Jun 20, 2016

RhoDeo 1625 Alexander 1

Hello,  what most experts feared , chaos at todays Grand Prix, didn't come about, nada not one crash no safety car amazing. the race was as i predicted Rosberg and Vettel drove off, Ricciardo had a bad day and drifted backwards from 2nd to 7th, 1sec before his teammate Verstappen who finally was flying in the last laps and probably would have past Ricciardo too had there been one more lap. In the end a somewhat boring GP during which Hamilton proved his knowledge of the car he's driving is lacking (a worldchampion unworthy), he finished 5th, almost a minute behind Rosberg... No real Euros news Roumenia is the second team out after Ukraine

Today the first part of an historical six-part radio dramatisation  about one of history's greatest and beloved conquerors.  ..N'Joy

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The Macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) was incontestably one of the greatest military generals of all time. From the time he sacked Thebes and crossed the Hellespont to his death 11 years later, he conquered the entire Persian empire, including Tyre, Egypt and Babylon, and moved on to the present-day northern India and Afghanistan. Though Alexander made use of the well-oiled army created by his father, he pushed the limits of Macedonian and Greek power to levels even his father, King Philip II of Macedon, could not have dreamed of.

Alexander's conquests paved the way for the spread of Greek culture (facilitating the spread of Christianity centuries later), and removed many of the obstacles that might have prevented the expansion of the Roman Empire. In other words, the world we know today might never have been if not for Alexander's bloody, yet unifying, conquest. Music composed and played by Wilfredo Acosta Directed by Glyn Dearman

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A six-part radio dramatisation of the life of Alexander the Great

With today;

Barry Foster - The Spirit of Achilles
Simon Ward - The Spirit of Patroclus
Brian Cox - King Philip II of Macedon
Geraldine James - Queen Olympias
Sam Crane - The Young Alexander
David March - Antipatros
Malcolm Sinclair - Demosthenes
Keith Drinkel - Lysimachus
Gary King - The Young Hephaestion
Barry J. Gordon - Aristander
Philip Anthony - Artabazus
John Evitts - Cleitus
John Webb - Leonidas
James Telfer - Pausanias
David Thorpe - Menapis / Ascanius
Patti Holloway - Helleniki
Oona Beeson - Barsine and the three Parcae (Fates)
Rachel Atkins - Clotho
Jill Graham - Lachesis
Diana Payan - Atropos

Alexander 01 The King's Son (mp3  51mb)

01 The King's Son 56:08

It's the summer of 356 B.C. Outside the city of Pella in southern Macedonia, the spirits of Achilles and Patroclus are watching and waiting to greet the new 'Achilles'. As Olympias gives birth to Alexander, Achilles and Patroclus are joined by the 'Fates' who foretell that Alexander will have strength, wealth, luck and everlasting fame but only a short life.

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Note special compilation

Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy (1-8) (mp3  400mb)

Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 1 (mp3  52mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 2 The Mayors (mp3  49mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 3 The Merchant Princes (mp3  53mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 4 The General (mp3  50mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 5 The Mule (mp3  52mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 6 Flight from the Mule (mp3  52mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 7 The Mule Finds (mp3  53mb)
Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Trilogy 8 Second Foundation - Stars End (mp3  52mb)

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