Jun 19, 2016

Sundaze Grooves 1625

Hello, the F1 circus as at it again this weekend this time in Azerbaijan of all places, such a welcome dictatorship. Looking at what happened in qualifying this afternoon it could be a messy business tomorrow. Hamilton slightly crashed his car in Q3 he's 10th, Verstappen  had two runs negated and ended up 9th. In front easy peasy Rosberg sided by Ricciardo who crossed the line first in exactly the same time as Vettel who's expected to do another blitz start, like last week those three should be in front and behind them chaos...

On the Euro's, Belgium finally found some mojo, after the coach finally took the advice from the 'experts'. Hungary was surprisingly strong that surprising win over their neighbors Austria clearly enhanced their selfbelief. 1-1 against Iceland. Talk of selfbelief, one who's always been full of that, Ronaldo had an complete off-day against the Austrians, many chances missed including a penalty 0-0. The Austrians can still qualify if they win against Iceland who have been slightly disappointing here, after they had such a sensational run during qualifying,  another draw would probably just enough for the 1/8 finals. Wouldn't bet on it, i tip the Austrians to win.

Today's artists are from Vienna, one of the most livable cities in the world maybe that's why today's music carries that carefree atmosphere. The Vienna Scientists label didn't reach far beyond it's border Germany, the Low Countries, that's a pity because this pretty cool music from around turn of the Millenium.   A first Sundaze Grooves ........N'Joy

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It has been a bit quiet in the last years regarding the Vienna Scientists but that does not mean they were not active. Twenty releases, which have reached a cult status, cannot only be heard in exclusive circles. Top Scientist Jürgen Drimal has been using the time to give the label a fresh uplift. The merger with the Viennese Music Company Sunshine Enterprises has been sealed. After Remix editions of the jazz singer Mark Murphy and the lately released Dripter EP of Stefan Obermaier, the new Vienna-Scientists V Compilation is ready - just in time for the tenth anniversary of the label (2009). The label has been a platform for contemporary electronic music beyond the Austrian borders ever since it was set up and moreover functions as a booster for Austrian DJs and producers alike, which even works internationally. Vienna Scientists Recordings is the basis and interface for various different music cultures. They have worked hard to build up this worldwide reputation since their foundation in 1999.
Jürgen Drimal is music mad. His commitment and his charisma has been the backbone of the Vienna Scientists. Lets look back to the 80s. With the help of his neighbour, the famous jazz drummer Idris Muhammad, Drimal developed his love of all types of Black Music (Soul, Jazz, R’n'B, Brazil, Latin, Funk, Afro, etc.). Even up to today the producer and DJ has a great passion for finding good music. As a label manager and Head of A&R for Vienna Scientists Recordings the founder has been on the lookout for fresh talent as well as exclusive tracks of established musicians. Jürgen Drimal is personally responsible for the compiling of the music of the Vienna-Scientists. That is why the subtitle is called „Jürgen Drimals Visions in Music“. He is a DJ that understands his craft from professional warm-ups with a sense of Soul-Jazz to heat-ups, only satisfied when every arm is trying to touch the ceiling.
Dancefloor and song instead of trampled upon, with a feeling for the depth and warmth of soul. That is the Vienna Scientists at present. Electrified and exhilarating tunes can be found in every track of the new compilation "Vienna Scientists V - The 10th Anniversary". Lounge and TripHop were the 90s, Viennese Soul sound is now.
The name that carries the label is Freedom Satellite – the friends Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal, who are bringing on their new album soon. The other passenger has now been named officially: Stefan Obermaier, the man for Funk und Deepness. Quality is in the pole position for all three. Acts like Freedom Satellite, The Menheads and Shanti Roots have been played by every renowned Genre-DJ. Projects like A Family Affair and Human Fly are a further display of the music manifold of the Vienna Scientists. The cultural and musical backgrounds of each of the musicians are the common denominators. When the boss of the label Drimal says this is the first time he has come close to perfection then this is also a clear declaration for the future of the label: „Deliver quality and you’ll last long“.

Whether for nostalgic, trendy or acoustic reasons the Vienna Scientists produce not only CDs but also vinyl records. There are feelings of voices or the sound of instruments of lost details which contribute to the real good warm and living sound of a vinyl in comparison to a digital carrier. That is why the vinyl record is still the best tool of a DJ performance. “By recognizing the real sound of a record you can develop a special access to music”, says the record collector whose musical roots began by buying some Motown-LPs.

