Apr 25, 2017

RhoDeo 1717 Roots

Hello, ever since February 2016 the roots postings have come from Brazil, the Olympics have come and gone but Rho-Xs have stayed on the ball but after next weeks final post it's time to move on and so it's time to leave the country with some great beats..

The music of Brazil encompasses various regional music styles influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms. After 500 years of history, Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles such as samba, bossa nova, MPB, sertanejo, pagode, tropicalia, choro, maracatu, embolada (coco de repente), mangue bit, funk carioca (in Brazil simply known as Funk), frevo, forró, axé, brega, lambada, and Brazilian versions of foreign musical genres, such as Brazilian rock and rap.

Favela is the Brazilian equivalent of the Jamaican shantytown or the American ghetto, and from it springs an incredible variety of sounds -- samba, funk, hip-hop, easy listening and even drum'n'bass during the late '90s and early 2000s. Although the Favela Chic club is an ocean away (in Paris), it's become a focal point of the favela sound. Favela Chic Postonove, re-creates a night at the club by packing in two dozen tracks that may result in a case of whiplash if listeners attempt to chart the styles on display...N'Joy

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Among the many hidden treasures of Paris is Favela Chic, a little gem of a restaurant and club tucked into a side street off Faubourg-du-Temple. Finding the illuminated top hat hovering above a small alleyway – the bar’s only exterior signage – is the hardest part, but once patrons arrive, they’ll be swept into the eclectic atmosphere of a Brazilian carnival.

Pushing aside the palm fronds reveals a scattering of picnic tables in the long and colorful rectangular room that serves as a restaurant. Guests should show up early if they want to peruse the extensive menu and try some of the best Brazilian food in Paris – the kitchen closes at 11pm when the restaurant and back bar transform into a nightclub, and there’s no guarantee that the other patrons will wait for diners to finish before they start dancing on the tables.

Favela Chic is loud, hot, and sweaty and regularly filled with a young, international party crowd. The atmosphere is feverish, the dance floor packed, and people are clearly in the mood to let loose and show off their seductive dance moves to the rhythmic beat of Brazilian and Latin music. It would be hard to find a club more dynamic and energetic than Favela Chic, so for anyone who’s looking for a quiet night out – this ain’t it!

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Favela is the Brazilian equivalent of the Jamaican shantytown or the American ghetto, and from it springs an incredible variety of sounds -- samba, funk, hip-hop, easy listening and even drum'n'bass during the late '90s and early 2000s. Although the Favela Chic club is an ocean away (in Paris), it's become a focal point of the favela sound. Favela Chic Postonove, the first volume in a series of mixes, re-creates a night at the club by packing in two dozen tracks that may result in a case of whiplash if listeners attempt to chart the styles on display (in that sense, favela has no specific "sound" to speak of, only an energy and specific quality of production that ties its tracks together). Here, Walter Wanderley's bustling and breezy "Batucada" gives way to an easy listening funk singalong ("Eu Também Quero Mócoto") from long-time Brazilian bandleader Erlon Chaves. Also given ample space is baile funk, an urban dance music heavily reliant on sample-laden party rap; highlights come from Batutinha DJ and Bonde de Gorila. But the energy displayed by these new-school artists is trumped by the artist with a longer resume than anyone -- Jorge Ben, whose contribution is the totally bonkers "Cuidado Com o Bulldog," which cycles between acoustic pop and heavy-riffing hard rock. (Most bizarre of all, however, has to be a cover of "Sixteen Tons" by Funk Como le Gusta.)

