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The music of Brazil encompasses various regional music styles influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms. After 500 years of history, Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles such as samba, bossa nova, MPB, sertanejo, pagode, tropicalia, choro, maracatu, embolada (coco de repente), mangue bit, funk carioca (in Brazil simply known as Funk), frevo, forró, axé, brega, lambada, and Brazilian versions of foreign musical genres, such as Brazilian rock and rap.

Today's artist is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and occasional actress and television show host. She is one of the most popular and best-selling Brazilian female singers of the present, with six albums released with Banda Eva, and seven more albums in a solo career. Sangalo is most often recognized by her powerful voice, charisma and live performances. Her music is also very popular in Portugal. She sold 15 million copies....N'Joy

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Ivete Sangalo was born in Juazeiro, May 27, 1972, Bahia, where she spent her whole childhood. She is of paternal Spanish descent, her grandfather was born there. She started her singing career in events at school and then started singing at bars. Soon, she started to receive some attention and signed with Sony Music. In 1993, Sony decided to reform the Axé group Banda Eva and she was chosen as the lead singer. Her live album with the band, Banda Eva Ao Vivo, was their best-selling album, selling over a million copies. In 1997 she decided to start a solo career and in 1999 she released her first self-titled album. With lots of upbeat Bahian rhythms and axé, the album received gold and platinum certification. The following year she released another album, Beat Beleza, which also achieved platinum status.

In 2000 she released the album Festa (Party), whose title track was another major success. The single was very popular, and the album got platinum certification. "Festa" was her biggest hit single up to that point and the video also received huge airplay. "Festa" ended up being the most popular song of 2001 in Brazil. Its music video featured over 20 cameo appearances by Brazilian celebrities. In 2002, she released the album Se Eu Não te Amasse Tanto Assim (If I Didn't Love You So Much), titled after her big hit that reached the first position in the singles chart. The album, which features a duet with American singer Brian McKnight, didn't sell as much as her previous albums, but was still a hit. Following Se Eu Não te Amasse Tanto Assim, she released Clube Carnavalesco Innocentes Em Progresso in 2003. It was the lowest-selling solo album of her career but it still managed to receive gold certification.
2003–08: Career consolidation
Sangalo in 2004.

MTV Ao Vivo Ivete Sangalo MTV Live: Ivete Sangalo (2004), was a live album and included her biggest hits, few released on a live album before, and some Banda Eva hits. The album earned huge sales, most of them because of the single "Sorte Grande", which was renamed "Poeira" by the public and became a big hit in parties, on the radio and also at soccer stadiums (where it was used to cheer the soccer teams). The song received heavy airplay in Brazil. The album received diamond certification and was the second best-selling album of 2004. The DVD, which included the concert held at the Fonte Nova stadium, was certified 3x Diamond, sold over 600,000 copies, and is the best-selling musical DVD in Brazil of all time (and the best-selling musical DVD in the world in the second half of 2005).

In 2005, Sangalo was called by Billboard: Brazil's Queen Song, due to the release of their first live DVD "MTV Ao Vivo" released at that time, the album made references to Carmen Miranda in one of his tracks, Miranda lived in the United States during the first half of the 20th century and epitomized Latin sensuality through her numerous Hollywood films. Asked if she intends to repeat Miranda's success, Sangalo said, "It would be too pretentious for me to even dream about that parallel. But I would like to follow [in] the steps of Tom Jobim and Caetano Veloso. They are Brazilian artists who are respected all around the world. For me, that will be more difficult to achieve, because I want to be known for the kind of music I sing-[which] doesn't fit the Brazilian standards foreign audiences are used to. I want people to [respect] my musical style."[10]

Her 2005 album, As Supernovas, received triple platinum certification shortly after its release. The album was less upbeat than the others and included some songs with a 1970s touch, with the big influence of Brazilian singer Ed Motta. She also included the hit "Soy Loco por ti America", a Gilberto Gil song. Sangalo's cover would become the theme song of Rede Globo's soap opera América, and thanks to the tie-in, the song became very popular. "Quando a Chuva Passar" was notable for being nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards, an uncommon feature for a non-Spanish-speaking singer. As Supernovas also received diamond certification which consolidated her as the biggest female solo singer in Brazil.

Due to her remarkable appearances on TV, Rede Globo, the biggest Brazilian TV station, invited her to host the TV show Estação Globo, which aires about six episodes every year in late December/early January.