Also spatially the Vienna Scientists found a new home. With the long-term friendship to the Sunshine Enterprise Team, which owns a recordlabel, two clubs and bars as well as a restaurant, it was no wonder that they decided to come together on a permanent basis and join forces (2006). They knew each other by DJ together, remixing and producinging for each other and party together.
Since 2008 the new Sunshine Enterprises Musikproduktions GmbH is resident in the City center of Vienna. And Jürgen Drimal took over the Agendas of Sunshine Enterprises Labelmanagement. This residency at one of the urban switch places of Vienna does not come by chance but intention. The Vienna Scientists and their new Partner are planning to take over the musical world. From here they have already started to cast their creative spell with the Radio station 98.3 Superfly, which went on air on the 29 February 2008. Jürgen Drimal is the connoisseur behind the musical taste of the station.

98.3 Superfly - Vienna's Soulful Radiostation - went on air on the 29 February 2008. Named after one of Curtis Mayfield’s greatest hits 98.3 Superfly supplies the Viennese Radio Scenerie with an in middle-europe unique music concept. The quintessence of „Vienna’s Soulful Radiostation“ is to supply their listeners with Soul and Black Music under consideration of the latest trends in electronic music and is at the same time a stage for soulful Austrian music. And Jürgen Drimal is the connoisseur behind the musical taste of the station. This is the scene in which Jürgen Drimal brings in to full extent his competence in the matter of selected taste in his double function as the label director of the Vienna Scientists and the label manager of Sunshine, which makes him the "music daddy" in the editorial department for music of Superfly. In many months of hard work he has digitalized over 20,000 tracks from his record collection, to spice up the airwave menu with rarities from Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco. Viennese style at it’s best. On workdays, Drimal holds primary responsibility for the programm organization between 10:00 am and 02:00 pm. He also presents his own show "Easy Does It" together with his soul mate Franz Artner every Wednesday between 08:00 pm and 10:00 pm - with a fine selection from Jazz, Soul, Brazil, Afro, FUnk and Disco. And in the "In Heat"-Radioshow, Drimal totally dedicates himself to Jazz in all its variants every second Sunday of the month from 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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Vienna Scientists offers a selection of Austrian productions in a greatly growing market segment, and is thus the starting gun for a few very spicey artists in the age of "New Electronic Music". As a "City of Music" Vienna has been a cornerstone to the tradition of music. The solid ancient musical fundament that Vienna is well known for has cued in the past few decades to more tourist-oriented entertainment and sentimental memories. But hold that elevator bebopsters, 'cause a young generation of domestic musicians and producers be changin' this as you be readin'. Success with a capital "S" for the Cool Vibes do'ers: Jürgen Drimal and Sony A&R manager Christoph Holy. Both be at the pulpit spreadin' the word of the Vienna Scientists. This CD and VINYL be a new concept - quasi "The Yellow Brick Road" which will be followed. The cover of Vienna Scientists was created by the artist Mario Huber.

VA - Vienna Scientists I  (flac  266mb)

01 Freedom Satellite - Trash 5:20
Freedom Satellite was dug in the Spring of 1998, by Jürgen Drimal (Cool Vibes and Holli´s Haus Recordings) and Gernot Ebenlechner. The project offers a smart and groovy style doin' Triphop - Dub - Funk. Vocals: Conchita Mini.

02 Uko - Do Yourself Some Good 6:08
UKO is an audiovisual joint venture between the cities of London and Vienna. The tracks from UKO connect dub-electronics and funky-breakbeats with visual digital animations. Leader of the project is producer Jürgen Nussbaum.

03 Sub System Crew - Conscious 4:31
Sub System Crew was founded in Vienna in 1996. Producer Stefan Moerth released in the Fall of 1998, under the G-Stone Recordings label, the Stereotyp / Stash It Ep and worked as Co-Producer for Waldeck/Balance Of The Force. Vocals: Bubu.

04 The Uptight People - He Maybe Tomorrow Dub 2:44
The Uptight People/Rodney Hunter and Werner Geier aka Demon Flowers. Rodney Hunter is the producer from the Aphrodelics, Werner Geier the mastermind from the radioshow „Tribe Vibes" on the Viennese Radio Station FM4. Besides their joint label Uptight Records, they became well known in the scene with remixes for Freakpower, Mark Murphy, Tosca, Omar, Martine Girault, Count Basic, Waldeck, Urbs & Chaos, etc.

