two records that these guys have recorded White Magic is the best. Clocking in at a concise 38 minutes or so White Magic is a beautiful, trippy dreamscape of an album. My advice is to give the album a few listens for it to really sink into your pores. This stuff is better with age, like a fine wine. Kilbey is the lyricist here and Martin Kennedy is the composer. And Kennedy, the mastermind behind ambient musical group All India Radio, has really outdone himself with White Magic. There are 11 amazing tracks on White Magic. Kilbey is in fine voice throughout. Kudos to Martin Kennedy for a wonderful job recording and mixing the music and to Jorden Brebach for recording Kilbey's mellifluous voice. To add to the whole experience, check-out the Kilbey/Kennedy website for Martin Kennedy's really clever animated videos of a few of these songs.

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - White Magic (flac 226mb)

01 The Demo 3:48
02 Close 3:52
03 Intense 3:22
04 Inner Country 3:32
05 Unfocused 4:01
06 Mountain 3:30
07 Hope 3:37
08 Dreamstate 3:24
09 Sumer 3:30
10 Messiah Around 3:11
11 The Broken Sea 3:03

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Behind The Sky was originally a bonus CD that came with the vinyl edition of our 2012 album Red Shadow Landing. This is the first time it has been available in digital form with artwork.

It features the entire Red Shadow Landing album remixed to remove certain instruments then slowed down and reversed. Fripp & Eno did it to brilliant effect on their reissue of No Pussyfooting, and I thought I'd give it a go! I especially love what slowing and reversing does to guitar sounds and George Ellis' wonderful strings.

All India Radio - Behind the Sky (flac 259mb)

01 Behind the Sky Part 1 18:43
02 Behind the Sky Part 2 16:58
03 Behind the Sky Part 3 18:06

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Music from the forthcoming Australian post-apocalypse film The Rare Earth, "as surrealistic as any David Lynch movie, and as slippery to grasp. (Director) Stevenson is a cinematic visionary who instinctively recognises that cinema is primarily and profoundly about images, images with music" Soundtrack by Martin Kennedy of All India Radio as well as music from his acclaimed collaboration with Steve Kilbey, front man of The Church

Features new, remixed and previous album tracks by All India Radio and Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy.

All India Radio - The Rare Earth (Original Soundtrack)  (flac 359mb)

01 Opening Title Sequence 3:57
02 Heat Morning 4:45
03 Lorelei (with Steve Kilbey) 3:53
04 Moonlight Sonata 5:41
05 Steel Miocene 3:00
06 The Tale of Thomas Tipp 2:34
07 Brother Moon Sister Sun (with Steve Kilbey) 3:42
08 Grey 4:15
09 Drone Appointment 3 2:56
10 Can't Get Free (with Steve Kilbey) 4:26
11 Nightfevers Desert 2:12
12 Crows in the Machine 3:06
13 East Side West Side (Instumental) (with Steve Kilbey) 4:10
14 Losing Houston 3:24
15 Unfocused (with Steve Kilbey) 4:01
16 Finale (Instrumental) (with Steve Kilbey) 4:16
17 Strange Days 5:26
18 Final Sun Flares 3:37
19 Intense (with Steve Kilbey) 3:22
20 An Epilogue 1:05

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Four years in the making The Slow Light is All India Radio's tenth studio album. The Slow Light features artwork by 1960s visionary artist Victor Atkins (who won the 1969 Society of Illustrators Illustrator Award for his striking 'Miles in The Sky' Miles Davis LP cover). The Slow Light is the first LP cover Atkins has produced in decades.

All India Radio's Martin Kennedy infuses the album's fuzzy dreamgaze and slow motion beats with "distinctive shadings of Ennio Morricone and Brian Eno"  and "the ambient-hop signatures of DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Thievery Corporation. The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away."

All India Radio - The Slow Light + Bonus (flac  499mb)
01 Blueshift 02:49
02 Dark Star 04:58
03 Can You Hear The Sound (feat Selena Cross) 04:16
04 The Slow Light 04:11 video
05 Sunburst 04:46
06 Redshift 05:39
07 Galaxy of Light 04:42
08 Twelve 03:49
09 Time 04:03
10 The Embers 02:25
11 Downtempo Groove 5:46
12 Warped Ring Theory 5:11
13 The Space Race 5:02
14 Can You Hear The Sound (Chillwave Mix feat. Selena Cross) 4:15
15 Space Funck 5:02
16 Dark Star (Ambient Mix) 4:13
17 Saucer (2015 Remix) 5:12
18 Time (Extended Version) 6:16
19 Saturn's Child (Bonus Track) 3:58
20 The Slow Light (Ambient Mix) 3:19
21 Can You Hear The Sound (Ambient Mix feat. Selena Cross) 4:20

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Demo and lofi cassette recordings from Martin Kennedy, writer and guitarist with All India Radio & Kilbey/Kennedy. Desert Tapes 1984 - 1994 consists of soundscapes, tape manipulations and electronic doodles from the early 1980’s to the mid 1990’s. Most of these songs were originally recorded on reel to reel and cassette tapes and were mastered from those same tapes, complete with hiss, pops, dropouts and dodgy editing. I have restored them where possible but many of the blemishes remain audible.

Martin Kennedy - Desert Tapes 1984 - 1994 (flac 182mb)

01 Little Desert Ambient 3:40
02 Gone 1:43
03 1987 Ambient 1 2:38
04 Dx7 Heaven 2:10
05 Twisted Metal Mind 3 2:52
06 Twisted Metal Mind 1 1:52
07 Rust 1 2:20
08 Rust 2 1:03
09 Rust 3 2:42
10 Analogue 1984 1 3:37
11 1994 Ambient 3:15
12 Radio 3:41
13 1987 Ambient 2 1:12
14 Analogue 1984 2 1:44
15 Pensive 2:54
16 1987 Ambient 3 2:33
17 Twisted Metal Mind 2 1:14
18 Untitled 1994 1:04
19 1985 Ambient 2:01

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Can you re-upload please. Would be very grateful.

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Hi Rho,

Can you re-upload all of Sundaze 1739. That'll complete the All India Radio posts you did. Thnx so much & for introducing me to this music=