On December 16, 2006, she performed in the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, where Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Police, Rush, RBD, and Madonna also performed. She was the first Brazilian act to perform in this stadium since pop phenomenon Sandy & Junior in 2002. The concert was released as a DVD in May 2007. While her last live DVD was an MTV Ao Vivo, this new one was from the Multishow Ao Vivo brand.

Her biggest career hits were "Sorte Grande" (which was renamed "Poeira" and was sung by crowds at soccer games) and "Festa".[11] Sangalo has sold more than 7,000,000 CDs copies and more than 1,500,000 DVDs copies.[citation needed]

According to O Globo, Sangalo asks for R$240,000 (US$120,000 per concert) and a percentage of tickets sale, which makes her final paycheck R$350,000 ($275,000), the second highest-paid act in Brazil. (Roberto Carlos is the most expensive, asking R$700,000 per concert). For special concerts, the price may reach R$2 million ($1 million).

Her parallel business include her performances at her "blocos" on Salvador carnival and other performances at trio elétrico in off-season carnivals. Her commercial deals include such companies as Grendene, Koleston, Danone, Arisco, Panasonic, Bradesco, and Nova Schin beer.

Her Ao Vivo no Maracanã DVD sold 555,000 copies making it the best-selling musical DVD of the year in Brazil and the best-selling musical DVD overall in 2007 for Universal Records, including international acts.[12] In October 2008, she released a children's album with Saulo Fernandes, lead-singer of Banda Eva.
2009–11: Pode Entrar, motherhood, US tour
Ivete Sangalo in 2010.

In June 2009, the singer released her tenth studio album, Pode Entrar, recorded in a studio set up at her home, in Salvador. The project had Sangalo in a more intimate way, entertaining friends at her house, artists for duets and musical partnerships also acclaimed and unprecedented. It was also released as DVD and includes guest stars such as Maria Bethânia, Carlinhos Brown, Lulu Santos and Marcelo Camelo. The album includes the huge summer hits Cadê Dalila, elected the "song of the Salvador carnival" in 2009, and Na Base do Beijo, which had heavy airplay in the beginning of 2010. Both of them peaked No. 1 in the Brazilian charts. There's also Agora Eu Já Sei, a smash romantic hit that charted No. 2 in the winter of 2009.

On September 8, 2009, it was confirmed that Sangalo would be opening R&B singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles' concerts of her I Am... Tour in Brazil, in the cities of São Paulo and Salvador, Bahia.[13] These shows took place in February 2010.

On November 17, 2009, she released a clothing collection through a deal with Lojas Riachuelo, the third biggest retail stores in Brazil.

In early 2010, she was the winner of the "Music" category of Shorty Awards for the best Twitter users.[citation needed]

In April 2010, a new DVD, "Ivete Sangalo Duetos" "Ivete Sangalo duets", in English, was released, with a total of 19 performances with other artists, all of them previously released in her own discography or in the discography of the other artists with whom she sings. This DVD include performances with Alejandro Sanz, Alexandre Pires, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben Jor, Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, among other artists, and managed to peak No. 1 on Brazilian charts by the second week of May 2010.

She was invited by TAM Airlines, which is now one of her sponsors, to perform on a private show to commemorate the entry of the airline in the Star Alliance. This pocket show took place beneath the Pão de Açúcar, in Rio de Janeiro, on May 13, 2010, and was broadcast by Terra Networks.

In Portugal, she was the only artist to perform at the four editions of Rock in Rio festival held in Lisbon. Her debut in the country in the 2004 edition of the festival charmed the Portuguese people and made her famous there. In the 2010 edition, she was one of the most awaited attractions of the opening night on May 21, and performed to an audience of more than 80 thousand people.

The Brazilian star performed at the Madison Square Garden, New York City, where she recorded her third live DVD, on September 4, 2010. There were four guest stars with whom she sang at her NYC's sold out show: they were Nelly Furtado, Seu Jorge, Juanes and Diego Torres. Newspapers such as New York Times and New York Post published positive reviews of this show. The singer also performed at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on August 28, at the DCU Center in Worcester on September 1 and at the Brazilian Day party in Toronto on September 6. This was her 2010 North American mini tour.