05 Mama Oliver - Eastwest (Resmoked By R.Dorfmeister) 5:35
Mama Oliver was released on Uptight Records and remixed by Richard Dorfmeister. With his partner Peter Kruder, Richard owns G-Stone Recordings. Further Richard Dorfmeister-projects: Tosca and Kruder & Dorfmeister. Remixes for: Aphrodelics, Count Basic, Sin, Sofa Surfers, Beanfield, Knowtoryous, Akasha, Rockers Hi Fi, Bomb The Bass, Alex Reece, Lamb, Bone Thugs´n Harmony, Strange Cargo, David Holmes, Depeche Mode and Madonna.

06 The Menheads - Get This Text On Television 6:32
The Menheads be Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler. Marchello Armetta - sampler, DJ, producer and Michael Hirschler - DJ, producer, drummer - work together on productions for the Funk-Groove-Electronic-genre.

07 Sin - On Boulevards (Kirlian Remix) 6:18
Sin was founded by Mona Moore and Richard Dorfmeister in 1989. Six months later, Andi Orel joined the project. In 1990, Sin released their first Maxi-Single "Where Shall I Turn?" under the Abuse Industries-Label. This record was the first homerecording of it´s kind to get radio airtime in Austria. This music stands for the finest in Dream-Pop and Triphop. In Italy it became a Cult-Record. In 1993, Richard Dorfmeister left Vienna for a long stretch of time, but Mona Moore and Andi Orel have continued their project as a duo. Many Recordings later down a long and winding scenic road along with first-time remixes for artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan were also released by Sin. Their debute-album „Insinuation" was released in May, 1998, and became a worldwide seller.

08 Darcosan - Babe Factor 5:40
Darcosan, upcoming DJ 1998. Since 1996, he has been a sought after buzzin' DJ for quality sounds like Ambient, Dub, Triphop, Electro and Drum & Bass. He built his own homestudio in the Fall of 1997, where his electronic beehive has been ideal for keeping him busy as a bee producing sweet mixtures honey mixtures. Some releases under Austrian top-labels are being planned.

09 Club Med - Safari 4:50
Club Med was fusioned in the Summer of 1998, by DJ Makossa (FM4), Jürgen Drimal (Cool Vibes/Hollis Haus Recordings) and Gernot Ebenlechner (I/O Studios). They all together now make one act. The subject of this project is the legendary Swound Sound. This be a fine mixture of Dub-Funk-Progressive-Dope Beats.

10 Batsheba - Five Nights (Bajun Holiday Dub) 6:17
The coming of 1998 has seen da' Man standin' behind this pseudonym. Austria´s longest serving DJ: DJ Romeo played many sets for famous events like: Heaven, Kinky Disco, Gazometer, Tribal Rave (and too many others to mention here!). Da' Boy also stirred up the dancefloors with his unique sound. DJ Romeo has been producin' since 1997. He prepared his first „housy" remix for Waldeck´s "Aquarius".

11 Gu-Mix - Get Up Man 6:00
Gümix. Co-Founder of the Viennese Dub-Club. Like the thriving Club, he established himself quite well in Vienna, and he be well known for his deep, groovy Tribal-Funky-Dub style. In 1997, he released his first record "Get Up Man" under his own Dub Club-label. Richard Dorfmeister´s Tosca project and the Uptight People contributed their remixes.

12 The Waz Exp. - Bang Lassi 4:47
The Waz Exp. be Martin Wazac (DJ and producer) and Alex Mayer (producer and Didgeridoowizard). Because of their fine Afro-Dub style, the project was just ripe to be integrated on to the Vienna Scientists Concept. Recordings were released on the Austrian labels Spray- and Glow Records.

13 Sprite & Saleiri - Predictive Representation In Time… 6:10
Behind Sprite & Salieri stays none other than Umberto Gollini and Hagen Kant. Umberto Gollini already published productions under the labels Cheap, Morbid, Sub, Sabotage, Disko B, Con*, Loritz und Gelb. If you're lucky, you can hear him working as a DJ in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg and Zagreb. Hagen Kant studied computer linguistics with the main points being synthetic languages and development of sound generators and filters. Since 1996, he has been workin' as a music publisher/label (sub/con*) and has released thangs' under Stud!o, K7, Sabotage, Craft, Disko B., Con*, Sub and others.

14 Aromabar - Winter Pageant 4:40
Aromabar came to life in 1996, via creative will from Roland Hackl and Andreas Kinzl. Their sound could be called Popcouture. Their preferences are deep, stimulating Downtempotunes. Sound and production be important points to these cool kitties. Aromabar fills the word Pop with melody and content, with song structures and vocals standin' in the foreground. They feature the vox of Karin Steger in “Winter Pageant", who will also contribute several tunes for their forthcoming album. Aromabar made ist debute on the InfraCom-Compilation "Fast Forward" with the brilliant "Telephone", which was also released in the United States.

