Sep 3, 2017

Sundaze 1736

Hello, F1 qualifying in the rain caused a lot of waiting and in the end the Ferrari's found themselves in the bottom of the top 10 unable to get their raintyres to work properly. Hamilton took his 69th recordbraking pole in front of the Red Bulls but they got plenty of penalty points, more teams decided to take penalty points at Monza, so with his 20 penalty points for a new engine Verstappen still gets to start 14th ouch, hopefully he gets thru the first lap. In the Vuelta all is set for a Froome victory, however behind him the battle for the other two podium places is far from decided the whole top ten is within striking distance.

Today's Artists are a hypnotic chillgaze electronic outfit from Australia. Their music is atmospheric and spacey and if you ever find yourself longing for the era where trip-hop bands were dishing out beat-driven noir, then you may want to check out this Australian trio.....slow, cinematic, trip-hop....ambient textures derived from sources like Neu! and Eno, which gives their music a wide open feeling ....N'Joy

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All India Radio is the project by Martin Kennedy and Aidan Halloran, both ex-members of Pray TV, one of Australia´s most critically acclaimed indie bands. Pray TV released albums across the world beginning in the late 80´s with legendary Aussie labels Mr Spaceman and Au Go Go Records,  and were acclaimed by international media including Melody Maker, CMJ,Alternative Press, Puncture, Gavin & Rolling Stone and more.

All India Radio are a partially live band and partially studio-based project. The founding (and constant) member of the band is Martin Kennedy, they have released sixteen albums since 2000 and their music has been featured in film and TV including CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, Sicko, Till Human Voices Wake Us, Big Brother Australia, Bondi Rescue and Recruits. Kennedy with All India Radio and Steve Kilbey provided the original soundtrack music for the Australian post-apocalypse film, The Rare Earth.

They were nominated for Australian recording industry award (ARIA) and have collaborated with Steve Kilbey, Graham Lee (The Triffids), Ed Kuepper (The Saints, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds guitarist) and David Bridie (Not Drowning Waving) among others.

WIRED magazine describe All India Radio perfectly: "Since the turn of the 21st century, All India Radio has mashed the ambient-hop signatures of DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Thievery Corporation with the instantly recognizable guitar soundtracking of Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away."

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The acclaimed debut album from Australian downtempo instrumental band All India Radio. Spun by the late great John Peel who playlisted it on his show, the album also charted in the Belgium, Dutch and Polish Indie charts. 'The Inevitable' is a very beautiful album of ambient music, an album which could have been imagined by the German pioneers of ambient music. These two Australians, obviously influenced by Asia and the Indian ocean more than we are in Europe, have avoided all the typical traps of so called "immobile music". They do not just produce a showcase of beautiful sounds. Here one is submerged by the notes coming out of the drum machine. Noises pour out in a delirious dreamlike form, the way it feels when one is slightly feverish and everything sounds rushed and mangled. The sci-fi ambient themes of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream can also be heard in the music and the world music themes are touched upon with a collection of lo-fi Indian street recordings upon which the album is based. These were recorded in India by Aiden Halloran.

All India Radio - The Inevitable  (flac 316mb)

01 Hotel Madras 4:40
02 Street Conversions 3:59
03 Losing Houston 3:25
04 Night Fevers 2:13
05 Bollywood Nights 4:18
06 Wake in Waco 4:38
07 Holy Cowboys 5:18
08 All India Radio 5:06
09 Radio Silence 3:02
10 The Final Frontier 5:58
11 Bombay Mafia 2:05
12 Departure Lounge Tea Break 5:50
13 All India Radio (Drivetime Remix) 4:41
14 Hotel Madras (Reprise) 3:04
15 Bollywood Nights (echo beach version) 3:50
16 Holy Cowboys (2002 version) 6:31

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

A.I.R. Keeps things interesting because their abums are completely different... These all have their own unique feel. A.I.R  are versatile awesome dinner music, work music, or something to chill .. contemplate to.. . It is warm and friendly.. calming. It is always interesting and never boring. They always have a perfect sound scape!

All India Radio - 002 (flac  215mb)
01 By The Time I Get To Narita 3:59
02 Permanent Revolutions 4:40
03 Pacific High 0:28
04 You'll Never Go To Bollywood 4:07
05 Conspiracy Theories 2:50
06 Havana Waits 2:16
07 Highland Lowlife 3:30
08 How Many, For How Long 2:08
09 All The Way Down The West Coast 2:00
10 Border Crossings 2:33
11 Gringo Perdito 2:04
12 Wetbacks And Greenbacks 4:16
13 Surf On The Malecon 3:14