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove (flac  419mb)

01 Seu Jorge - Manda O Som Dj ! 0:29
02 Bezerra Da Silva - Eu Sou Favela 3:21
03 Walter Wanderley - Batucada 2:05
04 Erlon Chaves - E Tamben Quero Mocoto 4:13
05 Ed Lincoln - Eu Não Vou Mais 3:17
06 Os Incríveis - Vendedor De Bananas 3:40
07 Gringo Da Parada - Crianças 0:35
08 Jorge Ben - Cuidado Com O Bulldog 2:54
09 Funk Como Le Gusta - 16 Toledanas (Sixteen Tons) 3:05
10 Seu Jorge - Mangueira 4:23
11 Antonio Carlos E Jocafi - Simbarerê 2:37
12 Os Reis Do Batuque - Trem Batucada 4:06
13 A Coisona - Aquecimento De Capoeira 3:24
14 Batutinha Dj - Megamon 2:18
15 Gringo Da Parada - Mengoooo 1:05
16 Bonde Do Gorila - Porrada Solução 3:04
17 Gringo Da Parada - Coca - Agua - Skol 2:21
18 De Falla - Popozuda Rock'N Roll 1:48
19 Trio Nordestino - Chinelo De Rosinha 2:51
20 Elza Soares - Edmundo (In The Mood) 1:53
21 Jair Rodrigues - Alegria De Vocês 2:12
22 Fla Flu Prod - Mar Do Postonove 0:21
23 Jorge Ben - Rosa, Menina Rosa 2:13
24 Bebeto - Morte Da Sandalia De Couro 3:10
25 Seu Jorge - Acabou 0:28

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove   (ogg  160mb)

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The second volume of tunes assembled by and for the painfully hip Paris nightspot Favela Chic is a surprising and far-reaching smorgasbord of Brazilian grooves both old and new. There's a superb mix of obscure samba cuts from the 1970s and latter-day material from the Trama label -- the common thread is the sublimely funky energy of all the songs, which goes well beyond the norms of most Brazilian music into a cross-cultural stratosphere that's pretty much all its own. If this set is even remotely representative of a typical evening at Favela Chic, fly to Paris posthaste, bribe the bouncer, and glide past the velvet rope. Highlights include "Favela" by Z'Africa Brasil, "Nao Pode" by Tony Bizarro, "Eu Bebo Sim" by Elizete Cardoso, and "Mamae Natureza" by Rita Lee.

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove 2 (flac  459mb)

01 Z'Africa Brasil - Favela
02 Os Originais Do Samba - Tenha Fe Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer
03 Os Originais Do Samba - Falador Passa Mal
04 Abílio Manoel - Luiza Manequim
05 Rita Lee - Mamãe Natureza
06 Trio Ternura - Sempre Existe Alguem
07 Sydney Magal - Meu Sangue Ferve Por Voce
08 Tony Bizarro - Nao Pode
09 Tim Maia - Vou Com Gas
10 Marku - Barrankeiro
11 Marcelo D2 - Batucada
12 Câmbio Negro - Esse É Meu País
13 Planet Hemp - Hip Hop Duo Rio (Bruno E. Remix)
14 Radio Favela Vs Z'Africa Brasil - Favela (2 Tribes Version)
15 Mo' Horizons - Pe Na Estrada (Hit The Road Jack)
16 Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix)
17 DJ Marky & XRS / Jorge Ben / Toquinho - LK (Carolina Carol Bela)
18 Eliseth Cardoso - Eu Bebo Sim
19 Martinho Da Vila - Disritmia
20 Gal Costa - Deus E O Amor
21 Unknown Artist - Atirei O Pau No Gato
22 Secos & Molhados - Rosa De Hiroshima
23 Cibelle - Flor Na Favela

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove 2 (ogg  177mb)

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The third volume in a breathtaking series that charts Brazilian club culture -- from the samba/bossa nova of the '60s through the party hip-hop of the 2000s -- has a similar arc to previous volumes: '70s and '80s singers and/or songwriters dominate the first half, while hip-hop and sampladelic acts take over the latter half. If the inclusions aren't as catchy and heart-stopping as on previous rounds, all of them are still well worth hearing. Highlights include Luciano Perrone's deft "Samba Vocalizado (The Vocal Samba)" (to hear it is to understand), Seu Jorge's whimsical, ukulele-led "Tive Razão," and Os Diagonais making like a latter-day Mutantes fronting James Brown's band on "Nao Vou Chorar."