VA - Vienna Scientists I   (ogg  193mb)

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Welcome to the second expedition into the regions of relaxed sounds and retarding rhythms - to vienna, where our sonic scientists refined some more new beats and extracted fresh strains in their laboratories. Along with already familiar names "Vienna Scientists Vol. II - More Puffs From Our Laboratories" presents brisk new talents out of the local DJ and producers guild and their continous creative output. It allows a closer look on the musical produce of the city, where side by side with internationally renowned acts plenty of hidden talents are to be found. This album was put together by 'First Scientist' Jürgen Drimal, who acclaimed plenty of media attention with part one of the compilation. The cover painting comes from Vienese artist Mario Huber, whose "pictures with no name for music with no name" already graced the preceding product. The artwork for "Vienna Scientists Vol. II" was done by O/R/E/L.

VA - Vienna Scientists II  (flac  449mb)

01 Freedom Satellite - Easy 99 4:32
With the project Freedom Satellite, Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal have created a platform for the realization of their musical universe, influenced by 40 years of recorded history, driven by an affinity for phat beats. "Easy '99" came into being with energetically support from Liz "Fuzz" Neumayr (voc), Michael Pint (bass) and designer Gerald Tomez (git).

02 Vienna D.C. - Smoke 4:00
The impression that Gregor Ugovsek and Michael Konrad (Vienna DC) want to leave their listeners with is, in their own definition, "non-spectacular, unconcepted and floating music - snapshots instead of perfect arrangements." "Smoke" was developed along with MC E-Mix from London. Meanwhile, Vienna DC are working on their first EP, which will be released by the end of the year.

03 Romeo - Sparky's Joint 5:59
Familie Seelig was founded 1995 in Linz by Alexander Kellas and Daniel Sack. They are recording together with changing guests, their style is best described as "Living Room Music": From the living room, for the living room for the accomplishment of every day routine and as a catalyst of moods.

04 Familie Seelig - Morning Mist 5:32
The Uptight People/Rodney Hunter and Werner Geier aka Demon Flowers. Rodney Hunter is the producer from the Aphrodelics, Werner Geier the mastermind from the radioshow „Tribe Vibes" on the Viennese Radio Station FM4. Besides their joint label Uptight Records, they became well known in the scene with remixes for Freakpower, Mark Murphy, Tosca, Omar, Martine Girault, Count Basic, Waldeck, Urbs & Chaos, etc.

05 Stereotyp - Port Blue 5:13
Stefan Moerth is a man with many different musical faces: With this project he worships chased rhythmical works with dark, jazzy undertones. He made his debut with the EP "Stash It" under the name Stereotyp last autumn on G-Stone Recordings, the imprint of Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister.

06 Super Nova - 23. Juli 5:54
Super Nova is defined as the extremly bright explosion of a star, comparable to the meteoric rise of the young Austrian band, that was awarded first price in a band contest in 1997. Urban, cosmopolitan and very esperanto is what they call themselves. Plastikpop origins in the synthetic chewinggum-like music which is typical for them - Plastikland, there it is, the musical topic mall of Super Nova.

07 Aromabar - Where Is Your Moon? 5:19
Formed in 1996, Aromabar are Roland Hackl and Andreas "DJ Scott" Kinzl, two young gentlemen in search of the ultimate pop song. "Pop Couture" is what they call their style, and they're definetly on the melodic tip, but that doesn't mean that the beats aren't rocking. Aromabar have released two singles on the German 'Infracom' label with another one on the way and a brand new album, "One", out on 30/08/99. They also teamed up with Frankfurt's Marschmellows for a collaboration 12", out now.

08 The Waz Exp - Malaysian Guy 4:21
DJ Martin "Waz" Wazac and Producer Alex Mayer, both influenced by "Afro-Cosmic-Sound", which is quite popular within Western Austria and the South of Germany. With "Malaysian Guy" they are  once again delivering a fluffy, mellow tune with a reggae flavour for you to enjoy.

09 The Menheads - Kush 6:27
The Menheads, Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler, already featured on part one of Vienna Scientists , come up again with "K.u.s.h.", a deep and atmospheric moody piece from their forge. Vocals on this track by Denise Fontura.

10 Syncope - Sky 4:40
Syncope was brought to life in 1998 by two brothers: While Philipp Thomasberger received a classical musical education, Max was soon engaged with computers and synthesizers. SYNCOPE wants to cover all styles of electronic music, with strong influences being brought in by guest musicians.