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Beginning with the chilled feedback ambience of "Home," All India Radio's self-titled album is a gentle masterpiece of instrumental rock, contrasting against the frenetic noise of their countrymen the Dirty Three and the aggressive shifts between loud/soft/loud of Mogwai with slow and steady guitar/electronics soundscapes that balance between feelings of the past and a sense of a vast yet melancholy future. Shifting between short transitional pieces and longer compositions, the overall feeling of the album is of being out in some near-empty desert in an eternal sunset glow, near dark but not quite there yet. It makes the song "Evening Star" all that much more appropriately titled, the steady drumming and softly rising keyboards and sense of distant space framing the lovely main guitar line. "Waukaringa," with its own guitar part disappearing and almost total silence before a sudden lush return by the full band, is its own example of suddenly beautiful change, as is the "Trincomalee" percussion loop of backwards beats and almost dub bass. The slow brushed drum and twangy guitar of "Tijuana Dream," not to mention the melancholy yet utterly beautiful and serene string synths later in the song, looks back to everyone from the Walkabouts and Chris Isaak to Lee Hazlewood but finds its closest contemporaries in the Paradise Motel, at once "modern" and a burnt-out dream of it, feeling like a conclusion to an epic film soundtrack. As for the shorter pieces, they often have a clear beauty of their own, like the soft piano parts and rising and falling feedback and drone flow of "Voodoo Instrumental."

All India Radio - All India Radio (flac 289mb)

01. Home 1:48
02. Tijuana Dream 6:08
03. Silent Surf 2:22
04. Untitled Beginning 0:38
05. Evening Star 5:20
06. Open Sky Experiment 3:44
07. Voodoo Instrumental 2:40
08. Moon Rise 1989 0:57
09. Waukaringa 4:33
10. Trincomalee 2:56
11. 10:58 5:40
12. Home II 1:50
13. Untitled Demo 1 2:44
14. Tijuana Dream (Demo Version) 4:39
15. Waukaringa (Early Mix) 4:48
16. Untitled Demo 2 3:53
17. Evening Star (Last Port of Call Version) 2:33
18. Untitled Demo 3 1:21

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Australian ambient pop outfit All India Radio make a bid for wider recognition in the Northern Hemisphere with their fourth album, signing with the estimable Chicago-based indie Minty Fresh. That's the only noticeable change on Echo Other, however: otherwise, this is a whole lot more of the same, and that's a good thing. Sounding like a mellower version of Boards of Canada, All India Radio (basically, multi-instrumentalist Martin Kennedy plus occasional guests) specialize in the dreamiest kind of dream pop, all floating sustained keyboard chords and downtempo beats, accented with folky acoustic and twangy, Ennio Morricone-style electric guitars and, rarely, female vocals mixed well into the background. (Indeed, the vocals on this album are a good example of Phil Spector's famous dictum that some instruments should be felt but not heard.) The music is beautiful and organic with enough depth to keep coming back for multiple listening’s a delicate and intriguing piece of work. (Expanded Edition here featuring 8 unreleased tracks and remixes)

All India Radio - Echo Other (flac 428mb)

01 Four Three (feat. Selena Cross) 4:02
02 The Quiet Ambient 4:18
03 Mexicola 5:25
04 Song in C 3:36
05 Sunshine Briefly 2:03
06 Tropic Of Unicorn 1:56
07 The Time 3:54
08 Elizabethland 1:33
09 Ghost Dirt 3:37
10 Whistle 3:51
11 Echo Other 5:32
12 Endless Highway 5:19
13 Mexicola (MK early mix) (free) 5:21
14 Epic (unreleased) 4:08
15 Restless (unreleased) 2:26
16 Four Three (ambient mix) 1:57
17 Quiet Ambient (early mix) 4:35
18 Mexicola (demo) 4:19
19 Echo Other (MK early mix) (free) 3:23
20 Four Three (MK vocal early mix) 3:32

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Anonymous said...

A lovely post. One note, however - somehow your track order got all jumbled on 002 (on the FLAC one, at least.) Anyone who downloads this should consult the order that's listed here, which is correct. As almost all of the tracks segue, it's pretty noticeable and important in this case.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see what the issue is now. The above is also true for your Echo Other, though with a slight difference. Apparently these are the Bandcamp editions. Why he would have messed them up like that I don't know, but as mentioned, the segues between tracks clearly indicate what order they should be in.

Unlike 002, however, the listing you have here is from the Bandcamp version. So to be listened to in the correct sequence, one should consult the Discogs listing for it.

Over and out....

Rho said...

Hello Anon All India has been releasing lot's of muaic as well as eexpanded re-releases but something went wrong at my end here. I have corrected the order now, my apologies to you and those that downloaded the miss segued version.

Anonymous said...

No worries, it was all easily fixable once I figured out what was going on. I do still wonder about some of his re-releases though, because some of those track orders shown on Bandcamp are definitely not right. Anyway - onward.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-upload please. Would be very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Rho, thnx for te re-up!