Brazilian media published in the beginning of September 2010 that Ivete Sangalo would go on tour around Brazil with Shakira in 2011. Later, it was known that the agreement would be for her to perform at Shakira's The Pop Festival shows. The contract would have been signed on Saturday, September 4, in New York, the same day of her show on Madison Square Garden. That same week, Sangalo confirmed she quietly got married to nutritionist Daniel Cady, father of her son Marcelo, after dating for two years.

On Saturday, September 11, the singer made an appearance at Dave Matthews Band's show in Dallas, Texas, where she performed with the band the song "You And Me", in a Portuguese-English version. This performance was also recorded and featured on her live DVD.

The singer also made an appearance at Gigi D'Alessio's show in Rome on Tuesday, September 21. They performed an Italian version of her success "Se eu não te amasse tanto assim" and "Easy", Lionel Richie's cover, that had been previously performed at the Madison Square Garden and the DCU Center.

The Multishow ao Vivo: Ivete Sangalo no Madison Square Garden record was released on December 7, after being broadcast on December 5 at Brazilian cable TV Multishow. On launch day on December 7, the disc had sold over 300,000 copies in its only pre-sale, which earned him a certified Triple Platinum and Gold Record by ABPD. At the end of January, the DVD is leading Brazilian charts for the 7th consecutive week since its debut. Its first single "Acelera Aê (Noite do bem)" also managed to peak No. 1 on Brazilian charts and "Desejo de Amar" was chosen to be the 2011 Carnival's song.

In 2010, Ivete Sangalo joined forces with Avon as a celebrity judge for Avon Voices,[14] Avon's first ever global, online singing talent search for women and songwriting competition for men and women.

In 2015 the music festival Rock in Rio USA happened in Las Vegas and Ivete Sangalo was back to US to performance there.
Performance of Ivete Sangalo in Brazilian Oktoberfest of Blumenau – crowded.
2012–present: Real Fantasia

The art director who works with Madonna, Giovanni Bianco, paused in their holiday in Sardinia (Italy), to work in graphic design from Sangalo's eighth studio album, Real Fantasia, released in October 2012.[15]

The cultural program of the 2016 Summer Paralympics closing ceremony was structured as a concert, being headlined by Ivete Sangalo and Gaby Amarantos, joined by Vanessa da Mata, Céu, Saulo Fernandes, Saulo Laucas, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser, Armandinho, Jonathan Bastos, the groups Nação Zumbi and Dream Team do Passinho (pt), and the funk singer Nego do Borel joined by special guest Calum Scott[16] who called her of "Brazilian Beyoncé" - a way to explain to the UK public the grandeur of Bahia in Brazil. "I can barely explain how much I am honored to be on that stage, helping to end one of the greatest and most inspiring events, along with the Brazilian Beyoncé. It was amazing", said the singer to the British newspaper "Hull Daily Mail". Ivete not only caught the attention of the British singer - the international press also highlighted the Bahian performance. The CNN site called the singer "megastar". But The Guardian newspaper Ivete defined as 'the most influential woman of Brazil'. An information that drew the attention of the international press was the representative of Ivete, which has no less than 12 million followers on Instagram, for example.

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Formed around 1994, the Banda Eva have been devoted to a blend of romantic pop and axé music since their beginning. With eight albums recorded by 2001, the group has sold over five million copies throughout their career, and has performed internationally at such events as the Montreux Jazz Festival. Having extremely popular singer Ivete Sangalo in their forefront, the group had hits like "Eva," "Beleza Rara," "Arerê," "Vem," "Meu Amor," and "Carro Velho." In 1999, Sangalo departed for her solo career and was replaced by Emanuelle Araújo. To hear Eva is the best recommended to anyone who loves to dance, the beat is fast pace and keeps you going!

Banda Eva - Ao Vivo (flac  441mb)

01 Manda Ver 4:32
02 Levada Louca 3:37
03 Beleza Rara 4:43
04 Alô, Paixão 4:18
05 Vem, Meu Amor 3:31
06 Leva Eu 4:11
07 Coleção 3:00
08 Arerê 4:21
09 Me Abraça 4:58
10 Tão Seu (Versão Estúdio) 3:16
11 Pegue Ai 4:35
12 Miragem 4:21
13 Eva 5:59
14 Flores (Sonho Épico) 3:33

Banda Eva - Ao Vivo (ogg  150mb)

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Perfil~Profile - Ivete Sangalo is a collection of the singer, launched by profile series in 2008 . On this record, are the great successes of solo career Ivete, plus some songs recorded with Banda Eva. It was the first record to include the song "Berimbau metallic" in his studio version, originally released only on the Internet.