11 UKO - Sun Beams 4:23
With their unmistakable aesthetic of sounds UKO already made a big impression with "Do Yourself Some Good" on part one of Vienna Scientists - their latest strike is "Sun Beams", a easy going and lightweight roller written by Jürgen Nussbaum. Vocal contributions come from Liz "Fuzz" Neumayr.

12 Cruiser - Love Me 3:18
Cruiser are  DJ Jochen Reiter, a man who can look back on a illustrous catalogue of records and remixes on various labels worldwide, and musician Michael Reimann. With "Love Me" they are fusing ruff 70's funk with contemporary electronic sounds.

13 Smoke Signal - Peace 5:18
Smoke Signal  are DJ Gü-Mix, founder of Vienna's Dub Club, and Stefan Moerth (a man with many different musical faces, as you can see). With their track "Peace" they are on a journey through dark, smoke-filled chambers in slow motion.

14 Patrick Pulsinger - Can't Stay Away (Clip Dub) 5:43
A passionate soundcraftsman with international credibiltiy, gained from his work as a DJ as well as for his releases on Cheap Entertainment, a well known outlet of experimental electronic music. As one of the most innovative producers in Austria, we are very proud to present Patrick Pulsinger on this album!

15 Grisu 2000 - Forget About Miami 5:17
Grisu 2000 is a project of Martin "Sugar B" Forster, well known for his sataurday night radio show "Silly Solid Swound System" together with DJ Makossa on Austriain radio station FM 4, and Gringo, the bass player of Freaky Fukin' Weirdoz. "Forget About Miami" melts various musical influences to a homogenous mixture of sounds.

VA - Vienna Scientists II    (ogg 172 mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

It’s time again for an excursion into the dark, basement located laboratories of the Viennese producer and DJ guild. If one sums up the multiple layers of “A mighty good feeling” / Vol. III he will notice the technical and creative evolution that has taken place since the release of Vol.I, notable enlarging the musical-spectrum with a couple of very danceable facettes.
“First Scientist” Jürgen Drimal did a very careful job comiling Vol. III and was able to add some rather interesting new entries.The soundspectrum ranges from latin & brazilian influences over ambient, dub, funk, trip hop and breakbeat up to classical straight-ahead jazz and pays respect to the multidirectional “soundmelange” that provides austria´s contemporary new skool with food, soul and inspiration.

VA - Vienna Scientists III (flac 396mb)

01 Vienna D.C. - Dope Control 4:17
The impression that Gregor Ugovsek and Michael Konrad (VIENNA DC) want to leave their listeners with is, in their own definition, "non-spectacular, unconcepted and floating music - snapshots instead of perfect arrangements.We don´t claim to be hype or underground. Our primarily goal is not to satisfy an audience, but to satisfy ourselves.Though in case of the relaxed and spherical mood of “Dope Control” satisfaction is guranteed on the listeners side as well.

02 Familie Seelig - Friends 6:32
Familie Seelig consits of Alexander Kellas conceptual “enfant terrible” of all media, art and communicational channels and Daniel Sack the “supernormal” lad with comedial tendencies toward melodramatical appearances. Since their foundation in 1995 the two create their relaxed “livingroom-sound” that adds massive “chill-out” qualities to their featured track “Friends”

03 Sin - The Game Of Despise 4:35
Sin was founded by Mona Moore and Richard Dorfmeister in 1989. Six months later, Andi Orel joined the project. In 1990, they released their first 12" 'Where Shall I Turn?" on the Abuse Industries-Label. This record was the first of it´s kind to get radio airplay in Austria and it stands for nice and smooth vocal Trip-Hop. In Italy it became kind of a cult record. In 1993, Richard Dorfmeister left Vienna for a long stretch of time, but Mona Moore and Andi Orel have continued their project as a duo. Many recordings later down a long and winding scenic road along with first-time remixes for artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan were also released by Sin. The laszive sinister groove of “The Game of Despise” already offers a taste of their upcoming “Album Kissing”.

04 Tosca - Annanas 6:34
Since the release of their first 12” in 1994 Rupert Huber’s and Richard Dorfmeister’s  Project TOSCA evolved into one of the most important acts of the Viennese electronic scene. After it’s sucsessfull predecessor many 12inches and LP’s followed. The track annanas (licensed from G-Stone Recordings) was featured on their last LP “Suzuki”.

