Feb 3, 2016

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Today's artist Die Form is a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in 1977-78. The name 'Die Form' means '(the) form/shape' in German, like the Bauhaus diary and is a play on the English homonym 'deformed' and on the French homonym 'difforme' (deformed). .....N'Joy

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Die Form is the primary project of the French electronic musician and multimedia artist Philippe Fichot. He began by recording a number of experimental cassette releases, starting with Die Form 1 in 1977, and with the first Die Form vinyl release ('Die Puppe') appearing in 1982. Whilst the project was still in its infancy, the underlying concepts were still evident - a combination of esoteric electronic experiments with an underlying theme of erotism, death and other 'taboo' subjects, apparent in both the music and the album artwork, which Philippe also produces. Other early projects of Philippe Fichot included Krylon Hertz, Mental Code, Camera Obscura, Eva-Johanna Reichstag, Hurt and Fine Automatic.

'Some Experiences With Shock' followed in 1984, with the project taking a direction towards a more commercial sound on 1986's 'Poupée Mécanique'. The project then consolidated its experimental and melodic sides on 'Photogrammes', before introducing vocalist (and model) Eliane P. on the 1990 album 'Corpus Delicti', who remains with the project to this day. The next release, 1992's 'Confessions' saw a club hit in 'Silent Order', with sister album 'Ad Infinitum' (which originated from the same recording sessions) released a year later.

The next 'Die Form' releases saw the poetic, emotional side of their sound richen via 'The Trilogy of Passions', starting with 'Suspiria De Profundis' in 1994, followed by 'L'âme électrique' the following year. 1997's 'Duality' does not complete the trilogy, Phillipe Fichot choosing to leave the project open-ended. The 'Histories' compilation discs appeared in 1998, with the next album 'Extremum/XX' appearing in 2000. Then followed the 'diptych' of 'InHuman' (2004) and 'ExHuman' (2006), continuing their release of interrelated concept albums.

"The Bach project" was released in January 2008, an album obviously devoted to Bach. Die Form first presented this work live during the annual Bach Days in the German city of Leipzig, where they got invited. Die Form has created a new show for this project with the German dancer Sabine Seume.

Die Form left Trisol to join Out of Line in late 2008. A new single, "Her[t]z Frequenz", was released in October 2008, followed by the "Best of XXX" in November 2008 (a compilation with reworked and remastered songs from the past 30 years). In 2009, "Noir Magnétique" saw Die Form back in a club-oriented sound. The album was made available on CD only, with a special edition limited to 999 copies in a box with a 7" single and extra artwork. Die Form created a new show with Laina Fischbeck on stage. In March 2010, a vinyl boxset compilation of early K-Cassette material was released on Vinyl-On-Demand. In 2011, a double-CD digipak limited edition of Sombre Printemps ("Ambient & Film Music 1+2") has been released on Out Of Line.


Philippe Fichot is the creator of Die Form, and has been a photographer for more than 43 years. His work is almost always in black & white, described as being, "an exploration of the subconscious of eroticism and of the dark poetry of the human body." An artist whose work continually seeks to expose the ultimate beauty, he has mastered the use of light and shade, as well as darkroom manipulation, to an extreme degree. Each photograph is timeless, like seen through old mirrors, and an esthetic offense bordering on the prohibited. The figures float between life and death in obscure fluids - perhaps drowned, or perhaps sleeping and always exposed to the eye of the voyeur. Eroticism (and sex) are in this case not excuses for exhibitionism, but a reflex of the soul which emerges from obscurity : absolute phantoms whose sensitive image commences to exist...

All these dream visions are projections of the theatre of the spirit. They are put on stage with precision and then reprocessed in the dark room by hand, engendering an unknown, microscopical and abstract reality under the surface of the picture. The ultimate dimension of passing time emerges... petrified beauty, a soiled and diaphanous icon.

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Archives and Documents a 2 CD versions, gathering "Fetish" and "Es lebe der Tod" cassettes, plus Lustful Collection II additional tracks recorded just before "Poupée Mécanique" and some older unpublished works, sometimes live.  It was presenting an evolution between pure electronic music tracks, rather melodic, and more "rough" tracks with dirtied creeping samples.  Uneasiness is underlying, and the listener sinks slowly into the dark zone of his brain, invaded by the night.

Die Form - Second Vision Of Fetish  (flac 293mb)

01 Face Against Ground 2:51
02 Bondage 3:05
03 New York 3:13
04 Serenade 1:13
05 Serial Clones 2:51
06 Deadline 2 3:06
07 North Valley 2:05
08 Necron.X. 3:09
09 Third Generation 3:12
10 Shaved Girls 3:34
11 Was 3:07
12 Nostalgia 2:17
13 Tomorrow 2:42
14 Crash In The Sky 3:27
15 Eternal Language 3:46

Die Form - Second Vision Of Fetish  (ogg 101mb)


Die Form - Es Lebe Der Tod  (long live death) (flac  314mb)

01 Reflex III 3:42
02 Criminal Passion 4:24
03 Sing Song 3:36
04 Dance Music 4:58
05 Schizophrenia 2:53
06 Maldoror (Chant Troisième) 3:04
07 Es Lebe Der Tod III 11:05
08 Murder / Projection 4:28
09 Tote Kinder 3:44
10 Ataxia 2:52
11 UnsKill 2:36
12 Psychotrope 3:41

Die Form - Es Lebe Der Tod  (ogg   113mb)


Die Form - Lustful Collection II (flac 218mb)

01 Dog Handler 2:12
02 Purple Pain 3:40
03 Newel / Light 3:30
04 Crypt 3:14
05 Song Of Paralysis 4:10
06 Oltre 3:17
07 Flesh Wounds 4:23
08 Post - Mortem 3:08
09 Sade Memory (End) 3:06
10 Fear Of My Hands 2:20

Die Form - Lustful Collection II   (ogg 80mb)

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Kenny said...

Sorry to bother you but the link to Lustful Collection II flac contains Es Lebe Der Tod (1987-88). Thanks

Rho said...

Hello Kenny, as far as i can gather everything is as it should be, however there were mistakes in the track listings these have been corrected now.

Kenny said...

Here's what I see on this page - This text
Die Form - Lustful Collection II (flac 218mb)
is a link to
which contains this
D Frm Es Lb DR Td.zip
I downloaded again to make sure. It is indeed
Die Form - Es Lebe Der Tod (1987-88)
with the tracks
01 Reflex III.ogg
02 Criminal Passion.ogg

apf said...

A huge thank you for this set, but I think Kenny is right.

The link: Die Form - Lustful Collection II (flac 218mb)
Takes you to: D Frm Es Lb DR Td.zip (Sendspace, File Size: 113.66MB)

Rho said...

Ok Kenny maybe next time be more clear as in getting ogg on a supposed flac file, admittedly i could have seen the wrong file size at sendspace. Well everything is set right this time n'joy that lustfull collection

apf said...

Thank you for the fix!

Anonymous said...

Very great post !

But linx are dead