Sep 10, 2017

Sundaze 1737

Hello, looks like those black ops managed to push Irma onto Cuba somewhat, thereby weaking the hurricane and diverting it's path somewhat so that Miami gets spared the full brunt of this superstorm, let's face it Florida is doomed, not today or tomorrow but a hundred years maybe 2 most of it will be shark territory.

Today's Artists are a hypnotic chillgaze electronic outfit from Australia. Their music is atmospheric and spacey and if you ever find yourself longing for the era where trip-hop bands were dishing out beat-driven noir, then you may want to check out this Australian trio.....slow, cinematic, trip-hop....ambient textures derived from sources like Neu! and Eno, which gives their music a wide open feeling ....N'Joy

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All India Radio is the project by Martin Kennedy and Aidan Halloran, both ex-members of Pray TV, one of Australia´s most critically acclaimed indie bands. Pray TV released albums across the world beginning in the late 80´s with legendary Aussie labels Mr Spaceman and Au Go Go Records,  and were acclaimed by international media including Melody Maker, CMJ,Alternative Press, Puncture, Gavin & Rolling Stone and more.

All India Radio are a partially live band and partially studio-based project. The founding (and constant) member of the band is Martin Kennedy, they have released sixteen albums since 2000 and their music has been featured in film and TV including CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, Sicko, Till Human Voices Wake Us, Big Brother Australia, Bondi Rescue and Recruits. Kennedy with All India Radio and Steve Kilbey provided the original soundtrack music for the Australian post-apocalypse film, The Rare Earth.

They were nominated for Australian recording industry award (ARIA) and have collaborated with Steve Kilbey, Graham Lee (The Triffids), Ed Kuepper (The Saints, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds guitarist) and David Bridie (Not Drowning Waving) among others.

WIRED magazine describe All India Radio perfectly: "Since the turn of the 21st century, All India Radio has mashed the ambient-hop signatures of DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Thievery Corporation with the instantly recognizable guitar soundtracking of Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away."

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All India Radio's first collection of remixes, film music and unreleased songs from the years 1999-2005. Includes the original version of their highest selling song 'Lofi Groovy.' Includes bonus PDF A3 poster of front cover art by Martin Kennedy. Combining drifting acoustic, slide and bass guitar, sweeping synth washes, and severely reverbed samples that are more often than not, accompanied by slow-rolling down tempo beats, All India Radio's "Permanent Evolutions" is the perfect soundtrack for those introspective moments in life when all you want to do is reconnect to that familiar inner something you haven't felt for a while.

All India Radio - Permanent Evolutions  (flac 309mb)

01 Open Sky Experiment (ST-244 Remix) 3:30
02 Permanent Revolutions (Don Meers Remix) 4:26
03 Little Mexico 0:48
04 How Many, For How Long (Morphodic Bliss Mix) 3:23
05 Dark Ambient (AM Mix) 1:21
06 Life And How To Do It 3:37
07 For Angel (All India Radio vs. Don Meers Mix) 4:19
08 Lo Fi Groovy 3:12
09 Walking On A.I.R. 3:32
10 Delhi Dub 1:40
11 Pray To The TV Funk (Left Brain Mix) 4:43
12 A Moment (TV Version) 1:19
13 Old India 4:01
14 The Long Goodbye 16:49

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Expanded edition of All India Radio 2007 album featuring the exquisite voice of Leona Gray. Includes 14 bonus tracks! "With barely perceptible shades of triphop sound experimentation, moody folk, and brightly shining feminine atmosphere, Fall can easily be classified as one 2008's most beautiful album.

All India Radio have made some of the most gorgeous and profound music of the 00's. There is a basic accessibility to their sound but it was going to take a little more straight-forwardness and a little less ethereality to appeal to the masses which seems to be what they are after here. They have taken dream-pop to the next level with some mind-numbingly gorgeous songs. This is also the b and's first album with its new singer Leona Prue, whose voice pulls the listener into a trance-like state from almost the first note she utters.

All India Radio - Fall (Exp Ed) (flac  501mb)
01 Far Away (Radio Edit) 03:07
02 The End or Near 05:18
03 Morning Drops II 02:07
04 Persist 03:33
05 Asphyxciate 04:41
06 Morning Drops 04:14
07 Let Me Remain 03:45
08 Endless Night 04:25
09 Fall 03:52
10 Chameleon 03:37
11 Far Away (Instrumental Mix) 03:49
12 Persist (Echo Beach Mix) 03:39
13 Morning Drops (Piano Mix) 03:38
14 The End Or Near (Piano Mix) 02:06
15 The Muse (unreleased) 03:46
16 A Tubular Bell (Classical Version) 02:49
17 Asphixciate (Cocteau Mix) 04:48
18 Morning Drops (Bossa Mix) 03:41
19 Persist (Fast Mix) 04:04
20 Far Away (Acoustic Mix) (free) 02:21
21 Morning Drops (Acoustic Mix) 03:36
22 Asphyxiate (Acoustic Mix) 03:34
23 Let Me Remain (Acoustic Mix) 02:43
24 The End or Near (The Bomb Mix) (free) 03:08

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Somewhere, music is playing... though not in the room w/ you, not from your earphones or your speakers. Music is playing somewhere down the street, across the valley, or otherwise "elsewhere". You are driving early in the evening or later at night in the vicinity of a large concert venue, and though you are not at the show, and are barely able to make out much of the detail of the compositions, the sound system is plenty loud and SOMETHIN' like music is travelling all the way over to the open windows of your vehicle. Sounds like a pretty good show, too...! In production for over three years - recorded in the quiet moments between the activities of other All India Radio projects, the album is Martin’s first purely ‘ambient’ album.

All India Radio - These Winter Dreams (flac 209mb)

01 Slow Burn 2:30
02 Warm 3:31
03 Fuzzy 3:00
04 Evening Pills 4:17
05 Heat 4:56
06 Strange Days 5:28
07 Ebow Drone 4:19
08 Steel Sunrise (Ai Mix) 2:29
09 Driftwood 4:06
10 Narita Morning 4:08
11 Dark Ambient 4 4:03
12 An Appointment 4:02

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A collection of All India Radio's music used in film & TV productions including One Tree Hill and shows for Foxtel, SBS and ABC. "Shades of Ennio Morricone with echoes of Boards of Canada and Brian Eno"

All India Radio - Film Musik (flac 318mb)

01 The Quiet Ambient 04:17
02 Last Port Of Call 02:33
03 Permanent Revolutions 04:29
04 Sunshine Briefly 02:04
05 Mexicola 05:24
06 Evening Star 05:17
07 Horse Groove 02:43
08 Waukaringa 04:34
09 Deady Boy 02:03
10 The Time 03:52
11 Doing Stuff 03:07
12 Far Away (instrumental) 03:53
13 Harmonium Across The Sea 01:47
14 Dry (film mix) (free) 04:59
15 Gunslinger 3 03:16
16 Its Happy Time 02:28

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Anonymous said...


I had never heard of these folks, thank you
very much, quite interesting music.


djguccigang said...

I really enjoyed these songs!Good mix!I want to find a samples like in "Open Sky Experiment" and "Little Mexico".I found one pack with similar samples - . This is not enough.Plas help.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

This is neither Roots nor Aetix, so can you please upload the two last albums posted here by All India Radio?