05 Freedom Satellite - Dubalicious 4:43
Driven by the easy beat of the milleniums latinazation Freedom Satellite takes us on a knee-deep excursion into nu – jazz´s dubophil south america exploitations.With this track producerduo Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner continue their 1998 initiated field trip into the outer regions of electronic music and retarded rhythms, floating into the contemporary pastiche style without loosing their organic touch.

06 The Menheads - Keep On Truckin' 6:20
The music of the Menheads should be considered the antithesis of the Viennese electronical musical tradition as we know it.”Masterminds” Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler produce a masterly mix of electronic tapestries braided with fine instrumental compositions, played by a band especially assembled for this project. ”Keep on Truckin” ´s funky reminisence to the late seventies will not only pleasure  “dedicated movie goers”.

07 Syncope - Drugstore Woman 5:42
Producer and brother pair Phillip and Max Thomasberger count Jazz, Funk, Bossa Nova, D&B, Trip Hop and electro to their main inspirational sources, which they steadily rearange into very tight and danceable tracks. “Drugstore Woman” was inspired by an early morning “love at first sight” encounter Phillip shared with a female Viennese pharmacy employee.

08 Walkner.Möstl - Who Is It ? 6:41
After the relase of their EP „Bluish”  duo  Walkner.Möstl produced another exquisite soundpiece entitled “Heaven or Hell”. Relased in Sep.1999 “Heaven or Hell” displays the enormous versatility of the  Linz/Vienna based DJ/Producer couple. The track “Who is it” which has been licensed for Vol.III gives us a sneak insight into their sheer endless soundscapes.

09 The Waz Exp - Close Your Eyes 5:20
DJ Martin "Waz"  Wazac and Producer Alex Mayer, both influenced by "Afro-Cosmic Sound” which is quite popular within western-austria and the south of germany.With “Close your Eyes” they  deliver a Reggae flavored down-tempo piece, originating from their current and creativewise very productive work-phase.
10 UKO - Little Trick 4:38
With the unmistakable aesthetic sounds of “Sun Beams” and “Do yourself some good” UKO already made a big impression with on part one and two of Vienna Scientists – Founded in 1998 as an audiovisual project by brothers Martin&Jürgen Nußbaum UKO`s ”Little Trick” reaches from minimalistic, abstract soundscapes up to dub - infected downtempo tracks.

11 Snail Mail - 5-Leaf-Clover 4:36
The first contact with an Atari 1040 Computer changed the worldview of classical trained musican Thomas Schiretz forever. After several attemps to get into production Schiretz found his ideal counterpart in singer & pianoplayer Kurt Strohmeier and formed “Snail Mail” with him.The deep dub driven Reggae of “5 – Leaf - Clover” provides us with a premiere listening into their musical output.

12 Sonic Adventure Project - Forty-Two 5:25
The various influnces of Sonic adventure Project aka Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehböck range from electro to alternative rock. In the middle of 1999 the two founded the upper Austrian located “Starmill Studios” and decided to get into production. With “Forty-Two” they present us their musical debut.

VA - Vienna Scientists III (ogg   152mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

“Five Years Of Solid Grooves”, is not to be taken as a nostalgic look to the past, but an optimistic outlook towards the future. The foundation has been secured by a continuous release policy of quality products, the catalogue displays a considerable strive for fresh ideas, which at the end of the day secured succesful growth and a network of creative friends all over the place called world. Moreover, the slogan conveys the keeping of a promise, label founder Jürgen Drimal gave at the start of his enterprise: To craft a distinguished label - style on terms of sound, cover art, and attitude.
For independent record labels, 5 years of existence and on the rise is a rare story to be told. In respect of Vienna Scientists Recordings, the headline for its anniversary, “Five Years Of Solid Grooves”, is not to be taken as a nostalgic look to the past, but an optimistic outlook towards the future. The foundation has been secured by a continuous release policy of quality products, the catalogue displays a considerable strive for fresh ideas, which at the end of the day secured succesful growth and a network of creative friends all over the place called world. Moreover, the slogan conveys the keeping of a promise, label founder Jürgen Drimal gave at the start of his enterprise: To craft a distinguished label - style on terms of sound, cover art, and attitude. It was the release of three compilations which gave the “Vienna Scientists” label its identity as a mother who has been given birth to a breed of electronic music marked by black culture, namely Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latino, Disco and Dub. The growing succes which followed every single release gave vent for another 13 projects on 16 sound carriers, each one set apart from outputs by other labels by means of the scientists’ special formula. Distilling the ‘Vienna Sound Of Now’, the only thing which holds true for every release, no matter how different the results might be, is the attitude of the artists who share a common background. After the world-wide success for the K + D imprint, a stereotype of electronic music made in Vienna has been established by the media: That it has to be the ideal soundtrack for comfortable coffee lounges hooked on a slow, moody vibe. This cliché can’t be held up against reality in 2004: It is variety rather than uniformity which characterizes Vienna Scientists IV. Allright, there are no robot sounds to be found on the record, but everything that breathes life and soul into music produced with machines by human beings.