Ivete Sangalo - Perfil (flac  448mb)

01 Arerê feat Banda Eva 4:22
02 Sorte Grande 3:48
03 Abalou 3:53
04 Barimbau Metalizado 3:36
05 Flor Do Reggae 4:22
06 A Lua Q Eu T Dei 3:32
07 Deixo 6:01
08 Quando a Chuva Passar 4:06
09 Se Eu Não Te Amasse Tanto Assim 4:10
10 Eva (Eva) feat: Banda Eva 6:08
11 Tá Tudo Bem 3:49
12 De Ladinho feat Banda Eva 3:45
13 Carro Velho feat Banda Eva 3:05
14 Canibal 3:42
15 Festa 3:45
16 Pererê 3:19

Ivete Sangalo - Perfil (ogg  162mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Real Fantasy is the seventh studio album of the singer Bahia Ivete Sangalo , released on October 9, 2012 by Universal Music Brazil . The first single , " The Brightness Of this look " was released on September 4, 2012. The album features a fusion of styles, from the ax , reggae until african drumming, samba-rock and latinidades .

The album also features the songs "Take Me While" music that is present on the soundtrack of the novel Gabriela , and " I Never Loved Someone like Loved You ", present in the soundtrack of the novel Fina Estampa . The participation of Colombian singer Shakira on the track ""Dancando = Dancing" had to sit out the first pressing of the album by problems in the release of rights. Nevermind Ivete strikes again with beats from Africa, Caribbean, Brazil

Ivete Sangalo - Real Fantasia   (flac  303mb)

01 Vejo O Sol E A Lua 2:47
02 No Brilho Desse Olhar 3:27
03 Balançando Diferente 3:34
04 Dançando 3:50
05 Só Nós Dois 4:38
06 Só Num Sonho 4:17
07 Delira Na Guajira 3:15
08 Real Fantasia 3:38
09 Puxa Puxa 3:35
10 No Meio Do Povão / Citação: Depois Que O Ilê Passar (Medley) 3:12
11 Essa Distância 3:52
12 Isso Não Se Faz 4:12
13 Me Levem Embora 3:05
14 Eu Nunca Amei Alguém Como Te Amei 4:32

 Ivete Sangalo - Real Fantasia (ogg   103mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

In honor of the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest singers of Brazil. Recorded live at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, with an audience of over 40,000 people. Big hits of his entire career, like "Reggae Flower", "Aceleraê", "Party", "Great Fortune", "Dancing", "The Middle of the populace" and the unreleased "Love Is Not Out", "Me What I like fools, "" Kiss of Mint, "among others. 8 weeks #1 in Brazil. Special interests: Alexandre Pires, Bell Marques, Saul, Alexandre Carlo (Natiruts), The Stomp and guest musicians: Olodum and Paulinho Andrade.

Ivete Sangalo - 20 Anos (flac  892mb)

01 Tempo De Alegria
02 Acelera Aê (Noite Do Bem) / Festa / Sorte Grande
03 Vejo O Sol E A Lua
04 Dançando
05 Na Base Do Beijo
06 Obediente
07 Pra Frente
08 Pra Você
09 No Meio Do Povão
10 Berimbau Metalizado
11 Flor De Reggae / Mega Beijo
12 Amor Que Não Sai
13 Master Blaster (Jammin')
14 Could You Be Loved
15 Adeus, Bye, Bye
16 Muito Obrigado, Axé
17 Beleza Rara / Tum, Tum, Goiaba / Pra Sempre Ter Você / Fã / Miragem / Eva

18 Faraó, Divindade Do Egito / Ladeira Do Pelô / Doce Obsessão
19 No Brilho Desse Olhar
20 Me Engana Que Eu Gosto
21 Beijo De Hortelã
22 Só Num Sonho
23 Faz Tempo / Deixo
24 Se Eu Não Te Amasse Tanto Assim / Quando A Chuva Passar
25 Cruisin'
26 Real Fantasia
27 Cadê Dalila / Música Pra Pular Brasileira
28 Empurra, Empurra / Arerê
29 Biss: Careless Whisper

Ivete Sangalo - 20 Anos (ogg  336mb)

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