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove 3   (flac  404mb)

01 Seu Jorge - Tive Razão 4:31
02 Sandra De Sá -Olhos Coloridos 4:13
03 Emilio Santiago - Bananeira 2:49
04 Raulzinho & Impacto 8 - Spinning Wheel (Viva Torta) 2:24
05 Erlon Chaves & Sua Banda Veneno - Jesus Cristo 2:04
06 Wilson Simonal - Mexerico Da Candinha 2:32
07 Os Diagonais - Nao Vou Chorar 2:23
08 Luciano Perrone - Samba Vocalizado (The Vocal Samba) 2:20
09 Beth Carvalho - Saco De Feijão 2:58
10 Marcelo D2 - A Procura Da Batida Perfeita 3:00
11 Rappin Hood - Sou Negrão 5:08
12 DJ Dolores & Orchestra Santa Massa - A Dança Da Moda 3:40
13 Cabruêra - Forró Esferográfico 2:37
14 BoTECOeletro - BoTECOeletro Visits As Baianas Mensageiras De Santa Luzia 2:11
15 Fernandinho Beat Box - Beatboxsamba 1:03
16 Ginger Ale Vs. Z'Africa Brasil - Hip Hop Não Para 3:55
17 DJ Dennis Feat. CABO - São João, Vila Rosali 1:57
18 Pinduca - Vamos Farrear 2:53
19 Eli Goulart & Banda Do Mato - Sunny 3:27
20 Evinha - Olha Eu Aqui Oh! Oh! Oh! 2:41
21 Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Minhas Razões 3:04

 Various - Favela Chic - Postonove 3 (ogg   154mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

One of the hippest restaurant/clubs in Europe right now is Favela Chic, which has locations in both London and Paris, and has been slowly building a reputation for its DJs putting together some of the finest compilations of Brazilian music available today. Postonove 4, the latest in the series, stays true to its predecessors’ style in that it rotates between traditional players such as Os Mutantes and Elza Soares while throwing in many new and obscure samba cuts that joyously capture the consistent progression of traditional samba forms. With over a million revellers set to take to the streets of Rio this month in the annual Carnival celebrations, opening track "La Vem Salgueiro” fittingly captures the excitement with traditional samba guitars strummed over whistles and bongos that like all of the cuts, puts a groove in your step but never makes you feel awkward. As with previous compilations, the Postonove series is not content to just stick with one genre and Marcelinho da Lua and Voltair offer slices of Brazilian hip-hop and its famed drum & bass scene on "Tranquilo” and "A Hora do Brazil.”

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove 4 (flac  383mb)

01 Tchiky & Papo - No Favela Chic (Intro)
02 Os Originais Do Samba - La Vem O Salgueiro
03 Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba
04 Fundo de Quintal - Te Gosto
05 Celso Murilo - Cha-Cha Celso
06 Orlann Divo - Tudo Joia
07 Elza Soares - Deixa Isso Pra La
08 Caju & Castanha - Porfia
09 Black Alien, Marcelinho Da Lua - Tranqüilo
10 Voltair - A Hora Do Brasil
11 DJ Sandrinho - Favela Chic Ta Ligado
12 Dub Do Galo - Instituto
13 Seu Jorge - Bem Querer
14 Ronald Mesquita - Balança Pema
15 Bezerra Da Silva - Malandragem Da Um Tempo
16 Dona Edith Do Prato - Marinheiro So
17 Dinho Nascimento - Berimbau Blues
18 Dóris Monteiro - Coqueiro Verde
19 Voltair - Se Liga Nessa
20 Lucio Mala, Fred Zero Quatro, Jorge Du Peixe - Ligia

Various - Favela Chic - Postonove 4 (ogg  151mb)

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