VA - Vienna Scientists IV (flac 482mb)

01 Freedom Satellite - Running Fast 4:20
The series kicks off with Freedom Satellite’s “Running Fast”, a brooding snake charmer of dark beauty, matched by the auguring priestess of soul Kudra Owens. Impersonators Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner don’t rely on odd sequenzing and customary electronic trickery, but instead compose a song with verse and chorus,that provokes plenty of saliva for the first full album release, planned to be unleashed this year.

02 Thunderball - Domino (To Vienna With Funk Mix) 5:30
Thunderball hail from Washington DC and salute the befriended label with “Domino” in the To Vienna With Funk version. The tight as teeth original gets excelled by an extra portion of percussion to make sure, every hip keeps on shaking allright. A constant headnod is secured and proves Sid Barcelona & Steve Raskin to be in the know what a solid groove is made of.

03 Rodney Hunter - I Wanna Know 5:08
How to keep up the pressure while slowing down the beat is a formula Rodney Hunter succeded with by the many Uptight Productions and Remixes he’s been responsible for. America’s greatest gift to Vienna’s electronic music scene comes around with a relaxed four-to-the-floor discofunkster, drenching enough sexy sweat out of every pore. “I Wanna Know” is an appetizer for this year’s full album “The Hunterfiles”, due to be released on G- Stone.

04 Stefan Obermaier - Inna Fat Dub Combo 5:21
Stefan Obermaier’s “Inna Fat Dub Combo” is a trip to echopark in order to take a rest from stressful chill-out excursions, listeners have recently been bombed with. The airy atmosphear of the track is maintained by avoiding pastiches of pads and synthie layers , troops of Ibiza compilations have left on the CD shelves for generations. After all, Salzburg, Stefan’s hometown, has to be relocated on the musical map, away from Mozart, to the sound of Kingston’s Studio One.

05 Stereotyp - Fling Style 5:16
In contrast to its predecessor, Stefan Mörth’s approach to dub is marked by fast and tricky beatprogramming upholstered with a sparse, but rock - solid bass, a skeleton which gets humanized by loads of vocals. This time, Tikiman is in charge of the mike. Mörth finally established this style with the 2002 debut “My Sound” under his pseudonym Stereotyp on G – Stone, off which “Fling Style” has been taken.

06 Tosca - Gute Laune 4:56
Long time collaborators Richard Dorfmeister and Ruppert Huber aka Tosca love to spread a good vibe among their audience. Thus, they contribute “Gute Laune” (roughly the German equivalent to “a good mood”) to the compilation. The infectious fingersnapping and the bouncy house feel automatically does its job on the listener as singer Tweed propels the party. “Gute Laune” is cut from Tosca’s last year’s release “Dehli 9” which combined the band’s (yes! Band!!!) trademark sound with plenty of up - tempo vibes. Splendid!

07 The Menheads - Changes 3:41
The Menheads, a Scientists´ act right from the start, change gear, speed up and at the same instant cool down the bassosphere to minus degree. “Changes”, feat. Mr. V makes the difference in being catchy at one side and deep as the Mariana Trench at the other. Its Raggamuffin - style and the sung hookline in the middle sets the track apart from productions which are regular club tunes. Changes can really make it to receive some airplay, so let`s hope the best for Michael Hirschler and Marcello Armetta.

08 Darcosan - Got Something 5:23
Vienna Scientists´ rooster constantly expands with fresh talents, and one of its major prodigys is Darcosan. He owes his name some reputation as being the magus of darkness. “Got Something” has all ingredients, a mystic brew of this sort is supposed to contain: Gurgling Basses reminding of an uprising storm, that is driven by a hotstep rhythm and Colle Royce’s cryptic message which carries a claustrophic mood. At the end of the song Miles got woken up by all the rattle and delivers his colorite trumpet thing! Darco runs the Voodoo down in 2004.

09 Zabine - Find Me (Madrid De Los Austrias Remix) 4:46
Wien is home of many traditions and one certainly is to party at maximum level, thanks to a lively club scene. One fine example for a good night out is a new club outfit ‘Passage’ which has recently been opened by Sunshine originator Heinz Tronigger. Together with Michael Kreiner he founded the Madrid De Los Austrias, a duo which has been doing smashing remixes for artists like Koop and Groove Armada in association with Dr. Rich. This time they twist and turn Zabine’s “Find Me” until we listen to an afro percussion - leaden offbeat that is fueled by some slapping bass action. As a result, there’s no other chance for someone’s feet but to move. Muchas Gracias!

10 Legal Subs - No Comprende 5:43
It is a common fact that also legal substances can lead to addiction and in case of an overconsumption of Legal Sub´s “No Comprende” it certainly will turn out abusive. The two Saarbrücken - based conductors Stefan Klauck and Fred Scholl resurrect an imaginary Latin Big Band, in which its witful drummer tackles the bass player like a Ronaldo at top form does with its opponents. The Guitarist turns out to be a master in the vein of wha - wha watson tradition. This first cut by the Subs won’t necessarily be their deepest in future times, but a gateway drug abused by many addicts.

11 Flowerz - All Tonight 4:04
Flowerz’ “All Tonight” should be christianed “Every Night”, because this track is the perfect song to get a Saturday-Night-Is-Allright-for-Party-vibe straight. Thanks to its bell – like keyboards and female choruses, this is an easy going mate which has some romantic nostalgia in the bag. Despite of its velvet skin, the dry mix of the drums let some bones shine through. Flowerz consist of two species of different cultivation: They go by the name of Matt Flores (Combination Records/Düsseldorf) and Michael Sauer (Electric Mojo Club/Hamburg).

12 Megablast - Over 4:04
One of last year’s highest poll ranks for best electronic music albums hailing from Vienna was “Creation” (Stereo Deluxe) by Sascha Weisz aka Megablast. It derrives its special charme from a discourse between cold, digital sounds and the warm, human quality of singing. Foremost, “Over”, a farewell to a called – off love affair captures strong emotions, while avoiding too much Schmalz at the same time. Vocalist Cesar Sampson’s reputations as one of the smartest upcoming voices in the soul business gets fostered by his performance on this track. He drops some Stevie Wonder magic, the Motown singer once had around his Innervisions phase.

13 Shanti Roots - New Toy 5:33
Just knowing “Believe” (Afrique-E.P./VIE 010, top entry at rank 2 in the DCC!) from clubbing, one might be surprised while listening to Shanti Roots’ “New Toy”. If the first slab was like a swarming mosquito’s nest by means of its voodoo samples, Markus Dohelskys now plays out his oldskool deck of cards! Putting on his sneakers, he relaxedly swings between the coordinates of Funk and Hip Hop. With the wha - wha pulse and its flute layers New Toy reminds of a 70s Crime Movie that could have been called “The Streets Of Vienna”.

14 Telemark - Reality 2003 3:57
“Reality 2003” sounds better than it actually was last year! Telemeark throw no bombs, provoke no wars, no economical crisis and no ecological catastrophy, but churn out a heavyweight champion of downbeat extravaganza. Despite of their rockbottom downbeat accentuation, Telemark invite all listeners to go on a magic carpet ride and take off with some far out melodica sounds, just until an electronic fuzz bass at the end of the track demonstrates what the word ‘gravity’ really means.

15 Dublex Inc. - When It Comes...To All Of That 5:18
At the moment, Dublex Inc. is a name that can be found on every important Freestyle Don’s playlist in this hemisphere. After all, it was the release of “Tango Forte” (Pulver 03) (also to be found on “A Family Affair”(VIE 011)) in 2002 which marked the breakthrough for Stuttgart`s producer - collective. Since then, there have been offerings to remix some bigger names in the biz plus constant touring as DJs. The musical brothership between Vienna Scientists and Dublex Inc. has lateley resulted in the project Human Fly, documented with a futuristic breakbeat outfit called “Urbi et Orbi” (VIE 007), a joint venture of Felix Stecher, Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner. As the logic of shared preferences suggest, “When It Comes…To All Of That” sounds very “scientific”….’nuff said!

16 Waxolutionists - A Stranger's World 5:52
The curtain falls and The Bionic Kid, DJ Zuzee & DJ Buzz, better known as Waxolutionists are finally on the screen with their Soundtrack – alike “A Stranger’s World” rolling out in front of its listeners. Pretty close to English Hip Hop sound - aesthetics, like the ones of Roots Manuva, RjD2 or Herbalizer, this time Waxolutionists yield a score - like theme, the sort of Claude Chabrol might have used. This is Film Noir à la Viennoise!

VA - Vienna Scientists IV (ogg   183mb)

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